Posted 12/7/2005 3:13 PM (GMT -7)
I am also curious about botox, seeing as all my daily headaches are in my forhead.
Now, are you serious about 30-40 pain killers a day?
Holy moly.
And I thought I took a lot....
Which ones did you take?
Now you take topamax, and amitriptaline (sorry for spelling errors)
have you tried midrin?
Maybe you could differentiate the three for me
I take midrin for my awful headaches but I have heard of topamax and my sister in law takes amitriptaline and my mom takes imitrex.
So i'm confused.
(anyone else can reply to this aswell if others are well versed in headache prescriptions)
Posted 12/8/2005 1:38 AM (GMT -7)
What ever you do, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, mix AMERGE with Effexor.  Very bad drug interaction.  Cardio or Pulmonary arrest I believe.  Can't really remember, but it was one of the fatal ones. This interaction can get missed when you go to different doctors or different pharmacies.  That was my case, and luckily, father caught it in the knick of time.  I've come to the opinion that you have to research your medications before you even have the scripts filled.  Plus, if you don't see the same doctor each time, there is no continuity.  Amerge is supposted to be used as an abortive medication, when a migraine attack first begins, not as a preventative, just like the other triptan family of drugs.  Triptans should be used no more than twice a week, certainly not daily.
Topamax is the drup that is supposed to be the preventative.  Most people max out at about 200mg. The slower you move up to 200mg, the less you feel the side effects. I, on the otherhand ,was already taking 200mg, and although my neurologist says that his regulart patients usually only take 100mg, he wanted to move me up to 400mg.  My, aren't I a special girl.  Well, I didn't want the side effects to last for months, so I just jumped from 200 to 400mg cold turkey.  I would not recommend it to anyone.  I'm pretty much  a psychopath.  Can't remember, anything, very vegatative.  I wouldn't even think about driving right now.  I do some hallucinating from time to time.  If I'm asleep, I can make phone calls on my cell phone and wake up in the middle of them.  It's just one big adventure.
I went into my Clinic for a migraine shot the other day.  My Doctor wasn't available, after waiting three hours she asked one of the other doctors to see me.  I wasnt' sleeping, which she thought was making thing worse (I agreed) so she gave me a prescription for Trazadone.  Fine, then she decided that I was having too many migraine attacks (no brainer), so she whipped out her scripts pad and wrote me prescription.  I couldn't see it, she wouldn't explain it to me, she didn't check my drug history for a listing of medications I've already tried.  Nothing.  She just said it would decrease the frequencey of my headaches.   Geez, was I pissed.  She also once before denied me a shot of Nubain because she though I had had one too recently and lied about the clinic changing policy on how often they could give those out.  B***H.  Well, I get the prescription home, and it's a (drumroll please........a calcium channel blocker).  OK, I'm on the heavy side weight wise. However, I have very low blood pressure (the last time at the hospital was 90/62), I have low choelesterol, normal blood sugar. I'm very healthy for a really miserable person. Last time I had it checked warning on the bottle not to use on patients with low blood pressure.  DUH nono Another bottle of pills in the trash.
I seem to have digressed.  Hope that helps some. Let me know.
Leigh Ann cool

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Posted 12/8/2005 9:56 PM (GMT -7)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies and input.

Philski - My neurologist tells me that the theory behind Botox is that it weakens the muscles which are thought to "possibly" trigger migraines. They inject the Botox in the regions you generally get your migraines. I tend to get mine in my temples / forehead so that's where I get my injections. The doctor says some people also get them in their necks, though he says some people end up having difficulty holding their neck up as a side effect so my neurologist only injects it in your neck if you really suffer in your neck.

LaurenKunz - I was taken Tylenol 1s, Tylenol with a small amount of Codeine and Caffeine we can get over the counter in Canada, I think it only has 8 mg of Codeine compared to 30 mg in Tylenol 3s. Unfortunately when you're taking narcotics the more often you take them the less effective they are. I am now taking Nadolol, Topamax, and Celexa daily. At the neurologist's direction I am now taking Amerge for a week as a test 2x a day. I have never taken Midrin. I took Amitriptyline once with no affect.

