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   Posted 6/16/2010 6:19 AM (GMT -7)   
I was diagnosed with lyme 3 weeks, I have been taking antibiotics for about three weeks now have ten days to go...I was wondering if anyone can please tell me what they felt when they where going threw a herx, what kind of symptoms where you getting? Would the symptoms of herx come and go, or do they stay threw out the day? If you dont herx does it mean you anti biotics are not working? has anyone else had neurological symptoms from lyme, and what kind? I dont know if I am herxing or not, but I do feel muscle stiffness, anxiety, panic, feeling of going crazy, unreal world, chills, shakeing, twitching etc...But I can t say thease symptoms are worse now then they where before I started treatment....Please I am new to this and would appreciate the advice, I thank you all for your time.... smhair

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   Posted 6/16/2010 9:31 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi samoahmad,

Welcome to the forum! Here is a great site to read that explains the herx(herxheimer) reaction in detail.

Herxing for me included an increase in all over pain, joint pain, fever, chills, anxiety, floaters, twitching and yes...feeling like I was going crazy sometimes. There were many more symptoms that I had that I cannot remember right now. You can definitely get new and old symptoms as well. I also had nuerological symptoms like head, hand and arm jerking. Herxing just means that bacteria are being killed off and you have a toxin overload. Doing a detoxing bath a few times a week will help. Look in the thread titled, "New To Lyme?....Start Here!', and you will find everything you need for a detox bath.

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   Posted 6/16/2010 11:25 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks alot for your reply I appreciate it...They had diagnosed me with epilepsy since I had that as a child, come to find out after * years of symptoms and diffrent medications, as well as every possible test out there including mri, spect scan, ct scans, maybe 20 blood tests not one docter taught of checking for lyme....1 month ago I go for a blood test and I told my doc please i would like you to check every possibilty in my blood work, right at the end before i left his office he said and we will check for lyme....I am so happy I finally know what I have.....

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   Posted 6/16/2010 12:06 PM (GMT -7)   
Herxing made me feel like I might be going crazy, and it was hellish. Thankfully, each episode never lasted more than about an hour or so. The first one made the neurological symptoms worse: head tremors, photosensitivity and acute sound sensitivity. After that, my blood pressure would drop and incredible anxiety would hit. I would just sit and weep until it passed. Sometimes I needed to lay down, sometimes pace and I usually got chills.

I think the herxes were worse than anything I experienced from the lyme - terribly frightening!

The head tremors resolved quickly after starting IV rocephin treatments. The eye and ear stuff has taken longer to resolve, but it is so much better than when I started treatment.

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   Posted 6/16/2010 12:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you for sharing your storys I appreciate the help, its hard but I will make it wish you guys the best, so glad I found this website....

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   Posted 6/17/2010 2:44 PM (GMT -7)   
Most docs that are knowledgable about Lyme & other tick-born infections, believe that it takes longer than 4 weeks of abx to effectively treat Lyme. Chronic cases, like yours (& many others here - me included) will usually take quite a bit longer.

As for the herxing - dry skin brushing & detox baths & detox foot bathes made a world of difference for me.
It's been said:LD patients can be as ill as people w/ congest. heart failure & in as much pain as post-op patients.

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   Posted 8/15/2010 11:45 PM (GMT -7)   
My herx reactions have been different with each antibiotic I have tried... Some caused just a general increase in widespread pain, soreness, tenderness, and achiness...others caused severe dizziness and vertigo, others caused nausea, vomiting, and even diarrhea...and one (the second time trying it - a year after the first time) even caused a very bad rash/hives/welts all over my body with severe swelling to the point where I couldn't use my hands to even open a doorknob...all of these were accompanied by an increase in initial symptoms.

