Head pain for 5 days, is it a migraine?

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   Posted 8/9/2009 8:09 AM (GMT -6)   
I have had a right sided throbbing headache for 4 days, then the dr gave me co-codomol saying it wasnt a migraine. the pain also becomes worse when i bend down it throbs, it also seems to effect my right eye a bit as well with a bit of pain now and again. i also feel mild sickness when it becomes worse but am never actually sick. on the 5th day i woke without the headache and went about my normal day until about 3pm, thne it started coming back, but more on the top of my head. i took co-codomol again at 8pm and finally it went by 11pm. i have woke again this morning ok, but now i keep getting the odd shooting pain in my head again and im worried this might be coming back again. does this sound like a migraine? or something else, i feel ok in myself apart from this.
im not sure what else to take to get rid of this pain?

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   Posted 8/9/2009 12:31 PM (GMT -6)   
At this point I don't think you really have enough information to determine whether you experienced a migraine or something else. It does seem that you experienced migraineous symptoms (unilateral pain, secondary feelings of sickness, episodic pattern). But the best and simplest advice that I can give is to wait and see if you do experience another episode. If/when that happens try to take note of any commonalities between the two. See if you can pinpoint a possible trigger (something you ate, a certain activity, high stress, etc.), take note of whether the headache has the same qualities (where it hurts and what type of pain you experience, and note any secondary symptoms before, during or after the headache (like visual or auditory disturbances, lightheadedness, nausea, muscle pain, fatigue, etc.).

See if the headache responds the same way to co-codamol (acetaminophen and codeine). It sounds like you had a mixed reaction to it thus far. That isn't too surprising since it is an analgesic medication, meaning that it works by reducing your pain but does not necessarily affect any of the possible causes of that pain. And if you do take it again be careful not to take it too often. As with nearly all headache medication it carries the risk of causing rebound headaches--a phenomenon that actually causes additional headaches if medication is taken too often. I'd recommend trying to make sure not to take it more than 3 days in a week unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

I'm also interested in the "odd shooting pain" that you mention experiencing after the headache. Could you describe this pain in greater detail? This could cast a greater light on your experience. But in any case keep us posted on any new developments and we'll do our best to give advice.

I know these experiences can be very painful and particularly frightening when they appear without warning. But try to keep in mind that this is very common and you should try not to worry. Even if you do have another episode these things are very manageable.

Feel better!
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   Posted 8/13/2009 5:16 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi and thank you for your reply.
I have suffered these type of headaches for years but only ever lasted around 3 days, and they have also not responded to drugs of any kind, i just used to ride them out really. six weeks ago i had the same headache/migraine as i have just recently had, that one also lasted 5 days. i remember being in bed reading with my back to the lamp, when i seemed to experience a flashing, i thought it was the lamp flashing and turned to look, but there didnt seem, to be a problem with the lamp, and it happened again, it really seemed like it was my vision. then headache proceeded to get worse the next day. but this recent one i didn't really have symptoms like that. to compare the two recents 5 days headaches, there is not much difference.  both come on gradual, both in the same area of the head, both a pounding throbbing headache. both times i had nausea. but this recent one seemed more painful and also affecting my right eye more. and also the first time i had shooting pains around my head. and also the first time i had and upset stomach with it. my temp also went up slightly like my head was hot.
this was enough illness for me to go to the drs as i was really worried.
i haven't had the headache since sunday now, so have been pain free for 4 days but i still feel like it could come back any moment, it feels like something is still lingering there, my right eye also seemed yesterday like pressure there. or maybe my head is still recovering from a bad headache?
I went to have my eyes checked yesterday to see if they could see any problems, but she sid she couldn't see anything that would connect with my headache. i am having drops in my eye next week so she can have a proper better look, as i told her i had seen floaters in my eye. but if i get another attack i will go straight back to my dr as this is becoming more frequent and more painful.
I can't think of any triggers that might have caused this really and i haven't really noticed anything different.
there is only one thing that i remember with the headache this time was before it i ate a twirl chocolate bar, and it is a pretty rich chcoloate, im wondering if that could have been a trigger? so i will give it a week or so and try another one, just to rule that out.
I just read a bit of your post again and i have exerienced a lot of lightheadedness as well.
Thanks for listening.
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