Midrin is like Imitrex, though in it's own category. Imitrex is a triptan used when a migraine occurs. Triptans stops the dilation of blood vessels. Amerge is another triptan. Midrin also stops the dilation of blood vessels and also contains aceptaminophen and a mild sedative.

Topamax, amitriptyline and nadolol are taken daily and used as preventative medications. Topamax is an anti seizure medication, amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant and nadolol is a beta blocker.

Leigh Ann - Thanks for the input. I am under the care of one GP and one neurologist who know my history well and don't prescribe medications without checking with each other.

My neurologist is known as one of the best in my province so I feel confident that when he gives me the direction to do somethinng that its okay. Though that doesn't mean that I don't educate myself so that I know what to expect when it comes to potential side effects.

My neurologist has me taking 2 Amerge a day as a test for a week based on a recent study that he has read and analyzed and feels comfortable in the results. If this is successful I will stop for a week to test that it is the Amerge working and then will retest. If I find that the Amerge is working after three weeks I will return to see him. He is monitoring my progress closely because this is new territory.

Zomig and Amerge both have warnings about interactions with anti-depressants and I'm taking Celexa right now and have not had any interactions. My GP and my neurologist are both aware that I'm taking Amerge and Celexa and I have discussed the switch from Celexa to Effexor with both before deciding to go ahead with it. I have considered stopping Celexa because of the possibility that it is triggering my migraines, but I'm concerned about the emotional effects of the Topamax.

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Posted 12/9/2005 11:09 AM (GMT -7)


I had no idea about the quantity of pain pills...How are you doing with that?

Sara-Migraine/Headache Forum Moderator
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Posted 12/9/2005 8:24 PM (GMT -7)

Hi Sara,

Much better, I generally only take 2 to 4 Tylenol 3s in a week now and 2 to 4 Toradol a day when I have a headache. The Amerge is working. I have only had one headache since seeing the neurologist. That's a miracle for me. Usually it's the other way around. For me, if this is the treatment, cost is going to be an issue. As it's not an approved treatment, my medical coverage may not pay for it and the pills cost $15 each and I'm taking 2 / day. Well, we'll see at the end of the week.


Fall seven times, stand up eight.
                 --Japanese proverb

Posted 12/10/2005 9:27 AM (GMT -7)

Hang in there Nicky...

I know what you mean about cost...that's why i am working two jobs and wearing myself down. I have to be careful. I am so afraid that I am pushing too hard and that a big bad migraine attack is just around the corner and that I am not going to be able to recover from it. I know that is a bad way to look at things and I need to be very positive but I am being realistic at the same time.

Talk to you soon

Sara-Migraine/Headache Forum Moderator
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Posted 2/26/2006 10:18 AM (GMT -7)

Hello Nicky:  I was reading some of your earlier posts and came across that you are using botox injections and that your migraines also make your neck hurt.  I am just wondering.  Does the botox help any for the neck pain?  I am thinking about asking my doctor about this for my neck pain but don't want to if if doesn't help.  I have already tried nerve blocks and that didn't help.  Just curious.


Tam Bam

Posted 2/27/2006 11:58 AM (GMT -7)
Does the drug interaction of Amerge and Effexor also apply to
Imitrex and Effexor? I quit taking imitrex (on my own) because
of chest pain, which my doctor dismissed. (I am getting a new neuro.)
Posted 2/27/2006 7:10 PM (GMT -7)

Check with your pharmacist/doctor about the interactions with imitrex and effexor, I had a doctor who prescribed both at the same time, I never did take them together though.


Sara-Migraine/Headache Forum Moderator
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Posted 3/1/2006 1:57 AM (GMT -7)
Sorry I am new here, so please excuse my ignorance.
You mention about filling in a headache diary in.
Do you have a template or anything, as I think this is somehting I could do with trying to complete.
Would appreciate some help.
Many Thanks
Sarah smurf

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