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   Posted 7/20/2014 2:44 PM (GMT -6)   
I know there are hundreds of posts about Botox for migraines but I need a little more information & reassurance. I am a 21 y/o female living with chronic daily migraines. I have had a headache every single day since April 2013. My doc currently has me on 400mg Magnesium & 100mg CoQ10 which take the edge off the pain but nothing has been able to break the daily cycle (and I've tried EVERYTHING, trust me).

My final and "best" option is Botox. My doc says I'm a perfect candidate for it and that it should greatly help. Being young, Botox is a weird thing to think about getting, but if it can really help me then I'll give in. I am worried about it because 1. I have hyper mobility 2. I have debilitating anxiety (often agoraphobia) and 3. I am that "1 in a million" person that has horrible side effects with everything from meds to vitamins.

Of course I'm also anxious about the feeling/pain too. I get acupuncture weekly so is the sting similar to that? I'm afraid I will be one of those people that have horrible anxiety and panic attacks a couple days after the procedure (I can't believe how many people have had that problem). At least when i have bad side effects to a pill I can stop it and it will be out of my system in a week…. Botox is a toxin and stays in your body for months. Scary.

Please give me all your hope, prayers, and information as possible. I really appreciate it. I can't watch these golden years of my life slip out of my hands any longer. I need to be migraine-free.

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   Posted 7/20/2014 5:47 PM (GMT -6)   
I haven't had Botox so I can't tell you what it's like but I would love to hear your feedback on how it works for you. I have been able to get my migraines controlled with hormonal birth control and an antidepressant so I haven't needed to try Botox but i hope it works well for you!
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   Posted 7/20/2014 7:28 PM (GMT -6)   
Sorry that you are suffering so much. Have you read the recent posts about botox? There are quite a few on here and I have talked about my experience with it several times. I would encourage you to take a look at those.

I have been getting botox for migraines for over 1 1/2 years now, every 3 months. It has changed my life and saved my life. Migraines are SO much better, it's unbelievable. But it's true. I can't help you with the hypermobility issue, I don't know anything about that. But someone was talking about that on here recently, check out recent conversations. As far as the anxiety, if I were you I would: talk to your doc about your fears (it is not at all a really painful or scary procedure, although the thought of it may be, if you haven't had it done before), bring someone to your appointment that you feel comfortable with, they can help keep you calm, ask your doc about taking extra anti-anxiety meds just for that appointment, and breathe! The side effects thing, well, it is very rare, and it's something to discuss with the doc also. He/she can tell you about how rare side effects are and what the risks are. It is my understanding that the botox just stays wherever it is injected, it's not going to travel around your body and affect other areas. Don't know if it makes you feel any better, but I have never experienced any problems with the botox. I also get injections of botox in my bladder and right eyelid to decrease spasms (totally unrelated). Been doing that for years. Never an issue.

I think the worst part about botox is that is wears off. Then you have to have it repeated, which, quite honestly, is no big deal, just annoying. Some people freak out because sometimes the injections make it so the muscles that raise your eyebrows are affected. That happens to me. I do not consider it a problem, and hesitate to even call it a side effect, because it really has absolutely no affect on my life. The only thing it does/only time it gets talked about is when/if I tell a friend, just because i think it's funny. When I look in the mirror, if I try to raise my eyebrows, my eyes just get real wide, that's it. But no one can tell, it doesn't change your appearance, basically, it just doesn't matter!

As for the actual injections, they do sting a bit. The whole thing takes the doc less than 5 minutes, maybe more like 3 minutes. It's the same points every time, they do it rather quickly, the needles are very fine. A few spots sting more than others, but honestly, by the time you stand up and walk out the door, it's done. You cannot even see any marks or anything where the injections were. My doc offers patients the option of using a "cold spray" that supposedly decreases the stinging, but I never use it. The sting is so minimal, I do not at all find it necessary. Hmm...what else? Oh, sometimes the day after when I'm washing my hair, I notice a few tiny little spots where it feels like a super small bruise. Barely noticeable, just figured i'd mention it so that if you feel that you won't worry that something is wrong.

Botox has helped me to go from migraines literally every single day of my life, down to 2-3 mild/moderate migraines a month. The migraines I get now are much much much less severe and do not last nearly as long as the old ones did. Of course, I still take some preventative meds, and I have the "rescue" meds in case I do start getting a bad migraine. So, is botox worth it? 100% YES!!! I will choose to be nearly migraine free and put up with the little tiny bee sting like injections every 3 months any day of the week!! It has made a bigger difference in my life than I can ever explain. It's amazing.

But really, talk to the doctor....they will be able to give you all the info you want/need to know about risks, etc. They are very minimal. But the doc will be able to ease your mind, tell them you are really anxious. They can sort of talk you through the injections, telling you what to expect, what you will feel, when you will feel the next one, etc. I just close my eyes and breathe. I had it done last week, and i was really tired, I think if it had taken more than the few minutes it did, I might have fallen asleep. It is not bad. Not scary. I hope you don't let your anxiety get in the way of something that can help you tremendously.

Besides, with the botox, when you get old, you'll have the best looking forehead and scalp of everyone around (no wrinkles!)

I hope this helped. I didn't mean to go on and on so much. But if you have any further questions, anything at all about the botox, feel free to email me or reply on here. Good luck. A better life awaits.

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   Posted 8/1/2014 3:56 PM (GMT -6)   
Sunny13, thank you so much for your caring and detailed response. I am sorry I have not responded sooner because I have been feeling so ill but I really appreciate your post.

So I got the Botox last Friday, exactly a week ago, and just my luck- i got my PERIOD on the same day too. UGH. AWFUL! My period is finally over and most of the soreness from the Botox is better but I still have quite a bit of tenderness and stiffness in the back of my head/neck (making it difficult and uncomfortable for me to bend down). The combo of Botox & my period gave me such horrible migraines (worse than I've generally been feeling in the past several weeks). I am wondering if you (or anyone else who got Botox that sees this post) had the same problem? Do the migraines get worse after Botox before they get better? Or was it just my bad luck for getting my period on the same day?

I'm still in a lot of pain. I'm on all kinds of supplements and on a daily NSAID (Zorvolex) now and I feel awful. How long did it take for Botox to have positive effects on you? I can' wait any longer. My life is slipping through my fingers every. day.
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