4 month chronic migraine, scared/anxiety/depression/near crisis

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   Posted 12/27/2013 2:42 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello everyone, thought I'd come here because reading some of the posts here has made me feel alot less alone. I've been suffering from chronic migraines for three months now and am nearly to the point of a nervous breakdown. My social life is nearly crumbling because I don't want to leave the house and get hit with a wave of pain and I'm also getting hit with them at work. I had a similar wave of migraines in march, but they resolved in June, and I had a MRI done then which came back clear. My GP has since reviewed that MRI and claimed he doesn't think another is necessary, but it makes me nervous because I fear it could be something worse, and I've been having random episodes of being woken up in the middle of the night by my headaches, with my head throbbing and horrible nausea, but unable to throw up. This never happened before and it makes me nervous and scared as it just happened a second time last night. Additionally about a month and a half ago food I was eating started to effect my headaches, so I started changing my diet.

I was seeing a neurologist but every appointment I had was under 5 minutes in and out with him prescribing me fioricet and doing small tests for any serious warning signs, he was refereed by my old GP, and I don't intend to return back to him.

My GP means well but none of the medicine he prescribes seems to work. He put me up to 100 mg of Topmax but I made it clear to him yesterday I didn't think Topamax was working at this point and I wanted something new. At my appointment yesterday He in a month's time if the headaches don't resolve he's going to set up a new neurologist for me, but i don't know how i can take another month of pain like this. I tried to call the headache specialist in the metro area of where I live and it seemed to be a big hope spot but I was instantly shot down when the receptionist said they aren't accepting new patients, only research participants for their case studies, making me even more depressed. Making matters more down for me I called some neurology places and they wouldn't take me without a referral from my GP, which I guess should be expected, but this was 8 am and I had 4 hours of sleep in me and on the verge of crying, so please cut me some slack, I was just wishful some pleasant office would offer to invite me to come in this afternoon before I had to work tonight...

Possibly the worse thing is my anxiety is driving me insane in the fears that all the medicines being non-responsive are saying it could actually be something like cancer and my headaches are just a symptom or we're overlooking something. I've burned through so many drugs(nearly all the triptans) and steroids and ibeprofin and excedrin don't even work it makes me a nervous wreck to the highest level, but my GP or Neurologist don't even seem to bat a eye at this. I'm also growing increasingly depressed by the sheer amount of pain i'm in, I work in a fun enviroment and the fact I'm in pain everyday makes me even more depressed, I don't know what to do and I don't know how I'm going to continue to cope with this. My parents and girlfriend go back and forth from being supportive from being irritated like i'm hamming up the pain, but really I can't do much. There will be hope spots where it feels like I'm doing good then it suddenly drops back down again.

So at the current time, here's what medication/Vitamins I'm taking daily
Topamax - 100 mg x2
Fish Oil
Vitamin B

Additional Things
-Cut Soda From Diet
-Seeing Chiropractor(yeilding no results for headaches)
-Had MRI done(8 Months Ago)
-Excercise Daily

Sorry for ranting too much or anything, I've just become at wits end with all this. I should also add on a personal level this is my favorite time of the year and all my favorite holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, My Birthday, Christmas, and Surely New Years) were all ruined by these headaches. sad

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   Posted 12/28/2013 1:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Bless your heart. The chemical components of migraine also affect depression, and pain with no relief certainly causes depression. I'm right there with you. Nothing is working. Fioricet is like taking M&Ms for this kind of pain. I don't know what to do, either. This kind of healthcare disinterest and run around is only going to get worse in the New World Order beginning in 2014.

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   Posted 12/28/2013 4:28 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks, Last night I ended up going to the ER for my headaches and they did a C/T scan and bloodwork, both of which came back clear. They also gave me a shot of something(can't recall the name) which instantly made me nearly knocked out completely and made my headaches go away and made the 3 hour wait in the office worth it. I think I might be able to have my headaches under control a bit more hearing both of those test results, and I'm hoping to see a therapist for my depression/hypochondria as well.

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   Posted 12/30/2013 11:50 AM (GMT -6)   
Bless, I'm glad that they were able to stop your head ache, but I totaly empathise with you. Its very difficult when you start of with migraines at a later stage of your life and I don't think people understand the full extent of the crippling affect it has on your daily being.
Mine started 4 months ago, I don't necessarily have headaches, I was seen once by the neurologist, tossed back to my GP who basically told me to take a break from my work! it took me 2 months to recover, it was that bad, and I am still recovering. I get slurred speech and still suffer from a lot of fatigue and those are the main factors of my migraine. My big migraine attacks are when I do get a headache also like last night at work. It wasn't fun, it just suddenly came on, I was with a client and had to leave lest my slurred speech start and he think I was drunk! which would have had serious implications! I handed over to my colligues, who have been absolutely great. People at work have been great and very understanding, I'm still waiting for them to get tired of me being sick and just turn around and fire me. But apparently they are still happy with my work despite the fact.

