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Birds Journal 04-23-2010

5:30 PM     letter to doctors:



Life started out normally for me as a twin with a sister on February 22, 1939.


Grade school was interrupted by an illness as a youth at the age of about seven.


My parents relocated their family to Los Angeles California to seek medical help for me about 1947. 


I was admitted to Children’s Hospital on arrival to Los Angeles for health investigation which determined that I had Juvenal arthritis and was put on Penicillin, aspirin, and put to bed for several months.


Another doctor put me on a “health food diet” which my mother followed very carefully.  I was sent to Children’s Hospital School to gain my strength and catch up with my education. 


My family returned back to Detroit Michigan a couple of years later during early 1950’s. 


My parents continued to provide a very strict heath food diet until the early 1960’s at which time I left home and came out to Los Angeles to attend college.   


Both of my hips were very sore making it difficult to walk without pain.  Walking up stairs was a difficult task.  Attending high school and college was made difficult because of this hip pain.  Subsequent employment after college was always limited because of my physical condition.


There were few facilities during 1947 and 1965 that provided for physically handicapped people especially in school.  Employment was also difficult during the years of 1965 and 1995 at which time I became unemployed.


Being unemployable caused me to obtain more college to update my electronics training and modernizes my skills.  Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) education culminated my technical education about 2003.  


Both of my hip joints were replaced on the first of 2004 with artificial ones because of serious degeneration.


During 2005-2006 a major health examination was performed to investigate a stiff neck, a dizzy head, and a toxic feeling headache.  After full body scans, CAT scans, MRI’s, and a spinal tap showed negative, the Neurologist sent me to an ENT doctor.  The Neurologist prescribed a five day dose of Azithromycin 250 MG before I saw the ENT which did help a small bit with my symptoms.


The ENT cleaned out my sinuses during surgery in the summer of 2008 which made a big difference in my stiff neck, dizzy head, and the toxic feeling headache.  Both side of my sinus were filed with growths and the right side was almost blocked by a deviated septum.  The right side of my face presently is still a bit numb which even affects a few teeth on that side.  I have been told that this is a cause of the sinus cavities on that side being cleaned out which cut nerves.


I accepted this reason for the numbness as a result of the sinus surgery until I came down with pneumonia in September of 2009.  I was suffering with walking pneumonia for several months prior to being hospitalized for 5 days.  They found a pneumonia spot on my lung but it was caught in the early stages.  But a blood tests also showed a bacterial infection which was also treated by additional antibiotic.  This double antibiotic to help the pneumonia and the blood bacteria was the biggest help for my numbness on my right cheek.


My present health condition is recovering from weight loss caused by the pneumonia illness last year.  However I still have a small bit of numbness on the right cheek, lip and a couple of teeth.  My leg muscles are sore and not strong which could be related to Lyme disease. 


It is now nearing the end of April 2010 and I am in need of a bit more medical advice and treatment.  Key points about my history and treatments are as follows:


  1. Only my hip joints have been affected by degeneration.  My knees are in good shape and I have no other signs of arthritic joints.
  2. I was living on a 100 acre farm near Hillsdale Michigan during 1945 to 1948 when I became ill.
  3. As a youth, could my juvenile arthritis be miss-diagnosed because Lyme disease was not a common illness when I became ill in the middle of the 1940’s?
  4. Presently the medical journals show sinus problems and Lyme disease do have medical connections.
  5. After my hip replacements with artificial joints, could that have released the bacterial blood infections which caused my stiff neck, dizzy head, and the toxic feeling headache?  Several months later, this condition caused me to seek further medical evaluation with the neurologist and ENT.  Subsequent sinus surgery became an important key to the cause of my stiff neck, dizzy head, and the toxic feeling headache; however surgery left me with numbness on right side of my face.     
  6. That numbness on my right side of my face has been reduced during my hospitalization with pneumonia which administered several IV doses of antibiotics.
  7. Putting a bit of Triple Antibiotic Ointment on a “Q-TIP" and inserting it up each nostril has helped this numbness; but some numbness still exists.  Also, the dark discharge has been reduced from the right nostril.  My present ENT doctor is not too cooperative with helping me any further.


I think that my medical history and physical can be a good modern day report for adults that possibly have suffered from Lyme disease.  However, I have not really had the diagnosis of Lyme disease.  Are you in a position to help me with present conditions which emphasizes the numbness of the right side of my face, stiffness of my leg muscles, and of strength of my body?  I will release any and all of my medical files as well as my present condition for your analysis and help.




8:40 PM          end letter to doctors.


Please do not put your residence or contact information here on the forums. It is for your safety.

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God bless you, I am so sorry about your life long illness. I have done a lot of research on Lyme (and not as much as many folks on here) and feel it is definitely possible that you contracted Lyme or some other TBI or combination of co-infections.

It may only have been recent history since Lyme was first diagnosed in this country, but afterall, that was an epidemic. There is no reason to believe that there was no Lyme in this country til then. (and I suspect I got it in 1972)

It was diagnosed in Europe in the 1800s, so we know it has existed for a long time.

You do have, and have had a LOT of symptoms of Lyme. If there's any way you can find a good Lyme Dr and get some good lab tests done, maybe you will find some help. It seems that you definitely need to see someone knowledgable of Lyme and the types of illnesses associated with it.

What Drs did you send this to? Please keep us informed. B
Bit 1972: Acute and chronic tonsillitis, UTI, miscarraige, appendicitis, hypoglycemia,  chronic neck pain w/ crushed vertibrae, chronic severe back pain, mitral valve prolapse, depression, resolution?
Bit Mother's Day 2007: Lyme, Babesia microti, hypothyroidism, EBV, HHV6, Parvovirus B19, low adrenals &misc other hormones, depression, anxiety, more of the above.

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   Posted 6/19/2010 11:00 AM (GMT -7)   

You've really been put through the wringer. So sorry to hear of all of your suffering. I may have missed it in your post because you said an awful lot and sometimes my mind does not focus very well, but did you ever get bit by a tick? If you did, do you recall getting a bulls eye rash?

You obviously have done your home work and come to realize that many of your symptoms are common symptoms that people with Lyme disease have. Lyme disease mimics between 200-300 other diseases.

Is there any reason why you have not been see my a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD)? If it were me, that would be what I would do, make an appt with an LLMD and get tested with a Western Blot test by Igenex. Don't confuse Infectious Disease doctors with LLMD, because they are not the same. That's not to say a ID doctor can't be an LLMD, but usually the two have different treatment philosophies about how to treat this disease.

If you would like a list of websites that provide LLMD referrals in your area, click the email icon under my name and send me an email and I'll be glad to send you this information.

If you do have Lyme disease, the best way to find this out is by being tested and diagnosed by a LLMD. I PCP or ID doctor is not usually educated enough about this disease to even know how to diagnose it, much less treat it.

If you do have Lyme disease, you've had it a long time. It's a tough disease to treat after a person has had it as long as you possibly have. But the good news is, you can beat this disease with the right treatment protocol from a qualified LLMD.

So glad you found us. Hope we can help in some way to lead you to the path of being well again. It can be done--don't lose hope!

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