Speaking of bilirubin: possibility of Lyme inherited?

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   Posted 4/5/2010 7:32 AM (GMT -7)   

You all have brought up an interesting question on the bilirubin (sp?)

I started to post on that thread, but decided not to because my questions are not all about bilirubin -- that is just what made me think of my kids.  So I didn't want to hijack the bilirubin questions.

As you'll note in my signature, I strongly believe that I had some sort of TBI over 30 yrs ago. Possbily Lyme, possibly another -- but that it was chronic and caused many problems.  So I've always wanted my kids to get tested for Lyme, but none of them will, they believe it is hogwash, esp my first born son who is now 34.

I lost my first baby early in the pregnancey for no apparant reason, then all 3 of my babies were extremely healthy in most aspects.

Matt, my first, was born w/ jaundice. We had to take him to the hospital every day for a couple of weeks to check his bilirubin so he woulnd't have to go under the lamps. At first the docs seemed flabbergasted and then decided he had 'breast milk jaundice', which I understand is entirely possible.

I nursed all 3 of my kids and all of them started out very fat -- they gobbled. However, all 3 were what was called 'colicky' back then -- all of them screamed all nite. Also NONE of them 'spit up'. ALL of them  had constant projectile vomiting. While infants, they vomited constantly.  But they all grew A LOT, and  all of them were very healthy except for the usual bellyaches, colds and flus.

All of them measured in the 90th percentile of length and head size.

Ben, my 2nd had the worst vomiting, to the point that the Dr checked him for that esophagus problem that some babies had, but he did not have this. He grew up w/ unbelievably extreme fever blisters -- all over his nose and mouth. They were atrocious! Later, he had a lot of pain just below his ribs which we never found an explanation for.  He also developed seasonal allergies, which I realize can be common amongst healthy people. He now seems to have outgrown these and his fever blisters.

Matt, who grew up slim is now bordering on obese. He has no energy and no real drive. It is a tragedy because he has the IQ of a genius, but could never push himself hard enough to accomplish what he could have. He also developed allergies later in life and really suffers w/ them. He had kidney stones at an early age and shingles a couple of years ago.   I try to push him to get his thyroid tested or a lyme test, but he won't go to the Dr. And yes, he does over eat and not healthily -- all meat, sugar and salt. He will not eat fruit and very few vegetables.

He has admitted the possibilty of depression and he has no drive or motivation. But he would NEVER see anyone about it.  I have questioned him the best I can (he is private) and he has assured me that he is very happy w/ his marraige and from what I see they are a good match. However, she likes to travel and he can't make himself travel and refuses to try. What emotional difficulty that is, we can't figure out.

Lisa, my 3rd, now 28 has all of a sudden had one leg that swells up and causes pain. This came out of the blue and it is only her right leg.  She has had a sonogram, 3 MRIs, and a doppler. Since they cannot find anything veinous, they think it must be lymphatic. But she also has strange other symptoms that come and go.  She has ungodly periods and you can't stand listening to her about them because she is screaming in pain.

I believe she has all they symptoms of lymphodema, altho the edema specialst did not think so, and only went so far as 'an incompetent lymph system.

I have told her that at the point her problems persist and no explanation can be found, she will need to be tested for Lyme, even tho the tests are not reliable.

My question is this: AS otherwise healthy as they are and have been, does anyone think there is any sign or possibility that they inherited Lyme or any other chronic TBI from me? And are there other chronic TBIs that could have been involved?  Mine started out w/ severe acute and chronic tonsillitis (progressed as in signature) Maybe more like Erlichwhatever?

All kids/people grow up w/ certain health issues -- does anyone think anything here indicates anything more unusual, like Lyme?

As for my daugther and this swollen leg, she is getting close to the point of wanting a lyme test. As we know that eventually, with enough screwy body happenings w/ no explanation, Lyme should be tested, as unreliable as it is.

I realize that even if all 3 were positive w/ Lyme, that would not prove I passed it to them.  They were outdoors all day during the summer, played in the woods, went camping, slept w/ a dog, and all that good stuff. I'm sure we had to take ticks off of them -- tho usually I was freaking and called my father to come and do it!

THIS IS NOT URGENT, but couple of opinions, please?.........







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   Posted 4/5/2010 4:11 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi +Lyme,

I agree with you-----In my opinion it is possible they got lyme/coinfections from you, but it is also possible they contracted these diseases on their own. It is also my opinion that because this "group" of diseases seems to cause an unlimited array of symptoms, it is always a good idea to rule them out-----Especially when there are no other clear explanations. All you can do as a mother is encourage your adult kids to take care of themselves and continue to seek answers regarding their health. Hopefully, when they are miserable enough to want to seek help, they will find it.

Best wishes to you and your family, bablymers mom
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