I was in a lot of despair until 2 weeks ago and I too kept thinking that even though i was told that migraines are more than just a head ache, after that first diagnoses, no one has taken the time to sit and explain and reassure me that these constant headaches, this contstant fatigue, this personality change, this stuttering and slurred speech is all migraines. ITs my life and its going to take six months to a year for me to take control. Im single, I'm alone, I have no family around me, so it will be harder for me, they should have offered me support, but they didnt. My GP just offered me meds after he realised it was chronic and that was it. I was going to peaces trying to patch my life back together, I was thinking the worst, thinking maybe they missed something, how could migraines be this bad? I climed kiliminjaro, I ran half triathalons, I was a fighter, and yet the harder I faught the more I dug myself into the ground untill I felt I could move no more. Thats what migraines do. My fatigue over took me and now I have to rehabilitate.
They have a Migraine charity here, I went and made an appointment with one of the migraine charities who have trained consultants and experts in this field. I had a 40 minute chat. It was quite enlightening. You see all the tests had already been done, but no one had sat and explained to me what to expect! as they are a charity I pay them what I can. He told me my fatigue WAS my migraine! I have three symptoms, headache, slurred speech and fatigue. I can have one, the other or all three together! And yup its like someone has reset my life, my personality has changed and I can literarily see it, its like Mr. hyde comes shortly after a major attack and god only help anyone whose around. No one told me this 4 months ago, those doctors suck, the GP sucks, I have to go search out a referral to a psychologist myself. Even there its not an easy task, I had one, but we didn't get along so I'm searching for a new one!

I Know i'm rambling on now, but the point being, this is the starting line for us two beign newbies in the migraine world. we have had our MRI's and our bloods, they know its nothing else. With me there is a history of migraine (though no one has what I do) and that's what they are blaming it on! so the fight starts now. I just think of it as another mountain to climb, and I just want to get off these damm meds because you know what, darn it, I'm still going to go for basecamp everest!

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   Posted 1/1/2014 2:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi everybody. I hope I don't come across as a know it all. I'm at a point in my life where I have found relief from chronic migraines. I'm hoping everyone can get some relief. I've had migraines since I was a teenager and I'm almost 60 now.
I was shocked to read DR's are still prescribing fiorinal/fioricet for migraines. rolleyes The treatment of migraines has progressed way beyond those M&M's yeah . I'm surprised I have a liver left after taking way to many of those things/for way to many years.
First things first: Find a neurologist who specializes in Migraine headache treatment.
Migraines are debilitating and you actually have a disability if they are chronic. A neurologist who works with patients like us all the time will help you with FMLA and
your employer, as you are protected by the ADA. With less stress at the job front, you can focus more on getting better.
I was put on Topamax and I hated every day of it. My fingers tingled, and at night my legs had spasms. Food tasted differently. I had more fatigue and articulation was a problem. My Dr. encouraged me to be patient, while she made adjustments to the dosage. She had books for me to read about understanding Migraines. (Here, I thought I had read them all) I started charting my migraines, my sleeping patterns, my eating habits. Exercise is important. Outdoors if you can. A brisk walk every day is the best thing a person who suffers from migraines can do for them selves (it's true).
So, I'm giving you the cliff notes version here. I've gone from chronic migraines to an average of 8 migraines a month. The migraines are less severe in intensity too.  If you can, don't give up on the topamax, it works. It takes time to balance out your brain. MOST people need 3 to 4 months. I needed slightly longer than a year. Was it worth it? turn Hell yeah!

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   Posted 1/1/2014 9:52 PM (GMT -6)   
Dada25,Ann & hurting,

Does anyone have suggestions for break thru the migraine pain as it literally stops u in your tracks?

Migraines can also be caused by eye issues. I have narrow eye glaucoma and it can cause migraines as Dada described. U may want to have your eyes checked. I went to emergency rm it was so bad. As they just sent me home. The next day my sight was doubled called my eye Dr. and sure enough we discovered it was narrow eye glaucoma. It's seems to run in the family.

Sometimes the barometric pressure due to weather change can cause my migraines to last for weeks. This year the arctic blast caused migraines , I try to stop them fast at the first sign. Webmd.com/ migraine

Also meds can cause migraines - a rebound effect. See online.

A neurologist needs all your background when migraines attack.
Keep a diary of them to help diagnosis. That's a big help.

Sometimes it's a hormone imbalance check for that , a simple blood test to check hormone levels. It's a easy adjustment with a low birth control pill can help.

All of the above has caused my horrible migraines. Foods never seemed to make a difference. Even chocolate was said to be a trigger. The dark chocolate is wonderful and has Caffine, always made me emotionally feel better. So I spent a long time wearing sunglasses while watching tv. For IMETREX I had to go to Canada in the 70's couldn't get it here then. It helped as injection available then only even any med that helps your break thru pain.

Hope this helps some of you. Migraines were a theme for artists paintings at the NEW YORK METRO ART Museum a few years ago.
A google search will show how pictures demonstrated how painful migraines can be for most of us.
"As long as there is breath there is hope, LIFE is a GIFT. "
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