Dr. Jernigan: Dealing with Candida/Yeast Overgrowth

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Dealing with Candida/Yeast Overgrowth
Dr. David A. Jernigan

Candida overgrowth is extremely common in people who are taking long-term and high dose antibiotics. It can manifest a very wide variety of symptoms including, but definitely not limited to headaches, brain fog, rashes, thrush, fatigue, belching, flatulence (gas), vaginal discharge and itching, decreased muscle elasticity and decreased strength.

Yeast infections are a prime example of a host environment being a happy home to a microbe. Candida albicans, C. tropicalis, C. pseudotropicalis, and other strains, hereafter lumped together into the term “yeast” are always to be considered a secondary problem in that the overgrowth of yeast is always the result of other imbalances in the body.

Yeast are a normal body flora, they are supposed to be there, however they are not supposed to grow unchecked. Problems arise when the yeast population colonizes along mucus membranes in sometimes huge proportions.

It must be understood that bombing Candida with anti-yeast/anti-fungal medicines and remedies is no better than attempting to bomb bacteria with antibiotics! This just pushes the yeast into more resistant strains and totally disrespects the wisdom of the body and what the body is striving to do.

Yeast are a part of the body’s own cleanup crew. They clean up the damaged tissue left behind by inflammation in the tissues. In other words, yeast is working for you, not against you, although it can feel horrible while they are working.

Antibiotics are one of the primary initiators of yeast overgrowth. When you take your first antibiotic it kills up to 400 different strains of friendly bacteria that live symbiotically and beneficially in your intestines. These friendly bacteria help you digest your food and actually produce many of the nutrients, like B-vitamins, you need to live a healthy balanced life.

The friendly bacteria in the intestines provide a necessary function. Even though you may live without them, it is impossible to maintain a normal internal environment. They help maintain the normal intestinal pH and are known to kill yeast, and keep yeast from growing out of control.

This micro-biome, can often never be replaced fully without first truly restoring the optimum integrity and functioning of every aspect of the body, and then reinoculating the intestines with the complete set of over 1000 strains of symbiotic, native bacteria through Fecal Transplants.

As many of you reading this have already found out, oral probiotics rarely provide enough relief due to the fact that many do not survive the stomach acid, and others don't survive in the intestines because of toxins and pH problems. Not only that, but most of the best probiotic supplements only replace a few types of missing bacteria such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, S. Boulardii, and a maybe a dozen others.

The following recommendations are not designed to itemize every possible treatment, but designed to be used as a total program of care. Efforts should be made to use or integrate as many of the recommendations as possible for maximum healing.

Treatment Recommendations for Candida/Yeast Overgrowth

Bring down the population of yeast and supporting microbes, i.e. parasites and pathological bacteria
- Regulat (Dr. Neidermaier Inc.)
- Yeast Ease (Jernigan Nutraceuticals Inc)
- Paragen (JN)
- Melaleuca oil T40C36, oral gargles (if there is thrush)
- Nature’s Cleanse (Melaleuca Inc.) or Pau d’Arco/White Oak, vaginal douches

Restore the tissue pH balance
- Pleo-Alkala (Sanum/Pleomorphic Sales)
- Purified Water
- 80:20 ratio alkaline to acid-forming foods (Bernard Jensen, book "Foods that Heal" and Doug Kaufmann's, book "Cooking Your Way to Good Health; Anti-Fungal Diet"

Re-inoculate the intestines with friendly bacteria (probiotics)
- Best…Fecal Transplant of Microbiome
- Probiotics™ and Probiotics 42.5 (Transformation Inc.)

Remove heavy metals and yeast toxins
- Molybdenum (JN)
- NeuroAntitox CNS/PNS (JN)
- Drink distilled water for one week per month

Make appropriate dietary changes:
- Digest Enzymes (Transformation, Inc)

Symptomatic relief
- Relief of vaginal burning and itching may be found with a blend of the following: Mix together 2 tablespoons garlic oil (odorless oil is now available in health food stores), 8 drops essential oils of lavender and melaleuca alternifolia, and 1 tablespoon of vitamin-E oil. Apply as needed to affected area. Refrigerate between use, and shake well to mix before each application.

