Posted 4/11/2005 6:51 PM (GMT -6)
migranosis means i have a full scale migraine for more then 72hours. The P.O.T.S which stands for pastoral orthostatic tachacartia syndrome. Basically what that means is when i stand up my blood pressure drops and my pulse goes way up causing me to blackout and have the same symptoms as your sister in law. I'm 17 and i have been dealing with headaches and surgeries since age 8. To be diagnosed with P.O.T.S you need to have a tilt test done. You can control this with medicine and fluids. I drink two gallons of water a day and am on medicine. I can't help you with the headache side, i am currently in Michigan at the Michigan head-pain and neurological institute, this hospital has the best doctors and a whole program devoted just to head-pain, weather it be migraine's, trauma from after an accident, whatever. I believe that if her headaches don't go away this place would be a very good place to figure out what's up. I hope this helps you even if its a little bit. God bless you and your family...i know this is tough.

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Posted 4/26/2005 7:10 PM (GMT -6)
Alright, I've decided to go into a little more detail with my blackouts, since I haven't found much information on them.  I have been getting blackouts for the past 7 years now.  I don't pass out or anything like that, it's just my vision gets messed up and it feels like I'm looking through the opposite end of a telescope.  Sometimes my vision goes completely but that is only when they are really bad.  I really have know clue what causes them.  They are painful, most of the time.  I sometimes get them without the pain.  Those are my lucky ones, but my heart races and I have a harder time breathing.  My father told me it was from getting up too quickly but I have a hard time believing that.  It's not that I don't believe people can't get it that way.  I know they can because of the sudden drop in blood pressure, but I also get them while I'm walking, and even when I stretch.  If anyone has any information I'd really apprieciate it.  Right now I'm kind of stuck when it come to going to the doctor so any information is ok.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Posted 4/28/2005 5:58 AM (GMT -6)
estelle said...
I can only suggest that if the meds are not working then there is an answer to relief them syptoms and that would be the cap which I purchased after the meds didn.t work for me,try migracap you won,t be in need of your meds again.

good luck estelle.
Hi Estelle
I've too got the migracap.  It works really well for me when the dreaded 'm' comes along.  Its just so practical.  Got to get another one.  I've not found anything else since that I would consider and I feel healthier not having to take meds. 
A friend of mine just got one and she got free postage so now is the time to buy!
Have you found a reduction in the number of 'm' attacks you get?  Do you find it better from the fridge or freezer?  Not tried mine in the freezer yet. 
Posted 10/13/2010 5:34 PM (GMT -6)
First, moderators, I recognize that this is a very old post and I know that many forums have rules against 'bumping' or even replying to old posts. I did not see this in any of the forum rules but if I missed it somewhere please delete this reply and accept my appologies for my oversight.
The stories I am reading in this post about migraines - with and without pain, black outs, memory loss, vision changes and mentions of seizure activity, sound like they could be describing my situation, whichseems to have come to a head back in August. My last neurologist (of three seen thus far) suggested a diagnosis of "basilar type migraines" and has placed me on daily Nortryptaline as an attempt to prevent what has been going on. My primary care physician is far from 100% sold on this diagnosis and while I want to trust the physicians I am also maintaining an open mind and am continuing to research and to learn whatever I can so that I can be an active member of my care planning team. I live in rural Canada so access to specialists is limited, but I was fortunate to find a wonderful ENT and a neurologist who seems reasonable despite the distance that I have to travel in order to be able to see them. 
I would be happy to go into more details of the symptoms that I have experienced, the doctors I have seen, etc. if anyone would like to know, but to save on length of this post for now, I am simply hoping to reach out to anyone on the forum, especially those who replied to this post when it first was posted (if anyone is still around or receiving updates from the site). I am looking for any information that you would be willing to share. What tests were performed, what diagnosis you received (if any) and also what treatment options (medications, homeopathics, naturopathics, traditional, non-traditional, etc.) may have been successful. I know the forum has rules about promoting specific treatments, I would just appreciate any additional insight that anyone can provide.  
Thanks for reading, and hopefully replying.
Posted 12/19/2010 9:11 AM (GMT -6)
Hi, my daughter who is 18 has been diagnosed with Basilar Migraine - she has periods of blackouts lasting for about an hour and then about half an hour regaining full consciousness and she is generally paralysed down one side whilst regaining consciousness. she then goes into a migraine within 12 hours of these blackouts. There is absolutely no warning of the blackout, just literally keels over. She has seen 2 neurologists who both said Basilar Migraine and have put her on epilepsy medication. This has worked for last 10 months but had another blackout on Friday that was very severe, was hospitalised for possible concussion as cut her head. All her obs were normal by time paramedics arrived, typical! She has had MRI, CT and EEG and ECG's and all ruled as normal. It is very frustrating for us and I am really not convinced she has Basilar Migraine.
Posted 12/19/2010 11:10 AM (GMT -6)
Hi Jen.
I am sorry to hear that your daughter is having problems again. Unfortunately I don't have much to offer you as I personally am no further ahead than I was when I made that last post, just wanted to reply to let you know that you and your daughter are not alone in this. There is some information on basilar migraine online but it take some serious searching to find anything that I have found to be useful at all.
Your daughters story sounds a lot like mine, though rather than lasting an hour my black outs, at least those that have been witnessed, are only a few minutes in duration, but I will have several consecutively over a period on one to four hours, and then the migraine will set in within hours of the last one. And my EEGs, MRIs, CT and ECGs are all normal as well. Since your daughters last black out have you been able to speak with either of her neurologists? Have they, or any of the other doctors given you any other theories or are they all sold on the basilar migraine idea? Do you know the name of the epilepsy medication that they gave her? Just trying to gather what information I can for myself, and so that I might be able to direct you to some of the relevant readings that I found.
It is not always easy but don't give up. Somewhere in all of this there has to be an answer. Good luck to you and your daughter.

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