NDPH ???? Could this be what it is?

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   Posted 4/12/2014 7:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello all. 
I have had a headache since 4 March 5, 2014- it is April 12, 2014.  I have had these "bouts" before and they last between a month to month and a half.  Onset is sudden and no known "reason" for it to discontinue.  Early on this time, after a couple days, I went to Emeregency Room and was given a IV with two meds (sorry can't remember the names- one makes you figitey, and the other I'm sure was an antinasuant), After leaving the headache was down not at the level it was- but it was not gone.  Since then it has gotten worse, and it subsides to a dull ache, and then it flares up again.  The nausea comes and goes.  Some days all sounds  are anoying, and other days smells.  I can sometimes manage it, in the sense that I dont retreat to my bed with gravol for the nausea.  I smear diclofenac or essential oils or muscle rubs on my forehead and neck, and in my hair if IM not having to go anywhere.  I havent missed any work- but only because I dont have enough sick time to take time off.   
I drink a pile of water a day so I know that I am not chronically dehydrated.  I do not sleep well at night due to post surgical pain.  Two weeks ago I woke with a stiff neck which took almost three days to subside to the point that it wasnt consantly painful.  I still wake at night with pain in the neck.  The headache is almost always present at waking.  I have recently had a full blood panel done and everything is A++++ according to my dr. 
Early on I was concerned that the headachje was a side effect of two Medications (cymbalta 60mg in AM for nerve pain, and 50-75MG Trazodone PRN at bedtime for sleep).  It was not as it was not immediate on starting the Trazodone.  THe neck stiffnmess was a concern to my pharmacist that it was seretonin syndrome, but my dr has ruled it as sleeping wrong.  (I still have the neck pains when I tip my head back or turn my head -ei- shoulder checking driving, and when I wake at night)  I have taken pillows away, added pillows changed which one I sleep on ect.
I found today cleaning my house that the headache increased with acitvity- bending, moving, twisting.  I was not lifting anything heavy, just bending down to move a carpet, washing walls, sweeping.  Generally when I have a headache I dont do much as I just feel crappy and no motivation.  I eat well.  Dont eat fast food and crap food.  I am actually following a low carb high protein diet, no sugars, no grains, no starches, no pop, only a couple cups of coffee a day.  I have been eating this way since September so its not the diet.  The previous bouts I was eating a "north american diet" (lol, aka whatever). 
recently I bought a blood pressure monitor to check randomly if its my bloodpressure thats causing it.  IT varies between a low low reading of 85/56 (I even checked my pulse after that one...) Aside from the low low reading it varies from the low of 92/62 and 116/69  pulse is averaged around 65.  According to all I've read those are good readings.
SO I guess what I'm asking of all you good people is does this sound like any of your symptoms? Was this what your onset was like.  Did you have a few bouts with no cause or cure.  DId anything help you more than others.  
As I believed that the first bout was cause by daily use of NSAIDS (as well as ulcer-like syptoms) I do not use naxproxen, and I use acetominophen very sparingly, and use ibuphrofen even less.  I do have Emtec (tylenol and codeine) as well as Flexeril(its new to see if it helped with neck pain).  In previous bouts I was taking Gabapentin or Lyrica in place of the Cymbalta.  
My dr has not came to the conclusion that it is NDPH, but it seems to fit.  I had a brain scan done after a past bout so they are not wanting to repeat it as no lesion or abnormalitys were noted. 
Thanks for your time.   

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   Posted 4/13/2014 3:54 AM (GMT -6)   
I don't know what NDPH is...

What does the pain feel like? Where is it located?

Have you seen a neurologist?

What meds have they put you on for preventing headaches and what for when you have the headaches?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get a better picture of what's going on.

Personally, I do not take narcotics for pain, they give me migraines. I know that is not real common, just thought I would share it with you.

Have you tried any physical therapy or anything for the neck pain? I know neck pain can sometimes cause headaches.

What about giving up the coffee? Some people are really sensitive to even a little caffeine?

And just a suggestion...when/if you go to ER, or get any meds, keep a journal of what the meds were and how they affected your headaches...to help with future treatment. (It gets so hard to remember otherwise).

I have had chronic migraines for several years. At first, they were just once and a while, then gradually increased to every single day. Finally went to a headache specialist, tried lots of different "rescue" meds and some preventative meds. Finally figured out a pretty good combination of preventative meds (Namenda, Baclofen, Verapamil), Botox injections every 3 months, and a rescue med (Naratripan) and anti-nausea drug (Zofran) for when migraines get bad. It has helped tremendously. Of course, different meds work differently for different people, but sometimes a whole mix of meds is needed to get things under control. I have also tried physical therapy, relaxation, ice packs, acupuncture--which all helped to some degree.

I hope I haven't overwhelmed you. Don't give up! It will get better.
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