Restore bio-circuitry and total body hormonal balance to maximum efficiency in the body
(Hansa Center Testing and treatments)

Restore normal body temperature
(see Low Body Temperature chapter in my book, "Beating Lyme Disease, 2nd Ed.)

Remove aggravating foci
- i.e., dental, scar foci (Biological Dentists)

Rebalance the entire human organism
(as outlined throughout my book, Beating Lyme Disease, 2nd Ed.)

Treatment Rationale
• Regulat is an organic concentrated, liquid whole food tonic. Regulat is a live, cascade-fermented food which is crucial for maintaining optimal health. It offers unique, beneficial compounds that perform a wide range of functions in order to maintain optimal gut health, immune health, enzyme regulation, acid / alkaline balance, detoxification, reduction of inflammation, and antioxidant support. This tonic is rich in a wide array of nutrients such as amino acids, peptidoglycans, phytonutrients, and lactic acid. The benefits of consuming this concentrated liquid are wide ranging. Regulat provides support for healthy innate immune regulation thereby providing more vitality, stamina, and a general increase in resistance. Its wide range of antioxidants such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, and flavonoids provide protection from free radical damage while increasing intracellular glutathione, which is an essential antioxidant for supporting the body’s own natural detoxification processes. Use ½ to 1 capful of Regulat in water, two to three times per day.

• Yeast Ease (Jernigan Nutraceuticals) is a blend of two newly identified American medicinal botanicals…Maclura pomifera leaf extract, and Illinois bundleflower extract. Many times people have tried every anti-yeast herb and medicine with only limited benefit. Yeast Ease was first identified by Bio-Resonance Scanning™ (BRS) to work with the body’s own corrective bioenergetics to bring yeast overgrowth back under control better than any other botanical. It is unique in that BRS frequency matching ensures that no “friendly bacteria” are harmed, and ensures that the body’s own bioregulation of all the strains of Candida are not allowed to overpopulate. Use 2-3 droppers in a small glass of water 2-4 times per day.

• Paragen (Jernigan Nutraceuticals) is another maclura pomifera fruit extract that was originally identified and specifically frequency matched using BRS to facilitate the body’s bioenergetic frequencies to eliminate a wide range of parasites, not only in the intestines, but anywhere in the body. Use 2-3 droppers in a small glass of water 2-4 times per day.

• Melaleuca alternifolia T40C3 is the least caustic form of Tea tree oil. It kills yeast on contact, while actually promoting increased health and healing of the tissues it comes in contact with. To use as a throat gargle, put 3-6 drops of oil in a mouthful of water and gargle and swish scraping the tongue with the teeth while swishing.

• Pau D’Arco bark and White Oak bark can be brewed together as a tea, steeped and brought to body temperature to be used as a vaginal douche. Add about 6 tablespoons of each bark in a quart of boiling water and remove pot from heat to simmer at least 15 minutes. Strain and bring to body temperature. Buy a disposable douche bottle and fill with the bark tea. Store the rest for future use in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container. Douche may be used 2-3 times per day, always bringing it to body temperature before using. Do not microwave it at any time. These items can be purchased very inexpensively in bulk at any health food store. Yeast Ease has been used effectively as a vaginal douche for some women. Dilute with body temperature distilled water or it may be added to Pau D’Arco/White Oak douche.

• Molybdenum relieves the toxic load on the body and limits the acetaldehyde die-off toxicity from yeast. Take 300-600 micrograms (mcg) 2-3 times per day with water.

