Herxing from Chlorella?

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   Posted 4/26/2012 2:46 PM (GMT -7)   
I started taking a Chlorella product called Chlorgen today, and right afterward, I think I felt it working because my muscles started twitching, my feet started vibrating. Around 2 hours later, I started burning all over, especially my face and eyes.

I know Chlorella is a great supplement, so I am curious as to everyone else's experiences/reactions with it.

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   Posted 4/27/2012 9:53 PM (GMT -7)   
I have never experienced any sort of symptoms from taking chlorella, but I may not have been on a high enough dose.  Chlorella is especially good at absorbing mercury, and the symptoms you describe sound like they may be related to the mercury detox that's going on.  If you lower your dose they may decrease in severity.
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   Posted 8/21/2012 6:59 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, I would suggest stop taking that chlorella. What is the brand and where was it harvested?

Some brands contain dangerous amounts of heavy metals - especially if it was harvested in Japan. I ask to see reports of the mercury content before purchasing the make sure. Chlorella absorbs all heavy metals and waste and if it's made in poluted waters it's absorbing all of that.

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   Posted 8/21/2012 1:39 PM (GMT -7)   
There is another possibility, one which I dealt with. It's possible that your body is having trouble detoxing, or the detox pathways are clogged right now. That's what happened to me - my detox pathways were clogged up from all of the toxins my body was trying like crazy to process and get out of my body!

A catch 22 for sure! I would suggest that you either stop taking the chlorella or lower the dose considerably, as it's overwhelming your systems. Start off with a much lower dose and if you have trouble with that, then try only taking it once every other day or once every three days to start with. Then build up the amount you take each week - but be sure to do it slowly. Also, you should be careful to use the detox soaks and dry skin brushing as well, to help open up those detox pathways - you must always be sure that you are moving your bowels at least once a day - twice is much better - as that's a major detoxing pathway that our bodies use lots.

I hope this helps!
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   Posted 8/21/2012 5:54 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi all,
Namaste, good to see you!  Yes, what you said makes perfect sense... Japan had that earthquake which caused radiation leaks, etc.  One must be careful where the chlorella comes from.   This is one of the reasons I am afraid to take any type of fish oil supplements.
Traveler, this is a catch 22 situation, darn if you do and darn if you don't... 
Hey Razzle, if you are reading this, what does bind up heavy metals?  What about wormwood?  I honestly don't know.. 
I don't know... this world is simply not the same world that I grew up in...  I'm scratching my head!  rolleyes
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   Posted 8/22/2012 9:23 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm about to start chlorella today, actually. I maaay want to just double check where it came from, thanks for that reminder!

The bottle I have says to take 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals - when I took cholestyramine (pretty much the drug form of chlorella) I was told that taking it with food stimulated bile which comes from the liver which is where all the toxins are? I definitely butchered that explanation but my point is I've always heard it's best to take this kind of stuff with food...although our bodies do detox while we're sleeping so who am I to disagree with Dr Oz (I'm addicted to his show!)

Just thought I'd share what I've heard.
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   Posted 8/24/2012 6:43 AM (GMT -7)   
does anyone know if the NOW brand of chlorella is safe to take?

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   Posted 3/7/2013 1:54 PM (GMT -7)   
I also bought the NOW brand and wonder if that is ok too?  I haven't started taking it yet........

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   Posted 3/7/2013 2:35 PM (GMT -7)   
Lucky for you all...I have searched the earth for the best organic chlorella.

1. NOW Foods Chlorella (Organic) is from tropical Hainan Island,South China Sea. It is told to be the best environment in the world to grow chlorella,which is why all of these companies do.
2. Emeralds Green Source Naturals Organic also from the above location.
3. SoTru is the brand I am going to settle with. It is the only fair trade certified organic chlorella. Here is some info about the brand below:

How and where does Sotru™ grow their Organic Chlorella?

High quality Chlorella needs to be cultivated where there is a lot of sunshine, clean water
and low pollution. Sotru™ OrganicChlorella is grown in fresh water ponds and
processed in a GMP facility on Hainan Island, a tropical island in the South China Sea
long acclaimed for its pristine waters, unspoiled beaches and clean air. Our Organic
Chlorella is produced under organic growing conditions in artificial ponds.

What does “broken cell wall” mean?

Chlorella in its natural state is impossible for humans and animals to digest due to the
tough cell walls encapsulating the nutrients. Sotru™ OrganicChlorella uses a technology
that to crack/break down this cell wall to make the nutrients available for digestion.

Tell me more about Hainan Island and why Sotru™ chose this as the location for
growing their Organic Chlorella.

Hainan Island has the best surface water quality in China resulting from the hundreds of
pristine natural springs fed by China’s largest and well-preserved intact tropical rain
forest. The city of Sanya on Hainan Island was rated second in the world for air quality in
an environment monitoring report issued by the World Environmental Organization.
All industries on Hainan Island are required to be pollution-free with no damage to the
environment, which leads to low heavy metal content in the Chlorella. In addition, in an
effort to maintain the high air and water quality of the island, the local government does
not use the traditional economic development model (economic development at the
expense of environment and economy). Instead, it pays great attention to protection of its
environment and natural resources while rapidly developing its society and economy, and
practices as an “ecological province”.

What does Fair Trade Certified mean?

The Institute for Marketecology (IMO) has awarded Sotru™’s OrganicChlorella a “Fair
for Life” Fair Trade Certification as a Producer and Processor of Organic Chlorella. “Fair
for Life” Fair Trade Certification is an independent verification of social and
environmental marketing claims. This certification represents Sotru™’s commitment to
develop and market high quality products that satisfy the stringent fair trade, social and
environmental standards required for Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade certification by
Fair for Life Fair Trade certification transparently verifies fair trade production and trade,
as it publishes the results of certification on its website at www.fairforlife.net. During
certification, operators are rated on their performance in areas such as trade relations,
health and safety, equal treatment and opportunity, social benefits, and environmental

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   Posted 3/7/2013 2:39 PM (GMT -7)   
So,in my opinion...SoTru sounds the best choice,even though they all come from the same facility I believe..they are fair trade certified..

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   Posted 3/10/2013 6:02 AM (GMT -7)   
Traveler is giving great advice.

Honestly, in my professional opinion, no one should be taking Chlorella without being followed by a Naturopath. It's serious stuff to detox to that extent without working on your other detox pathways before going to Chlorella.

So to answer your question Bella, yes this is causing a herx. Also if one is taking Chlorella, they need to add a "sponge" to sop up the metals you're extracting. A sponge would be greens or a good fiber.
Without this "Sponge" the metals are going to all of your organs and causing more troubles.

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   Posted 3/9/2016 12:14 PM (GMT -7)   
It was my understanding that Chlorella HELPS in opening up the pathways. I just read it even helps with phase 1 and 2 liver detox as well as kidneys and lymph! Id say it's herx too as I just started chlorella and I got heavy arms, tingling, and twitching eyes a bit. It was the same I got from probiotics when i first started. I wuld say keep it small because it is very powerful stuff

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   Posted 3/9/2016 12:22 PM (GMT -7)   
peacesoul - I just wanted to mention that Bella has not been on here for almost 4 years.
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