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   Posted 6/24/2015 2:48 PM (GMT -6)   
These are my last 3 pharma options. I've tried everything else- pill wise and non pill wise. PLEASE DO NOT ask me if I have tried such and such. I have tried EVERY treatment, including things you have not even heard of.

Having said that, I really really want to die. Im 22 and can't do it anymore. My depression has eaten at my soul. If I don't get relief soon, this is the end for me.

PLEASE tell me if you have tried the above medications, and with what effect? Thank you.

DHE IV is also an option but that is really at the back burner. I am VERY sensitive to drugs.

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   Posted 7/1/2015 9:54 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm sorry no one has answered your question.

If you haven't tried those three meds, you have not tried everything. Topomax especially is a very commonly tried medicine. Its usually second or third on the list. I hated the stuff. It produced extreme problems with short term memory. I'm a little rare in that my reaction was strong and came on with the first dose. Usually, its not a problem until you get to the higher doses. A lot of people can't stay on it because of the side effects, but you might get lucky with it. Maybe about 25% of the people who use it LOVE the stuff. It has the potential to completely relieve your headache problem.

Effexor is an anti-depressant. It has a stimulant effect at first, but you'll get over that after a while, leaving you with a nice steady anti-depressant effect. Little secret about effexor - some percentage of people who take the stuff end up getting the best orgasms of their life. Sorry to TMI you, but its true. I was one of them. This was 10 years ago, I still talk about it with reverence. Heads up with effexor, it can be very difficult to wean yourself off of it, so if you decide to try it, make sure you are very careful with yourself if you decide to stop the trial. Withdrawal from effexor can make you super cranky.

I have no idea what methergine is.

I ended up doing an herbal regimine for my migraine. Pills suck, IMHO. I'm trying an occipital nerve block tomorrow. Very excited.

Many chronic pain patients experience moments of believing their life isn't worth living. Its hard living with all this pain. I suggest a bit of reality check when this happens with you. There is always someone worse off than you and someone better off than you. Next time you see your neurologist, take a look at the other people in the waiting room. There are things that can happen to the human body that make migraines look like a booboo pinky finger. No matter what, you are not the saddest case ever. And you really haven't done it all yet. Not even close.

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   Posted 7/2/2015 1:42 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi , I was on topamax for a few months. Had crazy side effects from forgetting things , felt like I was drunk driving, to numbness in my hands and feet. My pcp sent me to pain management dr who suggested methadone. My pcp didn't believe in using this. I've also been o everything for the past 20+years. Even botox with the laws on controled meds it's even harder to get anything..
The thought of not being able to on, well I have that alot. I have a pacemaker, psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia along with migranes.
I'm sorry you feel this way . You are so young. Please find someone to talk to. And know that you are worth something. .
Good luck I hope to hear from you soon :)

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   Posted 7/2/2015 12:58 PM (GMT -6)   
bearygladtomeetyou- thanks for the response. 1. What dose were you on, 25? I'm so sensitive to meds and just started the Topamax. 12.5mg for a dew days and now up to 25mg. Only side effects are worsened sleep & tingling in the extremities.

2. Interesting about the effexor. Seems like a drug that's really hard to get on and off of, but feels good once you're on it? Something I will consider if I'm ever looking for an anti depressant/migraine preventive in the future but hoping this constant headache will leave me one day and never go back. The depression is another story but oh well.

3. Trust me, I know about the whole "someone out there has it worse than you", ,and it doesn't help to hear. In fact it makes me feel more depressed like my pain doesn't matter because other people have suffered longer and harder. Well, maybe they weren't born with depression and can handle it better than I can, because I can't handle having a constant 7/10 headache for 2 years, losing all my friends, not able to go outside even in my backyard, not able to do anything besides to go to doc appts… on top of my PTSD, ADD, chronic back pain, everything else.

I'm seeing a naturopathic doctor today. I am so praying and hoping she can do something for me. I can't do this anymore.

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   Posted 7/12/2015 8:43 PM (GMT -6)   

This may not be much help, but I just started taking topamax about a week ago currently on 25mg daily , working up to 100mg, and I've only experienced one mild headache I didn't even take OTC meds for.

This is the first migraine prevention med I have tried and I have experienced some of the crappy side effects already including: tingling feet, legs and face, trouble thinking clearly, nervousness, tiredness, slowed reaction time and memory issues. I also have some of the other symptoms but I think it may be due to PMS (intense agitation, mood swings, etc)...if not I'm not sure I can handle topamax.

The side effects aren't that bad considering that I haven't had a migraine in a week .......but then again I do feel like my anxiety is slightly worse, so that might be enough for me to stop taking it.

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   Posted 7/20/2015 12:09 PM (GMT -6)   
So sorry to hear your story. Hopelessness is horrible. You are not alone. My pain is not as extreme, but I fear at some point in my life it will be. It is really horrible to just not want to go on. I hope that you continue to fight and find some relief.

I'm wife was on topomax for a while but not for migraines. My nanny used to take it for migraines. She later had an operation on her neck and now her migraines are infrequent but seem completely debilitating when she has them.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes.

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   Posted 7/20/2015 6:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for the replies. I have been on Topamax for about a month now. I got up to 50mg around 10 days ago, and a few days ago I noticed a rash. Yesterday I had lots of red spots & a large red rash on my neck so I had my mom take me to urgent care (chicken pox scare, since my mom is getting over shingles and i never had chicken pox). Doctor said Chicken pox, singles, etc are all highly unlikely and is pretty positive it is an allergic reaction to Topamax and to stop it. My neurologist today said the same thing. I'm not going to quit cold turkey (extremely sensitive), but I need to be off of it this week :/ But I'm happy to be going off of it I was feeling miserable and much more sick. Now my neurologist can't tell me "Well you didn't give it a long enough trial.." Not my fault I was allergic.

Anyway I'm taking this as a sign, along with all the information people have been sending me about nerve decompression surgery. I first found it about it a year ago when i spoke to a girl who told me it cured her 2 year headache. My neurologist shot the idea down, but now I'm finding so many stories about this surgery. I just found a doctor in SF who does it (I live in LA). I have a Skype session with him tomorrow. I have exhausted EVERYTHING and then some. It's not right for anyone to be in daily pain, but especially someone young like me. It needs to stop.

Here is more info for anyone interested:
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