Kind of worried but maybe not really?

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   Posted 7/28/2013 10:17 PM (GMT -6)   
I know the title sounds funny. let me explain.

when i was around 12 or so for about 3 years. everyday i would have these headaches that would come and go all day. i would get maybe 4 bad stints of pulsing pain on the left side towards the base of my skull. i remember them well. i thought i wasn't normal. then all the sudden they vanished.

i'm now 30 going on 31 and the only time i would get a headache of this same feeling and nature was when i was studying (not sure why there), when i was stressed (extremely) and when i was hung over (who doesn't)

but they would go away and never return until i did one of the mentioned above.

however last weekend on sunday i learned of some news. and i really got pissed. so pissed i couldn't even fall asleep i went to bed at 1am and didn't fall asleep until 7am all i could do that night was think and think. until i suddenly got a dull headache. it went away but on tuesday its now sunday. i've had these reoccurring headaches of pulsing nature in the same spot off and on all week long. i'd say on a scale of pain 1-10 its about a 6

however its strange if i stretch out my neck left to right up and down and just take some deep breaths. the pain subsides almost instantly and it will be that way for several hours. its been getting better i went almost the whole day (today) without incident.

also when i'm standing and moving around at my job working pulling freight i don't have any pain its only when i slouch and relax so to speak when the pain really shoots through my brain. essentially when i have down time and have a moment to 'think' about it. all the sudden it creeps up on me like a snake in the grass. but as quick as it comes i may experience 10 minutes maybe 15 minutes of level 6 pain and then it leaves me just like that. maybe my brain is letting me know i need to get my act together. i dunno i feel this is happening for a reason. some kind of punishment.

and one other thing when i put pressure on the back of my neck on the side that doesn't hurt i feel nothing its just me pressing down on my neck. but when i press down on the other side of my neck. i can literally feel the pulsating headache inducing pain shoot through me like a bullet and the pain goes right up to say an 8 nearly instantly. take the pressure off. goes back to a 6. stretch out my neck left right up and down. pain subsides nearly instantly.

now i'm worried because i don't want to be like this forever. but at the same time i've ruled out anything serious because if it was a brain tumor i don't think a cancerous growth cares how you stretch your neck. i also don't have any sensitivity to light, noise, no sickness no anything. just pain plain and simple.

any ideas what's up? should i go see a chiropractor? maybe i pinched a nerve or something. i'm looking for some relief or hoping it just comes as suddenly as it came.

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   Posted 7/29/2013 3:31 PM (GMT -6)   
i just wanted to post an update.

today i haven't really focused on my headache i've been enjoying my day despite it all. working. washing my car etc.

i had one attack right when i woke up. lasted maybe 10 minutes of level 6-6 1/2 pain. then it subsided. and i haven't had an attack since. not even residual pain. this is a massive improvement over the start of this ordeal. because i would get several attacks throughout the day. maybe 4 or more. of level 6-7 pain for about 5-15 minutes at a time.

i notice that the attacks tend to start however when i'm sitting down reading the computer screen. or looking at my phone. i tend to get a small throbbing feeling with a very small amount of pain. maybe a 1 or 2 on the scale. and then if i continue to read it'll go full blown pain.

i dunno if this is a vision problem but its possible. I've not been to the eye doctor for awhile since he diagnosed my eye pressure problem with as sinus buildup.

also before the pain sets in. if i stand up and walk around and just be active the headache will subside before it even gets going.

i'm about 70% sure this is posture issue and 30% sure it could be a vision problem. I need to see an eye doctor anyway its been at least 3 years. maybe longer. and i failed the self eye exam test as well.

i'm going to keep updating this thread regardless of replies because i know the medicine in reading about others 'adventures' through things like this and it really does help to know there are others out there who are suffering just like you.

EDIT: i also want to add. i don't really like to take pain killers. so 95% of the time i get these attacks i just bear it all. and i push through it with self endurance and pain tolerance. HOWEVER when i do take painkillers half the regular dose of excedrin is more than enough to stem the tide. (so 1 pill, regular dose is 2 pills)

I also want to add. that even before i was getting these headaches for a week off and on constantly. EVERY TIME i would study for school. i would get the same type of headache. although it would only be maybe a 4 on the scale. it happened literally without fail.. read a book even in a well light room. boom headache. but i was able to read it fine so i never figured i had bad vision maybe just 'annoyed' that i was reading. also my area of study puts a lot of eye strain on me because my face is always either in a book or on the computer or deeply focused on careful precise measurements.

I dunno..

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   Posted 7/30/2013 4:14 PM (GMT -6)   
i just wanted to post another update. and hopefully this will be my last.

well after a just over a week of level 6-8 pain off and on. i noticed a correlation to the immediate onset of said migraine headache. it was when i was either sitting down, laying improperly or looking down slightly at a book/paper.

After speaking with somebody at work who experiences similar pain. She said that she had some serious neck stress and that her chiropractor told her she should sit upright try her best not to slouch and keep her head level with her shoulders when sitting, bending down or otherwise using the back muscles in anyway in conjunction with the neck.

well i'm happy to report that i have not had a single headache today other than this morning which was a level 7 headache on the scale i was literally stumbling over in pain. i smoked some marijuana to ease my anxiety and pain. i feel its a good holistic way of pain management instead of throwing pill after pill down my throat. However now i feel extremely sore around my shoulders and neck area. but i'll take soreness any day over a splitting headache.

if i don't update this thread anymore then I've rooted the cause and will take steps to easing the tension on my neck and shoulders. i do a lot of lifting and i have been doing it all willy nilly not really paying any regard to the stress I've been placing on myself. sometimes lifting 150 + pounds worth of stuff.

i'm about 85% sure this is the problem. because i actively all day today monitored my posture. making sure to keep head up straight shoulders back. and keeping my head even with my shoulders even when bending. and the results were ZERO headache pain. slight tension muscle tightness around shoulders and left side of neck. best way to put how that felt is having a workout and you feel sore the next day.

wish me luck!
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