New here i need help despereatly

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Mom to 3 kids
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   Posted 3/7/2010 3:49 PM (GMT -7)   
sorry for the spelling the lyme is killing me...was diagnosed with lyme in Sept.09 and recently diagnosed with Babesia...been sick since Nov.07...suffering beyond living in h-ll.....i suffer over 100 symptoms and getting worse..most symptoms are 24/7 and new ones since i started the antibiotics in Sept...i was taking amox...then now on doxy..started with on 200 2xday and even sicker...cant hardly deal with the horrific symptoms anymore...been suffering non stop symptoms since Nov.2007..and now they are horrific...i would rather be in a torture camp...cause at least it would eventually be over..i wil give some of my horrific symptoms on next the beginning i was misagnosed as just many many docs..and now some are stilll saying it even though they see my labwork that show lyme and babesia and low CD 57 count...please help me if you can im so sick now dont know where to turn...just barely surviving day to day...pray for me...Cynthia

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   Posted 3/7/2010 4:07 PM (GMT -7)   
Ho Mom to 3 kids,

Welcome to the forum! Having Lyme is definitely a hard road to go down. The first thing I want to ask is if you are doing any detoxing? Detoxing helps relieve some symptoms. It's the toxins that the bacteria release when they are killed that makes us so sick. Are you seeing an LLMD(Lyme Literate Medical Doctor)? It is very important that you go to someone that knows about Lyme Disease. Are you taking anything to boost your immune system like Vitamin C, garlic supplements? Also, it is a good idea to take probiotics when you are on antibiotics. It helps put the good bacteria back in your gut, etc. I've been reading alot lately and I've read that supporting your liver with Milk Thistle is also good to do. When the toxins die off, it puts a strain on your liver and the liver cannot filter out the toxins fast enough.

One more thing...Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked yet?

Sorry for all of the questions but I needed more detail.
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   Posted 3/7/2010 4:17 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello and welcome to Healing Well Lyme forum. Like CajunGrl said, not an easy road to travel.

The amount of doxy you are is pretty low actually. Are you being treated by a Lyme Literate Doctor? What state are you being treated in? If you'd like a list of lyme literate doctors let CajunGrl or me know and we'll see to it that you get a list of LLMD's who specialize in lyme disease. You can reach me at

Do you know the lab that did your testing to determine that you had lyme disease? Was it Igenex?

Hope to hear more from you soon!


Mom to 3 kids
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   Posted 3/7/2010 4:44 PM (GMT -7)   
thank u cajungrl and gary...for responding so quickly ...

Mom to 3 kids
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   Posted 3/7/2010 5:18 PM (GMT -7)   
im seeing a lyme literate doc..he is located on the Eastern shore of Belle Haven Dr.G....its hard for me to even take the 200mg of doxy 2x a day...making me real sick and very very jittery and heart beating fast...head feels strange..i had my testing done at Lab Corp...i live in Newport News Virginia not sure what all to do to detox...but been drinking lots of water..and epsom salt taking a mutltivitamin...Vit C ..D..E ..Cal/Mag..supplement...evening primrose..i ve been low in Vit..D a long time ..very so so sick...symptoms are so severe...i have late stage neurolyme and babesia....doc said that the doxy treats both..but im getting sicker and feel very very ill...not sleeping..very strange symptoms..loosing breath at many others..
here is my list...if i cant think straight enough to type...

severe headaches migraines
pressure in head
tingling in head and brain..
feels like brain is swollen
glasses move on the side of my head
head feels like someone squeezing it..
pain in sides of head
severe headpain all the time
strange sensations in not myself..
forgetting things..names of of son...
vision problems...blurred ..spots..flashing lights...
ear problems..constant humming ringing..buzzing never goes away..hard to stand this
tingling and vibrating in skin and body 24/7
skin feels strange..hard to not mine
rapid heartrate most of time
inabiltity to relax body
skipped beat
severe stomach problems
nauseas most of time
severe bone and joint pain
severe fatigue...cnat even hold a glass it feels so heavy sometime
rapid aging of skin and hair
extreme weakness
loss of muscle mass...
weight loss no matter how much i eat
diarehha every morning for about a year
acute gastriits
only few hours sleep a night...
body constantly vibrating and humming like an engine running
no rest or peace day or night
numbness in different areas of morning i couldnt feel my legs..
feels like im walking on bones...
rise and drops in blood sugar...
low blood pressure
high heartrate
cold fingers most of time..feel like ice
feet feel strange on pins and needles..
and lower legs
worsening of veins in legs...extremely...
severe different areas of shooting pains too
pain in liver area
severe pelvic pain...
pain in joints
senstivies to light sound..smells..severe even the smallest sounds makes me jump and echos and vibrates thru my ears..its torture
memory loss...
distorted vision...letters slanted on computer screen
cant even scratch my skin cause it hurts so bad
constant pain no relief
choking feels around neck..
since starting doxy...troube breathing...especiall at someone cutting off my breath
horrid nightmare
severe night sweats..but not last few day..usually 3-4 times a night
fungal infections that wont heal on toes

