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   Posted 6/14/2011 6:13 PM (GMT -6)   
confused  Hi,
I was in an auto accident in 11-2009, in 12-2010 I had neck surgery to remmove a bad disk sitting on my spine.  Before that I went thru a regiment of treatments and one problem was Migrains and head pressure from the nap of my neck up to mid skull. I took shots in my head etc... Since the surgery it calmed down for awhile, now it is back with a vengence.. My family doc has me taking a muscle relaxer at night but it does not seem to help.  I have a mild headache but not a migrane like before. I was told it was from hitting the head rest and it could possibly go away. does any one else have this problem?  I feellike my head is swimming sometimes!

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   Posted 6/15/2011 12:07 AM (GMT -6)   
A lot of people here have this "chronic head pressure", myself included.  It appears yours may have something to do with your car accident/surgery or an associated issue; I've never had anything like that happen.  Mine has lasted over 7 years and it's 24/7, but rarely with an actual headache, no actual migraines, and no head pain.  It's just a sensation of pressure that varies with intensity throughout the day, but never truly goes away--just very annoying and I can't concentrate half as well as I used to.
Try looking around and you'll find posts from other people with this problem.

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   Posted 6/15/2011 5:31 AM (GMT -6)   
Good morning,

Thanks, I looked a little last night will try again tonight after work. What is your pressure from?

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   Posted 6/23/2011 12:42 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your head problems, I too have something similar.
I cannot exactly date back to when I started to feel like this but now it is really starting to get me down, to a point where I feel asthough every single thing I do is affected by it.
I have recently been to the doctors for quite a few problems and it seems that all they can come up with is that I have severe anxiety. I, however, disagree and as I say, you know your own body, and you can just tell when there is something wrong. I know that there is something wrong.
I am 19, and in the process of stopping smoking. I have also recently just gone back on the contraceptive pill - Microgynon, and now I am on Yasmin. I know I can be quite the hypochodriac, but I seem to be able to control myself when I'm just "being silly and worrying over nothing". I have always had quite a fast heart rate and I am constantly aware of my bpm, however, within these last sort of 3-4 weeks or so I had an anxiety/panic attack - not sure what the difference is? and since then I have a scarily low bpm, so much so that I am constantly monitering it and I am absolutely terrified of fainting or anything of the sort. I also feel as though sometimes it gets so slow that it's just about to stop and this frightens the living day lights out of me, and causes me to have some sort of panic attack with slight hyperventilation, and a quickened bpm. I also gained this sort of pressured feeling in my head which started off as pains around both of my temples, a running pain just above my ear, and just random spurts of pain here and there. I now have a constant feeling of pressure inb my head from my eyes, up past my forehead, and all the way down to neck, which for me is very, very worrying. Yet again, I feel faint and i begin to get blurred vision, and a feeling of panic, so I have to sit down before I fall down. I try to describe this feeling as sort of head in the clouds, I feel as though I could just sit and stare emtionlessly at anything at sometimes I can feel my head start to fall with every beat - as in corresponding together. Sometimes, it gets so bad that I start to lose my breath and have a tight feeling in my chest, almost like you have trapped wind, or something that shouldn't be there.
I do have trouble sleeping too. My doc said he thinks I may be "a bit down" but the reason I have trouble sleeping is because once I notice that I am not feeling well, I instantly fear that I am going to die. Thus, going to sleep could mean not waking up, which terrifies me yet again, and when I feel my body start to relax, I sort of jerk myself awake beacuse I feel as though I am slipping away.
I have had blood tests for thyroid, general blood count and electrolytes which all came back normal so i know there's nothing wrong with my blood etc. I have also had my blood pressure taken several times which they say is always a little on teh high side, but my heart rate quickens when I know someone is taking it because I get nervous, I can't even get a regular heart rate to measure myself, but I can tell when it is less than a second per beat, and I wouldn't class myself as a particularly fit individual either. I am not overweight or anything, but I am in the process of stopping smoking, after 3 years on and off, so I assume I should be unhealthy rather than healthy enough to have such a low resting heart rate?
I have also just been referred to a Psychological Therapies group to see if I can reduce my anxiety levels. I haven't had any sessions yet as I waiting for an appointment but I find it very hard to believe that I could be the cause of all these symptoms?
Finally my periods are very irregular. I came of Microgynon about 7 months ago, and went on Cerazette, which disagreed with me and I came off after 3 days of taking it. My penultimate period lasted on average for 6-7 days which is normal for myself, then 2 weeks after I had a bleed for 2 weeks which wasn't a big amount but still out of the ordinary. 2 weeks after this, I had what seemed to be a normal period, but went on for 22 days, even whilst on the contraceptive pill, which then became worse after having intercourse. Doctors yet again put it down to sress.
Also, I do get some pain in the eyebrow region, which comes on it's own usually, but does worry me, as all of this does!
I do apologise for my incredibly long reply, but I am incredibly worried/terrified and I don't know what else to do! I try talking to people but they all think i'm being silly, and I'm fine.
If anyone has/had anythiing similar to anything please do reply, I am desperate to know what is wrong with me, and the doctors won't send me for a CAT scan or anything of the sort as now apparently 1% of all cancers are due to unnessecary radiation.
Somebody please, please help!
Thank you!
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