in compete control of my CH Cluster headaches

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I posted on another forum sight and made a mistake and called it a cure OOOPS

I should have indicated that with no med`s, Co or other influence i concurred my Cluster Headaches.

I withdrew my post from the last sight for i found it not so much to be a support group and the posts replying to mine were uninformed and some what hurtful, you will understand when you read on, I would like to say i personaly am very pleased with the results, and in complete control of my ch.

Dear headache afflicted people and those who know someone afflicted with sever head pain.

My name is Falco Mueller

In the early day of my life I was afflicted by this pain I was in grade 7 when this horrible pain developed in the right side of my head, face eye and shoulder, It is difficult to describe for there was nothing worse than this pain I could compare it to ma-by burning in a fire is somewhat akin, as best I can describe it is a steady pain starting in the right side of the face, the right eye starts to tear and a dull pain starts in the right shoulder as the pain progresses to the point of utter sobbing, screaming and wanting for death until 45 or so min later it abruptly stops and all is good except for a sense of personal violation perhaps. All can be good for several hours ma-by up to a day, it can come back at any time day or night waking up from a sound sleep in sever pain, I have had days where I was afflicted up to 14 times in the day with a duration of approximately 45 long each.
Doctors could not help me, they described my affliction as Migraine headaches , Migronus neuralgia and cluster headaches, and for 13 years they tried to help by providing me with a large and numerous amount of pharmaceuticals with no positive results, pain killer type of med like Tylenol 3 made absolutely no difference Evan at overdose levels of 8 T3s at one time.
Anyway any one afflicted with this need no more details than what I described and I will get on with why I am writing this letter.
I have cured myself at the age of 24 years and lived without this pain for 10 years, at the age of 35 I started to get this pain back, I knew how to cure it but I wanted to approach a doctor so that I could help illuminate the cause I had the proof in my body and I wanted them to find and verify the cause. well in short order the doctors I approached wanted my medical credentials for they we unwilling to listen to me and made there displeasure known to me that I was not qualified to give my opinion or advice.
I gave up and cured my self again I am now 52 years old and as of 2 weeks ago I started getting the pane again but I found that there was a precursor to the on-slot and that is what doctors describe as restless leg syndrome (a feeling like your feet are hot soon after bedtime and a shaking or vibration motion or actually cooling the feet and legs alleviates the discomfort)
So now down to the nity grity , I am writing this now because I have the reminder so long forgotten
and the knowledge that so many people are afflicted from this horrible pain and I want to help.
you want to know how to cure yourself and this is what I found.

I found that I had a small piece of feces stuck in my rectum area just inside the sphincter and would not come out during normal bowl movements, forcing hard to evacuate this caused it to block and if forced at hard enough would partially come out then as I relax from exhaustion it creep back inside so I purchased and enema device and some surgical rubber gloves and stubbornly proceeded to dig, push this out of me all the wile giving myself small amounts of fluid up my rectum so I had something to force against internally with, also it seemed to help cleanup fragments and so on I found that the piece was very offensive in Oder so if you smell something offensive it is probably what you are looking to get rid of. I just completed this for the 3rd time in my life and it still works and now for me no more restless leg or head pain.

i might need to clarify my self somewhat, i am usually quite regular my self but what i found did not seem to be affected by roughage, x lax, or prune juice for i have tried this, it was the best way i can explain it is akin to a pocket of skin where feces is deposited forcing bowl movements seem like filling the pocket the harder i tried the deeper into the pocket it is forced, now i`m not cretin if there is actually a pocket in there or not.
the only way i could get it out was to insert my finger feel around inside most of it felt very soft and supple at the same time i started to push as tho i was have a bowl movement as i did so i felt a hard nodular like small mass touching my finger i had to move it around pushing it, moving it side to side and so on all the wile keeping a steady force like having a movement for if relax it pulls back up inside me out of reach of my finger, this is where the enema comes into play, it is not so much the flushing i used it for but something for me to push with, i did not use a large amount of liquid maby a liter or so but it made it much easier to apply and hold the abdominal pressure i required to hold the nodule at a location i could reach with my finger so i could manipulate it, it took quite a bit of effort to remove this the first time when i discovered this 30 or so years ago this time it was a bit easier, i would like to be clear i do not personalty use the enigma as a daily weekly monthly or even yearly cleansing i used it as a tool to help me apply the pressure i required, I felt that trying to do this may have caused an annurisum for it required a lot of effort without it.

I hope this clears things up for you a bit and i`m not certain this will help you all i can say is it made a world of difference to me and a way better quality of life.

I understand the reluctance of people to consider what I have described, believe me I’m not found of doing this to myself ether but at the time I only had 4 choices, the first of which is to just live with it as my last doctor suggested to me I will describe the other 2 choices that I did not relay to you for it is a treatment of the symptoms instead of solving the problem
The first one is a visit to and old chines man that provided acupuncture treatments out of an old house in downtown Vancouver, He inserted needles in my right hand,forearm,shoulder area, upper and middle back. This is the first time any treatments had an effect on the pain, I was driving home and I started to get the pain back, I looked for a Quiet place to pull over for I could not drive when afflicted with this pain as the pain progressed into a full blown episode to my surprise the pain kept increasing to a point of disbelief it got so much worse than I could ever believe or imagine and all the rest of the day and night it was so, I immediately contacted this man for another appointment for the morning, I described what had happened and proceeded to tell him about the ever nagging lower back pain that is constantly associated but brushed of as a back problem and requested him to insert needles a bit lower on my back if he thinks that is OK, he once again inserted needles as before but included 2 more, on in the lower back and one at the top of the gluteous (i`m sorry I don’t know what to call it but you get the idea)
This time on the way home the headache started again but I could not find a place to pull over and decided to push on for as long as I could, this time the pain was different and in a very positive manner, I managed to get home and from that point on for almost 8 months I no longer had headaches, what a wonderful thing to happen.
During this time I managed to obtain work and I had to relocate to a small town in B.C. Called Kitimat all was excellent for many month’s but as it goes all good things come to an end eventually and I started to get them again but as irony is acupuncture was not a medical option in those days so the only option presented by the doctor in Terrace was to try low level electric shock therapy, he placed a wet cloth electrode at the top of my neck and the other one on the right gloot then started a pulsating electrical current for about 15 min, this helped very much but the results were short lived but good enough to complete the job I had.
To finalize my post through the time I had relief of pain I realized that the way I was having bowl movements was not natural and I might have just considered this to be the way it was suppose to be and not an issue (when you live with something long enough it becomes a moot point and the way it is suppose to be and feel) now I know this feeling was wrong which led me to pursue actions on my first posting and now I know what it is suppose to be like and feel like.

Thank you all for your consideration and I hope that this helps you make your decision what ever it might be.

Good luck and Best wishes to you all Falco Mueller My final post,now you know all that I know..
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