worsening migraines

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Angie M.
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   Posted 9/17/2005 11:19 PM (GMT -6)   
I've been suffering from migraines since '99.  I've had every possible test there is and have been the guinnea pig for more than one neurologist.  Name the meds and I guarantee I've tried it!  My headaches are worsening in there severity.  They are to the point that I've learned to tolerate them during the day, but, at night, the pain becomes absolutely excruciating!!  I almost try not to lay down at night.. I'd rather be sleep deprived than endure the pain.  After 4 yrs, they finally put me on Verapamil as a preventative.  At first it was a miracle medicine in my book.  that was a year ago.  The Verapamil is losing its effectiveness and my agony is growing day by day.  None of the Triptans work and the anti-seizure meds affect my speach dramatucally.  The last neurologist I saw said that since these meds did't work that it must be mental.  The pain isn't mental, it's real, but the effects of the pain are driving me crazy.  The frequency is just about daily - both the pain and the nausea.   I understand what rebounds are and that's not what these are.   Am I at the point where I need to see a pain mgmt doctor or are there any other alternatives?  I'm willing to try anything.  These headaches have become a tremendous burden on me and my husband.  I average 2 to 3 trips to the ER each week.  I can't go on like this!!  Also, Phenergan really helps but only as an injectible.  Can I get a script for this?  I would really like to talk to others out there like me...I'm open to any words of wisdom!!!!

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   Posted 9/18/2005 9:32 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome Angie,
The Verapamil you were taking is a blood pressure medication, and there are many other medications that can be taken for prevention.  There are also drugs other than "triptans" which can be taken to abort a migraine when you feel one coming on.  I looked up the Verapamil, and there are so many things that it shouldn't be combined with, you probably ran into some interaction without knowing it.  Anyway, time to find something else. Plenty of other choices out there. I personally use 200mg Topamax. 
The first thing you need to find is a new doctor.  No professional physician would throw their hands up in the air and tell you that you are crazy and are imagining the pain.  KICK THIS DR TO THE CURB!  You may want to work with General Practioner and a Psychaitrist(strictly for medication purposes) for a while.  Forget the Neurologists with all their fancy tests and crap. Good GPs are underrated.  Most good preventative medications can cause some depression, if you didn't already have some from the headaches.  The Psych can hook you up with something that will work with what your GP prescribes for the migraine prevention.
As far as Pain Clinics go, I've found that they want to keep you on the least amount of medication possible, and were absolutely no help when it came to dealing with migraines.  You get terminal cancer, they'll hook you up, otherwise you're screwed. nono   Pain shots from the ER work, but pretty soon they will consider you a frequent flyer and not give you the current medication you are receiving.  As far as Phenergan goes, you can get a prescription for it, not injectible, but in suppository form (oooooooh, what fun....not).
Think I covered most of your questions.  I'm going to go bury my head under something heavy and dark now.  Had a real headbanger for six hours now and my preventative doesn't seem to be working any more.  Geez, I'm so screwed.
Best wishes and lets us know how you are doing.
Leigh Ann cool

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Nicky (coquitlam55)
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   Posted Yesterday 11:46 PM (GMT -6)   

Welcome Angie,

I'm sorry to hear your struggling.

I shake my head when a doctor throws up his / her hands and says your imagining it if his / her prescriptions aren't working. Unfortunately doctors feel the need to cure the problem and if they can't aren't always able to accept it and need to blame someone, usually the patient. I'm with Leigh Ann, time to ditch the neurologist.

It sounds like you're describing chronic daily migraines and that usually means that something is triggering it - though I have no medical training just lots of first hand experience. I have found that rebound headaches or symptoms can also trigger migraines if you're using a lot of triptans or OTC medications. If the preventative medication you're using now isn't working then it might be time to try another one, but that would be at the recommendation of a neurologist or GP. I also take Topamax and am finding it's working.

Some natural remedies I have had some success with are:

  • Calcium/Magnesium - 2 to 6 tablets / day - natural pain releief
  • Melatonin - 1 to 3 tablets at bedtime - to help sleep
  • Valerian Root - 1 to 2 tablets at bedtime - to help sleep or 1 tablet daily for anxiety

I've also had some success with Botox treatments.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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   Posted 9/22/2005 12:13 PM (GMT -6)   


Visit my post about "possible medications to try" its a massive lists that are used to treat headaches...you can print that off, do some research and take that to your doctor.

I have found that you have to be informed, show them that you know what you are talking about, show the doctors you know what medications are available and what your options are. Ask him about phenergan injections-tell him or her that works for you...and that its your treatment, you deserve to have what will work...not what's cheapest...or what he feels like giving you...You have to stand up for yourself, be strong and tell them!!! (ok, hold on...I'm climbing down from my soap box! cool ) Dr.'s tick me off sometimes when they don't listen just because they have the degree....Well, sweetheart I have the Sara degree...I went to the school of "this is my body and I have to listen to it!!!!"

Let us know how things go...and let me know if there's anything I can do!

I am going to bump that thread back to the top- the one with the med list!


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