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   Posted 6/28/2010 2:43 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Gang,
sorry for being so out of touch for so long. I'm doing OK, especially if I watch what I eat or DON"T eat. Food plays a big part in totally taking me down. Some days I actually put off eating because i know the energy to digest is gonna be a big deal.

I am still n heparin shots twice a day and have a very sore belly from that and it is costing about $350 a month .

I wish I could afford more treatment because I know this isn't over.
and I feel like the zethromicine AFTER EDTA is very effective and I just read about they are finding how good zethromycine is good antivirus.

Starting to take levoquan for the bartonella tomorrow only because I hear low side effects. Will let you know.
(anyone have any info on that one??)

Just as an added attraction..I got my PICC line infected because after the 8 weeks of treatment I was loaded with energy and decided to take a shed out back and turn it into a real room with sheetrock , spackle, paint.
And I also went nuts with the weed wacker.
I am 55 yr old female. Obviously, nuts.

so after doing 8 weeks f IV therapy with all the fancy detoxing of heavy metals and ozone saunas and bla bla I end up on CIPRO for the picc line infection.
The CIPRO whipped me out completely and I guess that infection. I had over 103 fever and had to go to emergency room to have PICC removed.

One thing for sure is I'm never short of the drama. I think I can blame myself for that though and not the lyme which gets the blame now for EVERYTHING now.

I'm not sure if the lyme made me that stupid or if it was just me doing the Happy Little Idiot thing just because I really don't know how to act when I am feeling good.
When you go year after year being so disabled and all of a sudden you can bend and pick something up it's like someone suddenly being able to fly just by flapping their wings.

I go from .."Ahh, nahh, not me...I'm to tired...who cares anyway..just leave it..." drippy mode to


Actually, no one ever ASKED me to do anything. I got the IDEA all by myself to weed wack all over the place with a picc line. I even weed wacked the parking lot in the back alley! But I did wear a long sleeve shirt. (In the summer in southern Arizona>)

Nothing I ever do makes any sense and it is costing me everything at
this point.

I really feel like my biggest problem is my addiction to pain medication.
I am either sick in pain or narcked up. If i take too little I get sleepy and if I take little more I get the energy but it is a NARC high.

I feel like the roxycodone is giving me even worse mental symptoms.
I can not function with out it. and then I am still tired and I think that is related to slow digestion from roxycodone.

I am trying to seperate the lymeish symptoms from the addiction symptoms.

If you cna't put your feet on the floor (or spell) is it lyme or roxy detox?

I tried subutex to get off the roxy but at some point I start getting bad liver symptoms like the special migrane. It stays in the liver too long.
And I was taking less than ONE HALF of a millogram per day.

It makes me in a better mood and lightens up stuff. I swear it is the miracle drug untill the headache starts in after a week of it .

I try to take provigal to keep me awake from the pain meds and it is
all to much for my liver. I tried adderal too. too much of this stuff makes me argue and I do that already too much anyway.

It's a whole dance for me trying to stay out of pain and not have the debilitating side effects. I am NOT sober and don't like it.

But now i think I am doing myself in with pain meds . It is impossible to
get up and around. My dr said I would be on pain meds rest of life but I see other people NOT taking pain meds with long time lyme.

It's like I'm trying to get stronger and this stuff is slamming my liver , brain and digestion. something way not kosher with brain function.

I take between30 to 40 g per day. I take 2 of the 5mg every few hours.

Before I found out last DEcember that I had lyme I thought it was a big deal to take TWO 5mg in a day. now I am on 40mg. after treating with EVERYTHNG.

anyone have any thoughts on the effects of roxycodone(oxycodone ) on the brain?

something isn't working right in my brain.

I lost 15 pounds and I think it was from the heparin blood thinner .

I used to have swelling in legs and above my ankles it was swollen and hard as a rock. The more I read about the thick blood thing I really wonder about everyone out there who is long term lymer or chronic fatigue and their thick blood situation.

I saw in the Hansa book where he talks about looking under the tongue for deep purple stuff.

speaking of Hansa. I hear a few good stories but my question is are any of the Hansa patients on pain meds. I know they stil have bad days too and are on it with the detox routines but is there damage that you still need pain meds for?
lots of love to you all
hep c , lyme
Dad has lyme

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   Posted 6/28/2010 7:03 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you, Don, for sharing about your daughter, Heather.

What a horrible thing for a child to go through and nothing is more
criminal than a doctor telling anyone that anything is all in their head.

I really think there should be some kind of rating system for all doctors.
They go to college, get these degrees and anything they can't figure out is all in someone's head and the things they do diagnose is too much MIS DIAGNOSED.
They never get penalized for misdiagnosing. No one monitors their incompetence. They charge these fees and move on to the next person coming to them for help.

And they put these other doctors on trial for treating lyme. They have all the lyme doctors on quack watch while these other guys are misdiagnosing all day long.

I think everyone out there with a medical degree practicing medicine should have to go for extensive training in lyme and all these other
situations they are throwing antidepressants at patients for.

I read somewhere that the pharmacutical companies get to these guys while they are still in medical school. That is really criminal.

So, what I also find very intereting about Hansa is NO ANTIBIOTICS.
I know this experience having happened so young in Heather's life must make her see the world very differently. She must be a very strong little Spirit. There are so many more young children suffering with this disease and even were born with it. they actually have no real point of reference of what it is to be vibrant and healthy. They are operating through a completely different filter than their healthy friends.

Heather is a great inspiration to all young kids out there.
hep c , lyme
Dad has lyme

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