i cant think of the others right now im sure im leaving off some real important ones but cant remember..
years ago the docs put me on ativan cause they claimed i had aniexty and i spent a year and a half and 4 times trying to get off..and horrific suffering..from it...if they had only diagnosed me sooner..i wouldnt have gone thru this living hell..first horrid withdrawal and now lyme and babesia...ive so much more to tell you..but have to stop for a while..i get severe pound head pain and trouble seeing the screen when on too long..thanks for all your help..bless u Cynthia

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   Posted 3/7/2010 5:46 PM (GMT -7)   
Have you had your liver enzymes checked? Mine have been elevated and I have that pain in the back area too. Also, get your thyroid checked. Lyme Disease can sometimes mess up your entire endocrine system including your adrenals.

Having low Vitamin D can cause severe pain. Are you taking Vitamin D supplements?

A magnesium supplement is good to take but you may have to go up a little to help with the pain and to help you sleep at night. Hmmmm, come to think of it, loose stool may be from the magnesium you are taking. There is also something called C Diff that can cause loose stool and needs to be tended too immediately so let your doctor know.

Look at the thread titled, "New To Lyme?....Start Here!" On the very first post, they are directions about doing a detox bath.
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   Posted 3/7/2010 6:07 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm so sorry for your pain. i know you just want to get back to enjoying your kids and grandkids.
If you would like to email me (kamrynkade @ gmail. com) I can give you the name of the doctor I see. He is about 3 and a half hours from you. I know it is a long drive but he has a lot of experience treating people with your late symptoms. Unlike most LLMD's he accepts most types of insurance. If you can (I know it's difficult to be on the computer) you can read his blog

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Mom, 400 mg of doxy a day is really a inadequate amount of abx to treat late stage lyme and babs. In fact, you should be on a combo of different abx and I would not think that doxy would be one of them for babs.

I personally think you need to see a more experienced LLMD. lylaso has suggested an excellent doctor, the one who writes the I would take up lylaso's offer and send him/her and email and get more information on this doctor. He's really good and knows how to treat lyme disease with abx.

If you're interested in a more natural approach to treating lyme disease, then I'd suggest you order the book, "Beating Lyme Disease" by Dr. Jernigan. I wrote about my treatments here on this thread

Feel free to post any questions about my treatment here or send me an email.

Like I said, for someone who has late stage lyme and babs too, your protocol of 400 mg of doxy isn't going to cut it. You either need to get on a better combo of abx treatments or look into getting natural treatment like I did.

I'm so sorry for the suffering you're going through. You can beat this disease, but you need to get the right doctor and the right protocol to do it. What you're doing now is not going to get you better.

Keep us posted.


Mom to 3 kids
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   Posted 3/7/2010 6:35 PM (GMT -7)   
thanks lylaso..for your concern and kindness..i have no support here at home just my little 12 year old 29 year old daughter with cerebral palsy is at his mothers..cause i was unable to care for her since ive been so ill...and i have a married daugter in Indiana..thanks i will email you are so kind to help others...just had labs done and they did Complete metabolic panel 14...and CBCw Diff w/o Pitt..and C reactive protien...clacim and magnesium and checked for celiac disease..said all was normal...and have had normal thryroid test taking vit.D supplements.....i will ask about the C Diff...

i just wanna say one thing if it wasnt for the sweet people online that i have never met and the help of my little 12 year son..i wouldnt have made it this far...because not having support from my husband and going thru mental and verbal abuse from him is hard but to go thru it with this horrible disease is almost more than i can take...and to have gone thru withdrawal from a prescription drug on top of body cant hardly go thru anymore..i need many prayers..thank you and everyone here for caring..God will repay you many times...bless u Cynthia

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   Posted 3/7/2010 7:04 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi again Mom,

That's what we are all here give support. I know how hard it is having no support from family and friends, believe me I've been down that road. We are always here for you if ever you need to vent or just ask a question.

