Migraines for 3-4 weeks, body not responding to any medications, please help!

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   Posted 5/27/2011 1:45 PM (GMT -6)   
I have had migraines every day for almost 4 weeks. They have escalated in the past week. I have gotten migraines in the past (1-2 a month, if that) and usually I can take 1 Excedrin Migraine pill and it will be gone in 10 minutes!

What I am experiencing now is COMPLETELY different than that. The migraines do not respond to any over the counter meds. I've given up on them. My PCP gave me Imitrex and that either didn't work at all or made it worse, cause it got worse. I ended up in Urgent Care and the doc there said I should see a Neurologist for a CT scan. He also gave me percocet. I haven't taken percocet since I had my baby in December. When I took it in December, it would make me sleep and got rid of the pain. I took the percocet when I got home from the Urgent care and it was like I didn't take anything. I took another 4 hours later and it still did nothing. Didn't even make me sleepy. That same night I didn't get a wink of sleep. It could have been a side effect of the Imitrex?

I am normally a person that is very sensitive to meds. I used to take one benadryl and I'd be asleep. It's like my body doesn't recognize that I'm even taking any meds.

I have heard about tolerance but I wouldn't think that would be the case since meds that I haven't taken in months aren't working at all, even new meds.

I had a CT with and without contrast today and it was normal. I also had blood work done which also came back normal.

The only thing I can think that it may be is a side effect or reaction to one of the meds I was on before. I was on Celexa and had it reduced. I've heard some nasty things can happen when you reduce or get off of it. I was also on Klonopin, which I haven't taken in some time and I switched from Nuvaring to a progestin-only pill, which I have also stopped taking.

The only meds I'm taking right now are the steroid, Dexamethason, which I started yesterday and Ambien to help me sleep since I've been dealing with some insomnia. The Ambien worked last night or I was so exhausted from the night before that I actually slept.

Any thoughts?

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   Posted 5/27/2011 7:18 PM (GMT -6)   
You said this headache is different. My Dr. said this time of year in the US has been the highest for allergies/ and sinus problems.

My guess is you have a combination headache. I can get migraines with tension headaches, migaines with sinus and allergies. I often have had to have a steriod shot and demerol. most hospitals don't even use demerol any more and i am super sensitive to anything morphine based.

I would suggest a couple things. 1. get real sudafed it is inezpensive but you have to buy it at the pharmacy counter
2. claritan or the generic lortadine you can find the generic at the dollar store sometimes both are inexepensive

I would since you are sens to meds ( i am not as much) I would first take the sudafed and take a hot shower, 30 minutes later take your reg. migraine med (if it is the excedrine with caffine not a butt load but a cup of hot tea or coffee or 8 oz of soda with caffine,, caN NOT be diet, aspartame and other fake sugars trigger migraines in a ton of people so do preservatives in food like lunch meats sodium nitrate will give me headaches. then lay in a dark room with an ice pack on the back of your neck and forhead and then before bed take a claritan.

I don't know all of your meds but the otc that i mentioned shouldn't have interactions with much of anything. but to be on the safe side if you take dozens of meds like me you can ask your pharmacist if sudafed or claritan would interact poorly with anything.

After having a migraine for that much time, you probably have a tension headache as well.

A script you may want to talk to your dr about is Midrin it is used in tension headaches but very good for a lot of people who get migraines. and it is a non narcotic. Hope this helps. There are tons of medications for migraines and i think i have taken them all . imitrex does nothing if it isnt' taken at the first sign of my headache and only the injections work for me. there is maxalt, axert (that worked good for me)

I also started taking prozac because migraines are caused by your brain not reading seritonin and prozac makes your brain read like a psuedo-seritonin. this would be for not rescue but prevention.. topomax, prevention um there are tons. most beta blockers which are used for high blood pressure also can be used but... i have really low diastolic so not good choice for me. After this start a food diary and see if there is anything triggering your headaches. remove an item for a week or two ...like dairy.. if it doesn't help add it back in and try removing chocolate or caffine. just suggestions. Hope you feel better soon.

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   Posted 5/27/2011 9:00 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks so much for all of the advice. I really appreciate it!

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   Posted 5/27/2011 9:38 PM (GMT -6)   
I usually deal my migraine headache by relying to analgesics especially if it is intense. Every time I can’t tolerate pain I experienced chest palpitations. Then I tried some natural remedy and it gave me a better healing. Of course, we don’t usually stop in looking for the best one until I met Paul (YM practitioner) and he did some sessions to me using the Yuen method. After the session, my pain starts to disappear. The healing was so effective because it comes through at the deeper level of my body. He clears the negative life experiences that I am holding on that cause my body to become weaker. The session was relaxing and I opened my eyes to some energy drains I was carrying around. I felt lighter after the session and generally become more positive. Now, I used Yuen method to achieve a much greater benefits.
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