My doctor considers Herxing to be a good sign that antibiotics are working, and has always told me that Herxing can last anywhere from two weeks to months and months at a really just depends on the person and can be VERY discouraging! I guess you have to find the right antibiotic that you're able to tolerate, as well as the right dosage (not too much that you can't tolerate the Herxing, but enough so that it's doing something). My doctor has always started me on VERY low doses and worked my way up...however, the last Herx was so bad, after switching to a new antibiotic, that I was in the hospital after a week and a half and now can't take anymore antibiotics... It seems like an endless cycle of getting absolutely nowhere.

Good luck and hang in there - it should get better if you can just make it through the Herx... Do whatever you need to do to be as comfortable as possible. It seems like a lot of people on the boards here are all about diet, detox baths, and other more natural treatments. I know that for me, I've been so sick that the majority of time I'm not able to even get into a bathtub or get to the grocery store to get food. The more support you have set up prior to beginning treatment, the better!!! Just having someone who can take care of your grocery shopping, laundry, and even helping you out with hour-to-hour life needs can be HUGE.

What also helped me a lot was watching some videos on youtube of others going through Herx reactions. While I know there are thousands of people out there going through the same thing as me, there was something special about actually seeing it that made me feel less alone during the worst/hardest times...


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   Posted 8/16/2010 3:45 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi all,
madrivergirl, I disagree that herxing is a good sign.   From what I have learned and experienced, herxing equals overload of toxins in one's body.   Those toxins must come out because they are poisons.
I understand your mindset as when I first heard about detoxing (detox baths, foot detoxing, dry skin brushing, etc.) I thought it had nothing to do with getting better..  Little did I know back then.  Today I realize that detoxing has EVERYTHING to do with getting better.. 
Have you read the sticky thead on top called "New to Lyme ~ Start here!"  Lots of great information there..
Hope this helps,
It's all about Detoxing Daily, strengthening the Immune System mixed with a dose of Positive Thinking!
This song is about my years with chronic lyme since 1995 and being symptom free for over 4 years:
Currently taking Estrovera, ProgX (progesterone), Adrenotone Plus, CoQ10, Vitamin B Total, C, Green Vibrance, CALM (Magnesium/Calcium)

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   Posted 7/22/2015 2:59 AM (GMT -7)   
Herx question - Do the biotoxins from a herx cause just as bad of harm as live lyme bacteria in our body or is it just simply pain that we have to deal with from time to time?

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   Posted 7/22/2015 6:13 AM (GMT -7)   
Good question JAdam85. I think if the herx is too great, ER style bad, that can cause damage or harm. But if it is just a bad herx and you are suffering I think it is toxins causing symptoms and your body working hard trying to flush them out. Detox as much as possible to help minimize or take some edge off those herxes!

samoahmad: I think you are most likely herxing. I get a lot of the neuro stuff when I herx unfortunately, and it is brutal. Herxing for me involves a flare in all my original symptoms, lymph node pain, concentration issues, anxiety, insomnia, wired-tired, so uncomfortable in my body, unable to relax and just constantly on edge. These symptoms go into overdrive and sometimes make me feel like I'm going bonkers and are really overwhelming during a bad herx. The main thing that helps me is pacing myself with the meds, if I'm getting an unmanageable herx I have to pull back, and instead of taking the med every day, start by taking every other or every 3rd day, etc until you find a tolerable equilibrium.

Oh, and not herxing does not mean the abx are not working. The herx thing is highly dependent with each person, probably influenced by their disease makeup/variants, genetics, body terrain, etc.

Keep hanging in there!!!

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   Posted 7/22/2015 6:28 AM (GMT -7)   
I have been dealing with awful racing heart every morning so much so i jump out of my sleep one of my first sympton felt like a crazy woman ....and its happening now so i am going to clean all day to keep me occupied so i dont think about it easier said than done but if i stay busy it helps clear my mind off of my illness for a little while i did go through a fatigue herx where i did not move for a couple days no motivation at all and now its just a jumpy.edgy feeling god i miss the old me and i want that girl back .....prayets and hugs😊

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   Posted 7/22/2015 6:30 AM (GMT -7)   
Meant prayers cant spell either....
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