I also want to say that I agree with GWB about not being on the right medications. You should be taking either mepron or malorone for Babesia in combination with an antibiotic for Lyme.

Here is a great site to read about avoiding side effects from doxycycline:

Just a few things I want you to read:

Combination Antibiotic Treatment

Combination therapy with two or more antibiotics is now increasingly used for refractory Lyme disease and has also been given as initial therapy for some chronic presentations.

This approach is already used for another tick-borne illness, babesiosis. Oral amoxicillin, cefuroxime, or (more recently) cefdinir combined with a macrolide (azithromycin or clarithromycin) are examples of combination regimens that have proven successful in clinical practice, although controlled clinical trials are lacking in persistent, recurrent, and refractory Lyme disease.

Combination therapy in patients with Lyme disease raises the risk of adverse events. This risk must be weighed against the improved response to combination therapy in Lyme disease patients failing single agents.

Doxycycline Dosage Information:


Increasingly, clinicians recommend that certain drugs used for Lyme disease be given at higher daily doses: for example, 3,000–6,000 mg of amoxicillin, 300–400 mg doxycycline, and 500–600 mg of azithromycin. Some clinicians prescribe antibiotics using blood levels to guide higher doses. Close monitoring of complete blood counts and chemistries are also required with this approach.

All of this information came for the ILADS site. Please take time to read it. it has very important information:
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Mom to 3 kids
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   Posted 3/7/2010 7:09 PM (GMT -7)   
thanks much..what natural methods do you use...i though about trying artemisinin..but im having so much trouble just tolerating this dose 200,mg..2xday of doxy...and ive only been on the total dose of 400mg..for about a week...i weened up slowly..cause of so so sick...i know the babs is making it much worse.for me..and i asked my lyme doc about it and he says that the doxy treats bab...but i read many things that says it doenst..i will check out lylasos doc..thank you for everything and for caring so much...i need so much help and dont have any here...i cry daily cause the pain is so unbearable...and not to have anyone here who cares except my son..its hard..bless u for caring...Cynthia

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   Posted 3/7/2010 7:34 PM (GMT -7)   

I really feel bad for all the suffering you've been going through. It must be pretty difficult for you, especially not having a supportive husband to be there for you.

You asked what natural methods I use. Go to this link and it explains it all:

I went to the Hansa Center in KS for treatment

If you can't travel that far, you can always buy his book, "Beating Lyme Disease" (second edition) by Dr. Jernigan

Please do something soon! If you get the right treatment like the doctor in Maryland offers, or a natural treatment like I've had, you can get better. But you are not going to get better on the protocol you're on. As you can see from almost everyone who's responded to you, the protocol you're on isn't going to cut it for you. You need a more experienced doctor, and once you start getting better treatment you will begin to feel better and not feel so hopeless as you do now.

Have you been prescribed pain medication by your doctor for pain? If not, you need to ask him about this because there's no reason for you to have to suffer with that kind of pain. A good LLMD would not let you do that. The same for anxiety issues. Many lyme patients have anxiety, especially those of us who've had neuro-Lyme as you have. You may need to get on some Xanax or some longer acting anxiety medicines to help you deal with the anxiety.

Again, any LLMD who knows how to treat this disease would be prescribing you something for pain and anxiety and also depression which you seem to have symptoms of. If your current LLMD will not prescribe any of this for you (assuming you're not on any of these things) then see your GP or a pain specialist. There's no reason for you to have to suffer like this.

Keep in touch with us. We are here for you. You're in my prayers.


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   Posted 3/7/2010 8:11 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Mom to 3
It really hard to figure out what right treatment is especiallly when you experience the side effects of antibiotics your self and then read other people going thru same thing I was on a pediatric rescription of 50mg 2x a day of doxcy and had allof your side effects including suicidal and raging lunatic.
I lasted 8 days on that and then went to this clinic in Mesa where I have been getting 3x a week only 500mg of zethromax. so you see not even every day! But I am getting a 3 hour IV drip of EDTA to open up the cells before the IV zethromax. I can only assume that there must be something to this otherwise why don't they give it to me 5 days at least instead of only 3 days?
I am in kind of the middle with this antibiotic thing. People are getting slammed for years. I just started this 5 weeks ago.
Gary had great success with NO antibiotics where he went but it is not to say that he never did the antibiotic treatments before he got to that place. I hear good stuff about that protocol from other people and had even my plane ticket to go there and for some freak reason ended up in Mesa, Az.
The main thing is we all have to go with the treatment we choose , try it and if it is TOO much , know that there are other alternatives as we can see from Gary and even me. I can't say what will be in another few weeks. I can't say that this one round of 8 weeks did it after having this undiagnosed for over 30 yrs, infected more than once and having hep c and adrenal exhaustion so on prednisone.

some of us are really just finding out the cause of all our serious illness building up over years and years.

