Lyme disease , also my doctor said I have toxic poison from mold

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   Posted 10/14/2012 7:01 PM (GMT -7)   
So I have lyme disease and my son and husband are now positive. I have been going to the doctor and specialist weekly. On Friday, my doctor had a family sit down, I guess the doctors were going through all our files, and she said that all of the symptoms started in 2008. I moved in my old house about a month or so before some of the weird symptoms started for me and my kids.

I know the previous owner had MS and I really didn't think to much of it, the old house passed a FHA inspection. The last four years, I have been sick, Looking back yes some of the symptoms were due to Lyme disease but some of them I couldn't explain. My children could not sleep on the top floor of the house because both of them complained it made them sick. My kids are not babies, at 16 and 8 , they would wake up and they had wet their beds. In their lives neither one of them has ever done this. Also they would get bad headaches up stairs , so I moved everyone to the top floor and had a mold test done. It showed up three types of mold, but didn't seem serious from the research I did on it.

Long story short, my doctor said not only do we have lyme, but in her profession opinion we are being poisoned with toxic mold. Her advice is to move . I did some research on mold and it could cause some of the other issues I have been having.

Does anyone know enough about mold to help with this?

Also we had a weird white slimpy mushroom looking thing grow out of our kitchen floor , I had that tested as well.
My doctor told me Friday go home open every window in your house and see if in a few hours you don't feel better, and I hate to admit it , but the last two days I have felt 50 percent better. So I am thinking she knows what she is talking about. Please let me know what you think.

Also I found out that owners daughter that lived her as well has MS , and so does my 40 year old neighbor next door. So that is three people on the same block, it seems like a lot to me.

Thank you.

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   Posted 10/15/2012 3:40 AM (GMT -7)   
Wow. unbelievable. I have a women in my neighborhood with MS and the woman across the street (an avid gardener) had terrible rheumatoid arthritis. I wonder all the time how much of it is actually lyme. I could go on and on about people I know that have chronic illness or MS that "had" lyme at one time. It is extremely scary.

I think if you have lyme or any compromised immune system, that mold with exacerbate the symptoms and it is extremely important that you address that mold situation so that your body can have a chance to heal without additional hinderances.
Lyme, HME, HGE, bartonella. 4+ years undiag. despite 10 drs.
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   Posted 10/15/2012 12:20 PM (GMT -7)   
Yes, I went and told my neighbor , I think it is very possible he may have started out with Lyme. 3 out of four people in my house now have tested positive for lyme and with the mold , I am not taking any chances. It's so crazy , I have to find a place that will take my pets, we are a package deal. It's going to be difficult but we will find something.

Thank you, are health is more important .

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   Posted 10/15/2012 2:07 PM (GMT -7)   
I just wanted to pop in here and say how very sorry I am, Justme! It's bad enough to have to deal with several members of your family having Lyme as well as you, but the mold issue on top of it complicates everything!

I do hope that you find a place that will accept your "entire family" soon!!

Be sure you & the rest of your family are detoxing daily at least until you move!
Treating with Acupuncture, Traditional & Modern Chinese Medicine & Western Herbs. Before tx, I had all but 20 of the symptoms on the "Master Symptom List" for Lyme disease.

"Absence of proof is not proof of absence" - Dr. Edwin Masters, great LLMD & researcher -RIP

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   Posted 10/15/2012 7:08 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you , I am just having a hard time coming to terms with having to move. I know it's for the best , but it's still rough. We have to do what is best for us, but it's just really tough. I love my pets, and I am praying I find a place that will let me take all of them. It would break my heart to let anyone of them go. We Lyme patients go through so much with the Lyme, I don't know if I can handle finding homes for them.

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   Posted 10/16/2012 9:53 AM (GMT -7)   
I have been thru what you are going thru. One word of advice: don't take any belongings with you. I know this is very difficult to hear and accept but the mold spores and toxins they produce are on everything that you own. If you take them to your new house, you can remain sick. Even your pets must be washed and shaved before you put them in your new house if they have been inside pets. We had to leave everything behind in February and believe me it was tough with four kids.
I had DNA testing done and I carry the genes that make me suseptible to chronic lyme and mold illness. My LLMD said that anytime I am exposed to mold, it will set me back 20-30% and will have to begin treatment all over again. Anytime I go inside a building, I was told to look up and see if theres any water damage on the roof. If I see any, I must leave immediately. If you carry these genes, you will always have to be careful of mold exposure.
Our new home has hospital grade air conditioning with all the bells and whistles to keep clean air circulating in our home. This came after we had to live in a camper for over 6 months. Fun times. cool
I can tell if I am exposed after getting out of the moldy house. It will effect me terribly with exaustion, fogginess and my body feels like its paralyzed. Very scary stuff.
Oh, and get your mold testing thru EMSL Analytical. They offer the ERMI and the ARMI. I would start with the ERMI since it covers more mold species. If it is above 2, then it isnt safe to be living in your home. Even if you kill all the mold, the toxins that the mold created will be left behind and can still make you sick.
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