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   Posted 5/12/2010 11:37 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello everyone,

I was happy to find this forum. I needed to talk to someone who understands. People just dont get it.

Heres my story...

In March of 2006 I woke up and could not walk. I was in terrible pain from my waist down and could not
move my left leg more than a few inches at a time. Walking brought me to tears. I went to my
chiropractor and eventually an orthopedic surgeon who gave me anti-inflammatories , had an
mri which showed nothing and in 2 weeks was back to work.

Gradually over the next year or so my health started to decline. I developed neck and upper back pain so bad I
could hardly lift a stapler at my desk. Even though I went to the chiropractor regularly, he did not
seem to understand why I kept having pain.

Due to my fatigue and suspicion something else was going on I eventually found and visited a lymes
literate doctor who ran all sorts of tests to rule out any other diseases. All were normal.
The Lymes test was borderline. BUt since I was feeling better he suggested we hold off on the antibiotics.
Which in hindsight, I wish I had taken at that time.

In September 2007, I woke up to violent vertigo which had me plastered flat in my bed for at least
10 full minutes of fast spinning. After an hour or so I was able to get up but had extreme nausea,
vomiting and weakness. I went to the ER and they found nothing. I followed up with and ENT as
they directed me to and they found nothing. I went to a neurologist. He found nothing. THe dizziness and
nausea lasted for months. Tests from my doctor showed I had Epstein Barre Symdrome. Which causes
chronic fatigue and could cause dizziness. I also had buzzing and ringing in my ears.

At this time I was seeing a chiropractor in Manhattan who does Bioset treatments. Back in 1990-1995 I had
bad asthma which had me on two inhalers a day just to breath. This treatment pretty much cured it.
I was off the inhalers and only carried one around in case of an emergency. Which only occurred maybe once
or twice a year and usually when I was around cats. So when the vertigo occurred, I once again returned to this
treatment which helped me get my energy back and to feel less dizzy all the time. I finally was
feeling better.

Then, in the spring of 2008, I was bitten by 7 deer ticks. Yes 7! 2 or 3 of which left a round rash.
I called my doctor and could not get an appointment and only talked to the receptionist on the phone.
I had blood drawn for testing. But they told me to wait 5 weeks for the lymes to show up. It came back
negative but they told me to get the California Ingenix test which showed more bands and would
be more accurate. This took another 6-8 weeks for results. By the fall I wound up with a terrible cold with a swollen
throat so severe I went to a walk in clinic to have it checked. He gave a azythomicin 5 day pack which I took. By the 7th
day I had the worst reaction. Shakiness, trembling, nauseas, headache. I found out this was a herximer effect,
since just at that time I was diagnosed with Lymes.
I went on 1 month of Doxycyclene. Which didnt make me feel much better. But it did get rid of the nausea and some of the fatigue.
I was also seeing a chiropractor who used homeopathy which helped get me through it with no
candida or stomach upset.

I was feeling good and bad on and off. But not really right. Then I had a relapse in February. Wound up with a
severe sore, swollen throat, fever, chills, the works. Then a week later I was ok. 1 week later, I had it again.
Swollen throat, fever, chills. Then I had the CD57 test which showed I was at risk of a Lymes relapse. Low and behold
the middle of April my energy just started to drop. Each day worse and worse until I wound up in the ER close to collapse.
There tests showed nothing and they released me even though I could barely walk out of there.

My recent tests did not show lymes. But all the similar symptoms were there. The weird tingly feeling in my head and neck.
The weakness in my legs and numbness in my arms and weird visual disturbances.

During this time I had contacted a Homeopathic doctor who specialized in Lymes disease and who treated patients with
chronic lymes which is what I think I have. I am on Homeopathics, 4 herb combinations, vitamins magnesium, colloidal silver,
hot soaking baths with epson salk and diaphoretic tea to raise my body temperature. Which was
usually low, by the way. She gave me a list of anti=inflammatory foods too. Slowly each day I am feeling a little stronger.
I am out of work for the time being to heal. I was told my energy will come back but to take it slow and to not waste it.
All I can say is I was down to zero energy. It was like my life force was drained out of me. I could not walk around or get
myself food, NOTHING. Now I can get around, do light walking, fix myself some lunch and getting better all the time.

My doctor takes the approach of healing all systems at the same time and not just the symptoms. It takes time,
but seems to be working. She says she thinks Ive had this a very long time. I grew up near a lot of woods and would
find ticks on me alot. I now also live in a tick-infested area. I am using diatamaceous earth to spray in the yard to stop
the tick growing cycle. Seems to be working. I also use Advantix on my dogs which repels and kills ticks and fleas.
I dont want them bringing them in the house.

As of now, My nausea has gona away , I can eat again and my mood is better.

I was afraid to not go on antibiotics again but since they didnt really help and its no longer in the beginning of the disease
I decided a different approach. Its only been about 3 weeks and I'm hoping to keep improving.

The sad thing is that no one understands what I am going through or the weird symptoms I get.
They are so hard to explain. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy.

I am glad that there are people out there who have had similar experiences to mine. I would love to hear about them.

Please let me know if anyone can relate to what I've shared here and please share your stories too.
Has anyone tried homeopathy?

Would love to hear from anyone.

Sorry this was so long.

Be well,

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   Posted 5/12/2010 2:49 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Kodak,

Welcome to the board! Glad you are getting treatment and are feeling better. I would love to be treated by a Lyme-Literate Homeopathic physician...unfortunately, I can't seem to find one where I live. Yes, I can relate to the inability to walk due to extreme pain, have had back pain like that - comes on suddenly and disappears just as mysteriously.

Take care,
Chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic Bartonella (clinical dx only), Gluten & Sulfite Sensitivity, Many Food/Inhalant/Medication/Chemical Allergies & Intolerances, Asthma, Gut issues (dysmotility, non-specific inflammation), UCTD ("Secondary Lupus-Like Syndrome"), Osteoporosis, chronic Lymphopenia, etc.; G-Tube; Currently weaning off TPN.
Meds:  Pulmicort, IV Doxycycline, Heparin (to flush PICC line), Claritin, Singulair, Domperidone, Colloidal Silver (topically & nasally), probiotics, Liver support herbs, Ailanthus, digestive enzymes, homeopathy.

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   Posted 5/12/2010 3:32 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello Razzle,

I looked up on line "Natural Lymes treatment" and found the doctor I have. She's not close, and she's not cheap but she is good.

I wish you luck in finding someone to help you. They are out there.
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