I give everyone so much credit for having so much guts to stick out as long as they do. not everyone has same financial options. I do not have the insurance to pay for years of medication and am so far gone with everything else I had to go to my brother for the money to take a shot at this 8 week program. I am seeing amazing results and still suffering thru it at same time.
there is just so much to plow through.

you can email me if you want more details on my treatment. I see all different people come in here for lyme treatment and get different programs. They do abx and then the rife and the ozone and lots of other stuff.

do you kow al your co infections? anyway feel free to email
hep c , lyme
Dad has lyme

Mom to 3 kids
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   Posted 3/8/2010 7:50 AM (GMT -7)   
i really feel that the doxy is reving up symtpoms worse and making me anxious and very gets real bad about an hour after i take it...Gary i cant get to the site you gave me...can you tell me what natural method u having such a hard time...i know i need something for the lyme and babesia but its like my body is telling me the antiboitcs are making me sicker..i can just feel it..and not just herxing cause my symptoms are symptoms are horrific...i was real sick before i started the antiboitcs but now the symptoms are so severe most days i really feel like im dying...cause of the least before i could walk 2 times a day..and felt as though i was making very slow progress but it was progress none the less..and i was sleeping better...and didnt feel the severe feeling were i cant relax my body...and i have this constant humming and vibrating and buzzing feeling..its horrible...a nightmare...i want some peace..and serenity..for a while.....thanks to both of you i will email to yall Cynthia

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   Posted 3/8/2010 8:05 AM (GMT -7)   
Mom, which site can't you get to? I just copied and pasted them all and they all seem to work fine. Which one are you not able to open?


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   Posted 3/8/2010 11:00 AM (GMT -7)   
My thoughts are with you most of us have been where you are, and taking it one day at a time, or just a hour at a time is hard. Ask your Dr about if you are having a herz. Are you taking tindamax or flagl , they make the symptoms worse but in the long run works. I have had the pain and symtoms since 2000, some drs literate to lymes have a neutrization shot make from the flu vaccine and it helps me alot, just not FDA appoved. Just keep thinking I can do this and you will be in my prayers.

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   Posted 3/8/2010 2:29 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Mom,
I'm so sorry for all that you are going through right now, but hang in there!!! I was once sooo very ill, myself. My biggest issue was a brain infection, which gave me a lot of the sx you mention.

You could try taking melatonin just before bedtime, that along with an anti-depressant is why I can sleep. Try just soaking in a very warm (not hot) tub, sometimes that helps me as well.

I also use lavender oil to help induce sleep. Just put a little on an old cloth, then put the cloth into a sandwich baggy & leave it open, near or even under your pillow at night.

Also, be sure to give your body plenty of 'downtime' before you try to rest/sleep at night. It takes an hour for me, away from the computer & t.v. in a dimly lit room.

While in that same rut as you, I did my level best to just get some rest, even if I didn't actually sleep. If your body is not getting any rest, it can't deal with what all is going on in your body.

I had a ton of anxiety, complete with some pretty serious panic attacks, even in familiar places. When I was at my worst (& I know that it could have gotten a lot worse) I had panic attacks just thinking about going out of my front door.

I do hope some of this will help, as I understand how all of this going on in your body & not having any sense of control can really make things worse.

Hang in there! (((HUGS)))
It's been said:LD patients can be as ill as people w/ congest. heart failure & in as much pain as post-op patients.

