Constipated anyone?

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   Posted 9/5/2010 1:47 PM (GMT -7)   
Anyone take any good supplements to help with staying regular. I do coffee enemas but dont want to depend on them to go.

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   Posted 9/5/2010 2:30 PM (GMT -7)   
I used to have pretty bad constipation when I was taking a higher dose of pain medication. I'd just take a couple of Senokot-S (natural vegetable laxative) once in a while and I was usually fine... Occasionally I'd have to use an enema (though there's no way I'd use coffee), and always keep them on hand, but I honestly don't have the problems I used to...

I think you just have to stay on top of it - eating leafage also helps a lot!

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   Posted 9/5/2010 2:49 PM (GMT -7)   
I have had constipation problems BEFORE I was diagnosed with hypothirodism. Soon after I started to take meds for the thyroid problems, the constipation was resolved.

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   Posted 9/5/2010 4:45 PM (GMT -7)   
Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Citrate Complex. I just bought Nature's Way Magnesium Citrate Complex. It's activity is more to relax the smooth muscle of the bowel than it is to be an out and out laxative. Constipation can be caused by a number of things, but I did notice mine got better when I quit eating any kind of wheat products. Simela is right....constipation comes with hypothyroidism. Or not drinking enough water...etc. etc. I have stepped up my fresh vegetables, eliminated all sugar and wheat, and got the magnesium.

Also, aren't the coffee enemas more to cleanse the liver than they are to use as a good colon cleanse? I tried them some years back and couldn't seem to get them right. The folks who get the liver cleanse benefit seem to love them. I also tried a colonic when I lived in Atlanta....that didn't go too well either!!

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   Posted 9/5/2010 5:03 PM (GMT -7)   
What helps me with constipation:

Water - helps me most if I drink it with a meal to moisten the food

Flaxseed meal

Exercise - walking, deep breathing, etc....gentle exercise massages the bowel and encourages parastalsis

Burdock Root - I get the Nature's Way capsules and take 1-2 per meal until things start moving again, then drop down to 1-2/day to prevent constipation

Eating tomatoes, lots of fruits & veggies

Magnesium supplements - I usually find I need to take more magnesium than calcium to get the bowel benefits...and I need to take the magnesium with lots of helps retain moisture in the stool and also relaxes smooth muscle spasms (which can lead to constipation or diarrhea).

Avoiding wheat and foods without fiber

Glycerine suppositories can be helpful for stimulating bowel activity if the stool is near the rectum and "ready to come"

Liquid diet for a few days, when things are really severely backed up.

Avoid soda pop - somehow, the bubbles mess up the pressure in the digestive system and cause spasms.

Peppermint tea can encourage parastalsis in the colon

Making sure you have time to go to the bathroom after each meal can help re-train the body to take advantage of the natural stimulation of parastalsis that happens from eating.
Edited: Forgot to include Interferential (IF) Electrostimulation treatments on my abdomen...these have helped to normalize parastalsis.  The IF machine is an FDA-approved device, and research has shown benefit of IF stimulation in IBS and other "functional" gastrointestinal disorders.

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   Posted 9/18/2010 3:43 AM (GMT -7)   
Prunes, Magnesium, MSM, probiotics, fresh fruit, plenty of water etc. Agree with above answers.

Best wishes, bablymers mom

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   Posted 9/18/2010 5:53 AM (GMT -7)   
Everything mentioned above works for me.

I also use Senokot, it is a natural and gentle product. They offer one with a stool softener that gets you out of an awkward situation.

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   Posted 9/18/2010 2:50 PM (GMT -7)   
I have only had a few brief moments without constipation in my entire life. I have been almost regular (1 movement each day or so) for only the last 10 years (I'm in my late 40's). My acu doc has been helping me out a lot on that front now as well with some herbs that she has me taking.

I was dxed with a pretty bad case of Diverticulosis & have been on a very, very high fiber diet, taking a lot of fiber supplements. I have tried a lot of different types of fiber (dextrin, inulin, methylcellulose & others) & have found that only a few will work for me.

I would suggest you try the cheaper ones first, as there's no need to spend extra money on fiber!
Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we will never cease to be amused!!!! :)
May we all find peace along the journey to find healing.
"Absence of proof is not proof of absence" - Dr. Edwin Masters, great LLMD & researcher -RIP

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   Posted 9/18/2010 6:24 PM (GMT -7)   
It does not have to me complicated...just eat Fiber One cereal. I mix it with plain yogurt. If you eat a cup of it a day you will not have any problems.

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   Posted 9/19/2010 3:57 AM (GMT -7)   
If I miss my probiotic and/or one 'satsuma' [or similar] - I get constipated - since using 'Acidophilus' my bowel habits have improved by about 90% !!

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   Posted 9/19/2010 8:26 AM (GMT -7)   
For me, it's always complicated when talking about my innerds!! That's where I believe my 'weakest link' is.
Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we will never cease to be amused!!!! :)
May we all find peace along the journey to find healing.
"Absence of proof is not proof of absence" - Dr. Edwin Masters, great LLMD & researcher -RIP

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   Posted 9/19/2010 9:50 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi all,
Trav, your weakest link?  LOL!   Hey, where's that thread about Poop?  I should bump it up but I don't have the time to find it.. 
Anyway, constipation was a HUGE problem for me most of my entire life.. Actually it was learning about lyme that I learned how to eat right and what supplements to take and I am so relieved (no pun intended) that I am now regular.. If I miss one day I feel poopy.
I eat lots of salads and veggies for health reasons and also for ruffage plus I drink CALM which is a Calcium Magnesium supplement (for my menopause) but this drink helps to keep me regular.   I also think the magnesium from the detox baths help as well..
That is what has been working for me..   And yes, I was doing coffee enema's but haven't been doing them lately because I've been too busy.. I have time for my detox baths and exercise.. 
It's all about Detoxing Daily, strengthening the Immune System mixed with a dose of Positive Thinking!
This song is about my years with chronic lyme since 1995 and being symptom free for over 4 years:
Currently taking Estrovera, ProgX (progesterone), Adrenotone Plus, CoQ10, Vitamin B Total, C, Green Vibrance, CALM (Magnesium/Calcium)

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   Posted 9/19/2010 2:22 PM (GMT -7)   
Okay, Denutsy!!!
Yep!! My weakest link below my neck - otherwise I would have to admit that it is my head!!! smhair
I actually found that thread!!! I hadn't referred to it as I'm not real sure there is much info there, but now, since just had to bring it up - out loud even!!!! - giggle!!! smilewinkgrin I'll put in the link;

BTW, Deenutsy - ohhhh, the jokes that come to mind when you said you can feel poopy!!! Don't you know that it's dangerous to tease me with something like that?!?!?! smhair
I know - family site - so I"ll be nice!!
Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we will never cease to be amused!!!! :)
May we all find peace along the journey to find healing.
"Absence of proof is not proof of absence" - Dr. Edwin Masters, great LLMD & researcher -RIP
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