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   Posted 12/10/2012 11:45 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey guys. I've been having migraines (without aura) and headaches for about 10 years. I am 25 years old. I realized that for a long time I didn't know why I felt so awful as I couldn't put it into words when I was young. The frequency of my migraines vary greatly. I can have one for every day for two weeks straight and sometimes go a full month without one. I haven't been able to identify many triggers. The only ones I have identified are: not getting enough sleep, crying, skipping meals and possibly menstrual cycles. I do have a great deal of anxiety and stress but from reading I've learned they are not causes of migraines or headaches. Coffee seems to be the best preventative for me. I take a variety of vitamins. I eat very well and I'm a vegetarian. I MUST eat on the same schedule and always have to have snacks in between or I will get a migraine.

I am afraid to see a doctor because I have reacted horribly to just about every medication I've ever taken other than aspirin. Examples: Tylenol makes me puke something awful for hours. Benadryl causes me to hallucinate... as well as cold meds. All other pain meds give me unbearable nausea. I was once prescribed an anti nausea medication when I had the flu and it caused me to vomit more than 120 times within 48 hours (my mom counted). I should also add that birth control pills caused me to be delusional to the extreme and also gave me the worst mood swings (I tried 5 different kinds). So as you can see.. I have a reason to be terrified of meds. Also, I took a children's dosage of most of these so I know the dosage is not the reason I had the terrible reactions.

How do I find a doctor who deals with migraines? Can anyone help with that? If I did go.. what can I expect from my first visit?

Migraines run in my family. Sadly, my mother is the only one who can sympathize when I have one. Nobody else believes me or thinks it's as bad as I say it is. They can see me throwing up, crying, unable to open my eyes and still, they just don't get it. The lack of support from everyone really grates on my nerves to be honest. It may sound stupid but I actually stopped being friends with someone because every time I canceled plans because of a migraine, she'd tell me to lay down for 30 mins, drink a glass of water and INSIST I would be 100% better. That plus her whining to me that she had a "terrible migraine" yet she'd go on the computer, go shopping and go about her day like normal. I felt as though I was being patronized. I feel frustrated when people tell me they have a migraine and then act 100% fine. NO, that's not a migraine!!! I've had pain so terrible that just lying down on the pillow was painful.

Basically, I am just angry. I know MANY people live with them daily and I'm very very fortunate to not have it that bad. At the same time, I'd like my life back. I've been getting them pretty bad lately. I've had to lay down in misery instead of doing things that I'd be waiting to do for months. :( So many holidays and special occasions have been ruined due to my migraines. I do not work for many reasons but it's scary to think that if I needed to one day, these migraines would prevent me from doing so.

I hallucinate during migraines? Is this common? I also get SEVERE paranoia... to the point of hiding on the closet floor because I think people are trying to hurt me. :( Oh boy that sounds ridiculous but in the moment there's no convincing me otherwise. :( I understand it's hard for anyone to deal with me when I'm like that. I'm sure it's irritating and frustrating for them too. I feel really awkward explaining all of that to a doctor. I feel they may write me off as some crazy person and not actually realize this is only from the migraine. My speech is also slurred, I forget words and how to simple things such as pouring a glass of water. :( I am SO sensitive to light.

Well, there's my story. :/

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   Posted 12/13/2012 10:50 AM (GMT -6)   
It sounds to me like you need a full evaluation from a neurologist. You can call their office and ask if they treat migraines. Just make sure you do as told by the dr or you'll never know what could have helped. Explain to the dr your issues with medications.
Just as an aside, just because someone's migraines aren't as severe as yours don't mean they aren't migraines. I have severe migraines but I have to ge things done cause I have 2 small kids. Migraine or no my kids need to be cared for so I push through it. Try to not judge other people if it seems like their migraines aren't as severe as yours. There are many types of migraines. Try to be supportive.
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   Posted 12/14/2012 12:00 PM (GMT -6)   
I agree, go and look at neurologists in your area and call them and see if they specialize in migraines. Then make a list of all the medications you've had a reaction to and list the reactions this will help your doctor work withing with you to get you on a medication that mmight help.
Many many well wishes and I hope you can find relief, I'm very sensitive to light that my eye doctor gave my a script, which I had specialized sunglasses made and I wear them at night when we have to go out as headlights hurt me to, look into getting specialized sunglasses made for yourself they can help and reprogram your tv's and adjust the brightness controls on your computer as well, this does help.
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