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   Posted 3/8/2010 6:01 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Cynthia,
First of all, welcome!   I believe not everyone is meant to take antibiotics, works great for many but not for everyone.  I became better using Dr. J's alternative medicine protocol and know many others who also used the same protocol and are better (one lady was sick for over 30 years). 
Anyway, I suggest learning as much as you can and a good place to start is to first read books on alternative medicine such as Healing Lyme by Stephen Buhner and "Beating Lyme Disease" by Dr. David Jernigan (the protocol I used). 
Amazon has Mr. Buhner's book and you can find the other book below:
There is information on how you can follow this protocol from home as I understand how difficult it is for you to travel including buying the right botanicals which will not only kill the lyme bacteria but help remove the toxins left over.
I am also a strong believe in heavy detoxing and you can read about that in the thread located on the top of this forum called "New to Lyme ~ Start Here!" 
Stress plays a huge factor in this disease because it compromises one's immune system making it weaker which is not good.  I ended up divorcing my 2nd husband due to stress because he was not supportive of what I was going through when I was sick with chronic lyme so I really feel for you.
I hope this helps and hang in there okay?  You can get better!
It's all about the Immune System mixed with a large dose of Positive Thinking and Detoxing Daily!
This song is about my years with chronic lyme since 1995 and being in remission for over 4 years:

Mom to 3 kids
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   Posted 3/9/2010 9:24 AM (GMT -7)   
im so sick right now..cant research..please tell me what Dr. Jernigan uses in his treatment for lyme..i truly think i need to stop the antiboitcs..they are reving my nervous system up not resting at all ....shakes and symptoms just like in ativan so so sleep at all last night...body in severe me.....

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   Posted 3/9/2010 10:01 AM (GMT -7)   

I am so very sorry for the suffering you are going through now. Wish there was something I could do to help you. Taking an abx break is sometimes good and even LLMD's recommend it sometimes. Did you call your LLMD and let him know what all you're going through right now? You really should. I suggest you try to get an Rx for Xanax to calm you down. Seems you have a lot of anxiety going on right now. Can you get your doctor to Rx that for you?

Deejavu's post above yours has live links to the Hansa Center. Just click those links and it will take you the the Hansa Center website and give you all the information you need on the treatment and therapies they offer. Here's was I copied and pasted from their website but theirs so much more on their site so I suggest you try to go there and read about it. Plus one of the links is for the book, "Beating Lyme Disease" which I highly recommend you purchase.

These are some of the therapies they offer:

*Infrared Sauna

Specially selected infrared waves can penetrate the body up to 4½ inches. These rays target the tough-to-reach heavy metals and chemical toxins lodged in the fat cells and tissues of the body, systematically targeting increased lymphatic drainage. The perspiration from this type of sauna contains more toxins than the perspiration from physical exertion.

*ST-8 Lymphatic Drainage Machine

Combines four treatments in one machine: (1) Cold-gas photon therapy, which liquefies old gelatinous lymph fluid, (2) Rife-frequencies that sweep continuously from 1 hertz to lightwave frequencies, assisting the body in killing pathological microbes and restoring health and energy to the tissues, (3) Transdermal ozone provides increased oxygen to the tissues, enhancing every tissue function to achieve its best with maximum oxygen, and (4) a Scalar Wave generator enables the degenerated cells in the body to plump up and pull away from each other so that they can identify and communicate between each other.


An FDA approved device which uses an energizing metal array that sits in the water with the feet. This array creates a super-concentration of electrical ions (negative or positively charged particles) in the water. The heavy metals and toxins in the body are dislodged and migrate towards the feet and out into the water. Once in the footbath water, the toxic materials excreted from the body appear, greatly discoloring the previously clear water.

*LUX Therapy

This photo-matrix therapy incorporates over a dozen gemstones and minerals which are transduced into electromagnetic energy as well as using light, color, and frequency modulation to cause profound restorative and healing effects in the body, mind, and spirit. Gemstones were used to optimize the human heart's receptivity to hearing and communicating with God in the Bible in Levitcus.

Here's a list of treatments they offer:

Whether we use botanical or nutritional supplements, essential oils, a cold laser, NeuroPhotonic therapy, Magnetic Resonance therapy, gentle chiropractic adjustment, or detoxification therapies, all work to restore the integrity of the body's crystalline matrix, which will enable the body to get back to the business of maintaining health instead of fighting disease.