• Digest (Transformation Inc.) enzymes is a digestive enzyme formula that includes protease (helps breakdown proteins), lipase (breaks down fats into smaller pieces), amylase (breaks down sugars), and other enzymes to insure that the food that you eat is completely digested. Any food that passes through incompletely digested becomes an antigen that causes hypersensitivity on the membranes of the intestines. This hypersensitivity is otherwise known as an allergic reaction. Enzymes are naturally found in fresh “vine-ripened” foods, however cooking destroys most of the naturally occurring enzymes that would normally assist your body in breaking them down. Supplementing the body with enzymes helps relieve the strain on the pancreas when eating enzyme deficient foods. Good digestion is of great importance in establishing and maintaining a balanced internal environment. When eating a well balanced organically grown diet, I always recommend a person spend their money on digestive enzymes over multi-vitamins.

• Restore pH balance. Alkalinity promotes health, while acidity promotes dysfunction.

- Diet: see section on dietary recommendations and 80:20 alkaline/acid foods to assist in restoring nutrient, energetic and pH balance.

- Pleo-Alkala (Sanum): comes with urine pH test strips that allow you to monitor your urine and subsequently tissue pH on a daily basis. It comes with its own measuring spoon and dosage instructions based upon your urine pH results.

- Purified water: Water is the easiest way to decrease or “water down” acidity. Many people “try” to drink eight, 8 oz. glasses of water. Don’t try…do! Not just until your symptoms are relieved, but on a lifetime basis. Many think that they are getting water by drinking soda, coffee, green or black tea, beer, or alcoholic beverages. This is not the same as water since all of these are diuretics, meaning they promote urination. So if you are dehydrated, lacking in water in the tissues, and therefore urinating more with these drinks, you are simply compounding the problem and making the body more acidic.

• Re-inoculating the intestines with friendly bacteria is an important step due to the fact that it is these bacteria that will help maintain the normal healthy environment and control the overgrowth of the yeast.

- Probiotics and Protease 42.5 (Transformation Inc) are a temperature stable supplement of various friendly intestinal bacteria. (do not need to be stored in the refrigerator, which is good since sometimes out of sight is out of mind) Take 1 capsule of each with water 2-3 times per day until balance is restored and symptoms are relieved. (If you still feel you must take an antibiotic be sure to take any probiotics as far away on the clock as possible from the antibiotic so that your antibiotic is not simply being used up killing friendlies.)

This article is for educational purposes. Always consult your healthcare professional regarding any protocol. Due to the complexity of the human condition there remains the possibility of symptoms getting worse. Again, discuss this protocol with your health care professional before beginning, and stop or get support if your condition worsens. This protocol is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or mitigate any disease or illness, and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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Very interesting but all so complicated!

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Yep, but what is NOT complicated with chronic infections!?

I took REchts Regulat for many years, all the way through lyme disease. It's a very known product here.

I don't think Alkala from Sanum is enough for anything (I had no good results with it).
Muuuuch better are all the other Sanum immuno modulator products, incomparable.
These immuno modulator products kept my candida in check for more than a decade.

It's much better than pau d'arco or tea tree, that are killers too, the same as oregano or whatever strong oils in that sense. They are also too aggressive, and will force candida into hiding and changing, in my opinion...

Has anyone experience with these Probitoics and Protrease 42.5?

What about that distilled water? I'm afraid of distilled water, because it is said to pull minerals?...
any good or bad experiences with distilled water?

Thanks for posting this!

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Ahhhh..... I gotta raise a few flags. Sorry Dr J - but this review is typical of practitioners who don't spend a lot of time diagnosing or treating yeast/fungal overgrowth. This info isn't wrong, it's just not comprehensive.

He starts out referencing how difficult significant yeast/fungal overgrowth is, which I agree with. But the remainder of his article addresses low-level y/f overgrowth and how to treat it. For many people, this is all the info you need.

But it's important to understand the context of what your sx might be so that you are better informed in how to solve your problems. IMO he misses the mark on the severe overgrowth cases that generally do not do well with probiotics and natural antifungals. In fact, plodding through month after month with ineffective naturals while allowing y/f to grow could cause a lot of problems.

