Chronic headache and head pressure

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   Posted 7/18/2012 4:40 AM (GMT -6)   
HELP!!!!! Im literally going out of my mind and my life is slowly crumbling around me due to these relentless migraines and headaches.
I have always suffered from headaches but over the past 3 years they have got progressively worse now resulting in a constant every day issue. I wake up with 99% of them. I can go to sleep with a headache and wake up with the same one. I can go to sleep with no headache and as soon as i open my eyes my head is beating with pain. I get weak, and extremely tired with them. Its always in the 1 spot in between my eyebrows. I just feel generally unwell with them. they can last for days and days. On the days i feel lucky enough not to have this which is approx 2 a week if im lucky i always have a sense of fullness and a very dull distant headache. My head pounds like a heart beat as if i have high blood pressure of which i havent. I have been on pitzofen didnt work, 2 different doses of ammitryptaline of which didnt work just made me really sluggish, propanolol of which do absolutley nothing and when my doc told me just to double my prescription on the 3rd day of doing so i was constantly in floods of tears, itching and felt extremely sick so went back to my original dose. Sumatriptan has been extremely effective but is getting less and less effective the more i use it and i can only take it 3 times a week to prevent rebound headaches and so im still left at work for the remaining days of not being able to take it feeling like death. Sumatriptan has now started to wear off after a few hours and on some days doenst really work at all. I have had a CT scan of which came up clear. I have had a months dose of antibiotics for a sinus infection as i was convinced this is what it was, due to the pressure i was feeling in my head but did nothing. I have borrowed money off a loan shark to pay for botox of which stopped the migraines and i felt i have hit the jackpot for a few days but i am now left with a constant distant dull headache. The intense migraines only happen once a week now of which is still a pain but i am more than happy with this compared to before. Also I have an intense headache, different to the migraines which comes and goes throughout the day. Very crazy and wierd. i wake up feeling ok and think YES this is gonna be a good day only to get this headache that just comes and goes throughout the day!!!! It can be on one side and move to the other after a nights sleep. I am also getting (daily-ish) sharp stabbing pains in head and face. Like someone sticking a needle through my head for a split second and some of them can be that painful i flinch. I get these in my head all over from the forehead to the top at the back, in my eyebrows, behind my eye, in my cheek bone, my jaw and the bone behind my ear. I am also now left with this feeling of which is now more intense of feeling like my head is going to pop!!! A feeling of extreme pressure in my head and the top of my nose. I feel like ive being standing on my head for about an hour. I have an appt with a neurologist next week of which i have waited 2 months for but im petrified he's going to sned me away and not get anything sorted and i can't go on like this. I am literally on the brink. I am very close to looseing my job due to the time off i have.....although they can't fire me for being ill and they are wonderful people to work for but theyre just frustrated with me never being in relationship is crumbling....he is frustrated as we can't do naything, can't plan to do anything in case i get my headaches and i spend all my free time when im not working in bed and he's literally just had enough as i have. can anyone please help with any advice or just anything as i am literally on the edge here.

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   Posted 7/26/2012 11:45 PM (GMT -6)   
You must go through all of the tests, MRI with contrast and without, CT, all the blood work you can do, spinal tap etc. You must get to the bottom of it.

In the meantime drinks tons of water, ice packs, sleep as much as possible, use earplug's and eye masks, cold showers, keep you head cool. Fruits and vegetables.

I have had constant headaches and still have them today. The only thing that helped is a strict diet, exercise, sleep, water and swimming.

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   Posted 12/20/2012 6:45 PM (GMT -6)   
Your headaches sound very similar to mine!! Have you had any relief yet? I saw a neurologist this week. He said migraines, even though I have basically had a headache for 4 months!! I Did have a ct. And am waiting for MRI. Seven month waitlist here...

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   Posted 12/20/2012 9:12 PM (GMT -6)   
Sorry Everyone, I am new. I have been dealing with migraines for 33yrs. Once I was on birth control it got massively worse. I have been on every drug known to man. I have found a few that I am allergic to also I have tried botox and had a bad reaction to it.
I understand how everyone is feeling, I have been on every diet known on top of it I have several medical issues, PCOS, Depression, Fibromyalgia and others. I had a hystorectomy back in 2001 due to Uterine Cancer, I have been dealing with a Migraine for 2 yrs straight. I actually went to a new Neuro Dr today who right off the bat said I cant help you. I gave him the list of everything I have tried what I am allergic to. I have not done Spinal blocks and I will not do them I refuse.
Back in 07 I was sent in for a Spinal Tap and it was the most traumadic experience in my life. It took 3 Doctors 6 times to try and get fluid. I was stuck in a room by myself and I walked out with a massive migraine and all they told me was to go home and lay down. 2 days later I was back in the ER and the only thing they said they can do is a blood clot on the leak in my spine. I went crazy, I was like NO NO NO I couldnt handle it at all. I went for 14 days with a massive migraine.
about 2 years ago I applied for Disability. My lawyer was amazing he went all the way back to 1992 to prove my migraine issues, finally after 2 yrs of denials n things I finally went to court after the appeal, the judge was mad because it took so long for me to get disability and asked why I was going through all that to be approved because I should have been approved right off the bat.
My last trial of medications was the new injection of DHEA, it lasted for a day and the headache was back. The amount of money I have put into medications has been close to 250,000$ since they started. I was on birth control that made them 100x's worse. I have been placed in the hospital and gone through a detox of all medications.
I have done Topamax which in my eyes is the worst medication on the market. when it 1st came out my Dr was like lets try this, I was like great I cant wait maybe this will work I was so happy to try something that had high expediencies to work. I took it for 3 months, I lost 45 lbs, I could not eat , drink or get out of my bed. My mood swings were awful my kids and x thought I was worse than that chic linda blair with her head spinning.
On top of it when I finally got off it I have now have seizures, which I NEVER had before I took the medications.
I do know a few of my triggers, which is of course perfumes, Cig Smoke, Sage, the weather changing more than 9 degrees in a day.
I have done the taken a diary of my intake of food and things I have done daily.
I have NO relief. At one point I was on a pain patch everyday and taken Vicoprofen every 4 hours.
I have NOTHING right now. I just deal. I can have a headache daily and it just changes daily the insistently. I can wake up at a 9 and be a 30 by the end of day.
I am waiting now to get into a new specialist, I have been to the point that the neuro transmitter is my only chance now but paying for it is another story.
I have suffered from Migraines Since I was 6 yrs old.
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