Specific Procedures

Our doctors utilize a variety of treatments during an office visit. For your program, these may include:

Addressing microbes, allergies, chemical imbalances
Magnetic Resonance Bio-oxidative Therapy
Gentle Chiropractic Techniques
Low-Level Cold Laser Therapy
Myofascial Release Therapy
Visceral Manipulation
Glandular Therapy
Cranial-Fixation Therapy
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Applied and Clinical Kinesiology
Sacrum-Occipital Technique
Homeopathy, Isopathy, Tautopathy
Nutrition, Cleanses/Fasts
Neurological Reflex Balancing
Dietary Counseling
Controlled Fasting Therapies
Detoxification Protocol & Bath Therapies
Neuro-Emotional Clearing
Quiet Mind Training
Proprio-Mechanoreceptor Alignment
Color Therapy
Percussion Therapy
Neuro-Lymphatic Balancing
Botanical Medicine
BRADE Allergy Desensitization
Meridian Therapy
Biosonic Repatterning (Sound)
Essential Oils

This is some of what I could copy and paste, but it would be much better if you could just click the links on Deejavu's post above you and it will take you right to their website.

Deejavu went on this same protocol I went on and she did it by the book and never went to his office. It's best to go to his office and get personalized treatment because you will be tested with BRS testing which allows your body to tell the doctor what your specific problems are so that he can give you the proper remedies to treat you. You can't get any of the therapies that I've listed from just reading the book.

However, Deejavu did very well on the Jernigan protocol simply following the book instructions. I suggest you click her email icon and talk to her and I know she will be very helpful to you if you decide to get the book and do the protocol. Deejavu was very helpful to me back in December when I felt like you did. I thought I was going to die soon from this disease, but Deejavu encouraged me and sent me emails and answered all of my questions. She can be very helpful to you.

I wish I could do more for you. Please keep us posted here on the forum and if there's anything else I can do for you let me know.

I am praying for you.


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   Posted 3/9/2010 12:49 PM (GMT -7)   
Cynthia~ Im new also,
 I just wanted to say I understand, im crying now as i so feel your pain. Please know you will be in my prayers! These people on here are so wonderful and smart and great family!
 big hug

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   Posted 3/9/2010 5:53 PM (GMT -7)   
thank sick right now..symptoms severe..didnt sleep at all last night or today...pray for me...will talk tomorrow..hope i sleep tonight...

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   Posted 3/9/2010 6:48 PM (GMT -7)   
So sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly.  I am new to the world of Lyme, but hope I have found a great Dr. in CT.  I think I have been infected since Spring of 09.  I have been suffering with many of the same symptoms since mid summe.  After seeing several Drs a friend said to get checked for Lyme and it came back positive.  I have since found out that I am positive for Babesia too.  I was on the Doxy for 1 month, then I started seeing a Lyme specialist and he prescribe Plaquil (for babesia and the "Malaria like" symptoms) and Azithromycin.  According to him one med does not treat both diseased.  I also have Hypothyroidism which can be caused or inflamed by Lyme and Babesia.  Have you been tested for Hypothyroidism?  My doctor is checking me specifically for something called REVERSE T3 which has something to do with the way your body INCORRECTLY processes the thyroid hormones so you don't get the necessary amount that you need even though you thyroid levels look good when tested.  it is a specific test to check for reverse T3.  I am waiting on my next round of test results but just wanted to run a few things by you.  Hope it is helpful. 

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   Posted 3/14/2010 4:18 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks to everyone for helping me...i have 6 more questions.........

1.does anyone have severe pressure and pain in their head and brain...all the its swollen...also tingling vibrating..and it feels like not my brain..and i feel strange not like myself..and it feels like something in there...hard to explain.... get wierd sensations in brain when it goes from sunny to cloudy strange..i hate it..also severe migraines with aura now for 2 days..straight..hard to type this now..head hurts so severe

2. i have constant humming ringing vibrating buzzing and severe pain in my ears tinnitus so bad it makes me sick.and bad headahces is real loud at night..horrible..sometimes i feel like its driving me crazy...its horrible..

3.and my vision continues to worses blurry...flashing lights in peripheral..letters are slanted in books and on computer screen..its a nightmare...

4.also extremely sensitive to lights sounds and smells...cant stand even the smallest little sounds..and lights are blinding..smells make me so nauseas..i can smell so many things that no one else horrible jerked awake everymorning with heart pounding rapidly...but im not anxious...and its alway around 6am...sometimes before..and then symptoms come and are severe..

.6. the tinnitus is so severe...that i cant even stand it when the planes fly over my house...or i just turn on the bathroom faucet kills me..and i have constant humming vibrating and buzzing in my body ears and brain...this is h-ll on earth...i get no relief....

thanks for listening....i love yall for caring and supporting me...things are real hard right now with my husband...but i still have my son who helps me and is so sweet and kind...bless yall Cynthia
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