I did a ton of research on this over the past couple of years and solved my severe yeast/fungal overgrowth. I describe what I learned in this thread and while there is good info in there for everyone, it mostly addresses the tough cases.

Y/FO post in the "New to Lyme?" thread:

We have to remember that there are countless variables in the human body, our living environments, habits.

- Some people are infected w/ Lyme & co in a healthy state.
- Others aren't healthy. Some people develop y/f issues because of unhealthy diets and lifestyles or issues with their health.
- Some are problem-free until the pathogens start disrupting GI function.
- Some people have other GI problems than y/f that can exacerbate what would normally be a benign issue.
- Some people, like me, were born with GI microbiome problems and are more prone to imbalance and y/f issues and don't respond really well to natural antifungals while on abx.
- And - we're not always dealing with the same strains of y/f and some antifungals work better than others, depending on strain.

Prevention and maintenance vs existing overgrowth
Many people do really really well preventing y/f overgrowth and/or maintaining balance with natural antifungals, probiotic foods, keeping GI highly functioning. And many can get back to a natural approach after treatment. Some can maintain Lyme & Co tx with only natural antifungals.

But what I found in all my research is that generally, for many people, once you've already developed a notable overgrowth issue, you're likely going to need a direct approach with antifungals (and I do suggest most people do best on Rx) and will likely need to stay on something while you're on abx. Those on herbal antimicrobials usually face less intense y/f issues.:

Leaky gut
He makes absolutely no mention of the risks of severe GI dysfunction if yeast/fungal overgrowth is left untreated. It's widely known that y/f can over time morph into hyphae stage where roots are literally drilled into the mucosal lining of the GI. This creates holes that can develop a "leaky gut" problem, where fecal matter, toxins, undigested food and pathogens including yeast/fungus can seep out of the GI and into the blood stream, where the immune system recognizes it as "foreign". This is often why people develop food sensitivities, allergies.

Trying to treat Lyme & Co when your GI is a wreck, you can't digest nutrients OR anything else you take orally, and react to every food you eat is a disaster. I've been there as have many others I've come across over the past 3+ years I've been on this forum.

Symptom overlap
No mention that many yeast/fungal overgrowth symptoms are identical to many Lyme & co symptoms. If you reduce y/f overload, you reduce these symptoms, making you less miserable, for starters. But also, it's much easier to understand how your body is responding to the infections, treatment and detoxing, which is CRITICAL since that is the crux of Lyme & Co treatment.

Die off
And no mention that rebalancing yeast/fungus with any antifungal (natural or Rx) can often create serious die off symptoms that can be more severe than sx from y/f overgrowth. It's important to always start carefully and it's also tough to do but necessary to figure out whether you're reacting to sensitivity to what you're treating with and need to try something else ---or reacting to die off and might need to increase detox and push through reactions. Many people experience reactions to the y/f treatment and immediately stop treating, rather than making adjustments and moving forward.

Detoxing is critical for y/f overgrowth - and binders are probably most important. Removing debris and toxins, particularly the neurotoxins y/f overgrowth AND die off can produce (acetaldehyde, ethanol to name a few) cause so many of our sx and these are often reduced by incorporating a binder successfully. I've even noticed that I could replace my antifungals with binders because the binding actions help keep a low-level of y/f overgrowth from gaining a foothold before the binder sweeps the y/f away.

Nor did he mention that another problem with not really knocking down overgrowth quickly and effectively, is that the y/f can thrive on even non-sugary foods. Using low-level antifungals (specifically natural antifungals) on a signficant y/f overgrowth only gives the y/f opportunity to develop resistance - to herbs and Rx. In fact, it's best to rotate natural antifungals every couple of months so that you don't eliminate the effectiveness of a good antifungal.

There is more info in the thread I link to above - please check it out if you'd like to learn more.

And always, please share your experiences and what worked for you!

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