Blood glucose still improving; testing/experimenting for several years, 2 yrs post ABX

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   Posted 12/17/2017 12:17 PM (GMT -6)   
I know a few others here have experienced high blood sugar with these infections. Kind scary when it starts going up all on its own. That said, these infections are known to effect the whole endocrine system. Diabetes kills people and some meds for it are $600 a month, with less and less insc covering it. So here is my experience with blood sugar, and my improvements:

Tested fasting blood sugar this morning, 2 times about an hour apart, 81 then 80, this is way improved compared to my pre -diabetic days.

1)Get this- as a test last night, I loaded up on FRUIT (lots of natural sugar) as my first dinner course; berries, kiwi and two slices of pineapple. Main course (protein after fruit) was not meat, but a three egg/onion/mushroom/yellow squash "skillet". Had a gluten free Kind brand breakfast protien (9gms) grain bar as a pre-bed snack (hey...thats not paleo, nope).

2)I will re-experiment with the same dinner of fruit combined with fatty processed red meat (burger meat, no bun), this should result as a terrible blood sugar combination, so I will see how my "improved body" handles this with the same fasting blood sugar test.

*Pre-diabetic History: Like some others here, I was labeled per-diabetic (in US: fasting 8hr sugar 100-125) before and during ABX use. In the last two years after ABX, this has been improving. Cutting sugar and carbs did not improve it back then. Endo Dr said I will be a diabetic in a few years. I was never a junk food junki, was athletic and retained athletic form during lyme even though I ached all over and could not work out much for two years.

Last years A1c was 5.4, it was worse in the past, high 5's and low 6's. A1c is average over a few months, so it counts the highs right after you eat and the fasting lows to make a true average. I will test this again soon.

Its interesting how body chemistry can slowly improve - these are things you can not usually feel.


1)My first improvements after ABX: I originally noticed blood sugar improvements while I was still treating adrenals with holy basil in the AM and late PM. Holy basil also lowers blood sugar. I have read that elevated cortisol also can raise blood sugar, which might also explain things. During this "era" my fasting BS was improved and was the 90's, 100 a couple times.

2)Second "wave" of improvement: The whole year of 2017 I ate more healthy as an experiment; cut out found food sensitivities (glutan, milk), plus little to no added sugar, mostly paleo diet, less beef. My records indicate BS of 80 in march 2017, just like today. The 90's gradually went into the 80's with a few odd mid 90 spikes.

Note: Since my diet before has never been terrible, I did not lose any "sizable" weight on this diet (didnt really need to), but did drop one jean size (old ones fit) as my BMI index went from 19 to 14 (ok). I'm a fifty something now and did have a much lower BMI in my younger days . Med-High weight runs in the rest of my family who doesn't exercise, and are always on weight reduction diets it seems. Conclusion: I am not blessed with "lean genes" and one sibling is diabetic, so that might have influenced my temporary high BS too even though I was not like that before lyme hit me hard.

I overall exercised more in 2016 than 2017 and did more cardio. 2017 I did less cardio, less biking, but more strength training in the gym as I was finally able to see strength improvements. Trying to fix tendons and cardio is repetitive movement= bad for tendons. I am NOT by any means, fanatical about exercise, moderate is more like it.

**The reason I mention the above paragraph is because my blood sugar was NOT from more exercise. Seems to be from clearing lyme, then fixing adrenals, then healthier diet, all three helped**

Additional improvements that happened in 2017, less "critters" in me, better diet, both prob helped(?); C4a dropped from 55,000 to 1400, one hashimoto antibody normalized.

Do I feel like a million bucks..not yet;..better?.. yes. Maybe it just takes forever for us to "feel" the difference from improved body chemistry- it took a long time to hit the abyss, so the opposite might hold true too... ?
Had initial lyme symptoms late 80's, then again w/with bullseye early 90's. Ended ABX for Lyme in 2015. Rebuilding / repairing / fine tuning since then; member "10 Percenters Lyme Club". What an adventure this has been. Did I mention Hashimoto sucks?

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   Posted 12/18/2017 10:37 AM (GMT -6)   
Interesting post Astro. I just had my glucose level checked last week and it was a little high I think. It was 87. I am usually in the low 70's. I have been doing a similar diet to yours for the last two years (modified paleo).

I know its not super high, but I wonder if I should be concerned about it. I did have a sugar free soda a few hours before the blood draw.

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   Posted 12/18/2017 1:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Thats still not very high. Its not prediabetes till its in the 100 - 125 range. And thats a true 8 hour fast with nothing but water, easiest to do in the AM. If it gets close to low 100's as a pattern, thats a concern, but still time to fix it.

Some minute clinics, like in a CVS if you have those, does this for $10-15.

I bought my own meter when my fasting glucose was getting over 100, makes it a lot easier, as I record it too with notes on time, what I ate last ect.

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   Posted 12/25/2017 2:45 PM (GMT -6)   
I experimented a little more with this scenario the last few days.

Had a lot of fruit for dinner followed by a grilled chicken/veggie salad. My 8 hr fast blood glucose next AM was 74, the lowest I've recorded in a long time. The same dinner 2-3 years ago would have created a 8hr fast BS level of low 90's.

Red meat will usually create higher BS than chicken , due to the fat content. I had a similar meal to the above, but with a pork tenderloin cut. BS was higher as expected, but not as high as the same m,eal in the past. 8 hr fast after the was 89, same dinner years ago would have made fasting BS in the low 100's.

Moral of this story is lyme can elevate blood sugar in us. It directly can effect the endocrine system (stresses the endocrine system) and in my case liver too, which then can effect blood sugar into the pre-diabetic or even diabetic range..

Eating a healthy diet and exercising with lyme did NOT improve my blood sugar. I tried.

Glucose only improved after lyme treatment, which my endocrine system then started a slow healing process and my body started using blood sugar the way its supposed to.

This is an eye opener for my endo Dr,as he has never met anyone with personal experience in lyme.

That said, I will never dive into eating a typical North American sugar loaded diet, even if I am able to process it correctly. Its bad for everyone.

This is an eye opener for my endo Dr, as he has never met anyone with personal experience in lyme coupled with self knowledge in thyroid. I am slowly changing his beliefs through real proof. He is more "laxed" in his thyroid "TSH is king" thinking with me too, and allowed a lower TSH due to my better symptoms with lower TSH. His conventional teachings say I should be hyper, but I am not.

He actually light heatedly said that I don't even need him anymore besides the legal Dr signature for my thyroid Rx.. I almost fell out of the chair. Dont think I ever had a Dr "level" with me like that before. Certainly not an Endo.

Unfortunately he is still very influenced by the conventional endocrine teachings / theories taught in school so I dont know if anyone (other patients) will benefit from his slight outlook change.

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