headache for last 8 months pls help!

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   Posted 6/26/2012 1:53 PM (GMT -6)   
I hav this headache since 8 months!I am not able to sit in front of the laptop and work.I get up in the morning ..will be fine for half an hour and then my head feels heavy throughout the day. I have been taking anti depressants like proteidin , quitpin,serlift and inderol . ..have tried almost all the tablets for this headache to go but haven't been lucky. Got an MRI done...neurologist said I'm stressing my brain too much and it might be migrane...tried the tablets he gave me....not working!the initial months were horrible...I just used to get up ,hold my head and cry..I'm just trying to come out of depression..trust me its hard!!!I feel like I'm pyshically challenged coz I'm not able to do anything that I want becoz of the headache. I got my eyes checked..everything is alright..only if I am in contact with light my head hurts more. If I think about something it gets worse!!!Feel that my folks are fed up looking at my state..please could someone help me out by sayn what's wrong with me!!

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   Posted 7/2/2012 9:21 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm not sure that anyone can diagnose what is wrong with you on this site, I am new to it as well. But I can tell you that I have been suffering from Migraines since I was 15 years old. I suffer from Chronic headaches as well. I have found what triggers most of my headaches and migraines so I know what to avoid now and what to do in the event one starts. I am not on the medicines that you are on so that may be one step to look into. It could be a side effect of your medicines. I can tell you what I do that helps..

It's the old cliche I know.. but water is very important to your body. Drink lots of water and if you feel a headache coming on.. drink a cold glass of water right then. Limit your caffeine. Switch to decaf coffee or tea and eliminate soda from your diet completely. Even diet. Food is a key into headaches and how your body feels. Most foods on todays market is processed and contains harmful things that your body does not need. Try to buy frozen or fresh veggies instead of canned. Limit your salt and use Sea Salt for seasoning and other fresh herbs.

Exercise is also very important. It is hard to get up the first couple of times and do it but it does make a HUGE difference. Even with the headache, try walking in the cool morning or evening for a mile or what you can do to start with. Talk with your doctor first of course. But getting up and moving is crucial. The more sleep you get past the normal 8 hours the more your head can hurt. The onset of a migraine is generally precluded by symptoms.. if your vision gets blurry or if you have an aura.. spots in front of your eyes. Ringing in your ears, nausea. At that point, I make a cocktail of ibuprofin, tylenol and caffeine.( A regular coke at this point would be fine or caffeine pills) Its the same ingredients as Excedrin for Migraine and it works. I have tried the migraine medicines and they just didn't help me. I also take nightly, vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Fish Oil, and Acai Berry Pills which are all natural and are antioxidants for your blood. Look up the benefits of taking them. They help me tremendously.

To get rid of the headaches, you have to change your life style. If you are sedentary you need to get up and out more, watch the foods you eat and keep a diary of what you eat so that when you get a migraine you may have a clue as to what triggered it. Exercise will help with more than just the headaches, it will also help with the depression. Your body needs the Endorphins that exercise releases. I haven't had but one migraine this year... but I have had a lot of normal headaches simply because I have been so busy that I haven't been able to eat as healthy as I normally do. Wedding cake, cookies, etc.. sugar is ok in limited amounts.. but not everyday. There is sugar in almost everything you eat that is bought processed. Watch your diet, drink plenty of water and try to exercise more. Take the natural supplements. I also take probiotics as well. All natural and it has helped me so much. I know what you are feeling, but you have to take back control of your body.. Good Luck to you. I hope this wasn't too cliche but there is no magic pill to get rid of headaches for good. It's all in how you take care of your body, if there is no underlying medical condition of course. I now run, take martial arts, and lift weights among others. I never used to be so active but I had to get proactive or live in misery. I still have other issues that I am waiting for my MRI results on, but headaches is one thing I am very familiar with. I am now 35 so 20 years of it. Good Luck to you.

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   Posted 7/4/2012 8:46 PM (GMT -6)   
I have had a chronic headache (mild traumatic brain injury) since a motor vehicle accident in '95 (air-bag injury). I have experienced great help through the implanting of neurostimulators ... initially took my headache pain from a daily pain level of 7-8-9 to a 2-3-4.

Suffering from a chronic headache is debilitating and affects so much of ones life. Unfortunately within the last three-four years there has been more break through pain and last Sept. gained great help through the use of a Beta Reset ... in Colorado. A PHD physician told me about it when I was checking out neurobiofeedback. Amazing technology ... non-invasive, but truly works.

I hope you can check it out. Before the neurostimulators, I went from 9 drugs to NO drugs. Also you might check out MHNI which is an accredited headache clinic in the US. They too are now using the neurostimulators as a last resort if nothing else helps. Hope this gives some things to check out ...

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   Posted 7/10/2012 1:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Have you tried IMITREX? Imitrex is prescribed for the treatment of a migraine attack with or without the presence of an aura visual disturbances, usually sensations of halos or flickering lights, which precede an attack. If you are constantly having this headaches its probably because you have Migraine and its not just a simple headache so go to the D.R and check that out and if this is the case try the medication i told you. I hope it works for you :)

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   Posted 7/10/2012 6:13 PM (GMT -6)   
In my experience with many years of chronic
Headaches all of the advice given here sounds
Really good. However.. The MOST important
Thing for ME was to get rid of the headache
Completely! This was usually only accomplished
By a CARING ER physician.
Of the countless prescriptions I've tried
It usually takes a combination of medications
To completely get rid of my headache.
Dilaudid, toradal, Valium, compazine, Topamax
IV fluids and oxygen worked for me but it
Took a determined doctor to say "I don't
Want you to leave until you are 100% pain
Free" if you can break the cycle and then learn to
Avoid the "triggers" you should on you're way
To healing. Just don't give up, complain until
It hurts and someone will hear you!
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