My 13-year-old daughter has been suffering from severe headaches for 7 weeks, with no relief

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   Posted 4/7/2017 4:59 PM (GMT -6)   
has been suffering from.severe headache for 7 weeks, with no relief
Posted 3 minutes ago
Hello.My daughter had two episodes of severe headaches last year, starting at 9/3/2016 The first episode had lasted a little over 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks when she didn't complain and then a second episode which lasted over 3 weeks. In this time, we visited three different neurologists. She had her mri done, which was clear. She went through several medications, which included Synflex, Zeegab, Sibilium and Topomax. However, it seemed that more than due to aby medication, relief came with time. She was unable to sit for her Grade 6 Final Examinations last year.

In general, she is an extremely active and athletic girl. She does competitive swimming and has recently started rowing also. Though generally bright, she is not given too much pressure over studies, and does not take much stress over them. After the episodes last year, she had 10 months with no complaings as such.

However, she has been suffering with severe headache on the right side of her head from 20/2/2017. She was at first given Panadol extra, and then repeated with Brufen 400 for two days.

On 22/2/2017, the family physician prescribed her with the following: Topamax 25 mg (0+0+1)

Panadol extra (2+2+2)

Gravinate (1+1+1)

The pain did not subside, and she was unable to sleep, go to school or do much else.

On 25/2/2017 the physician prescribed her with xanax (1/2+0+1/2), to help her sleep.

On 26/2/2017, xanax was increased to a full tablet, twice a day. It didn't help her get neither sleep nor relief. In fact, she would wake up at 3 am due to a pounding headache.

On 1/3/2017, the physician increased xanax (1+0+2), which didn't help either and we stopped that after a day.

The physician then recommended giving her medicine for sleep (3/3/2017), and she was given Somnia 10 mg (Zolpidum Tartate), which made her sleep for 6-7 hours, but she was very restless.

On 5/3/2017, we had to rush her to ER at 11 pm because the pain had increased, and she was crying with pain. She was given several painkillers through I.v. (5 different ones) before she finally fell asleep at 2:15 am. She was admitted for observation under the neurologist, where she stayed for two nights. During the stay she received the foll medication:

Tab Inderal

Tab Epival 250 mg

Cap Neogab 100 Mg (300+300+600)

 Inj normal saline

Inj Falgan

Her medication on discharge(7/3/17) was as follows:

Tab tryptanol 25 mg (0+0+1)

Cap Neogab 300 mg (1+1+2)

Tab Inderal (1+0+0)

For the next two days she was extremely dizzy and drowsy, and her headache had not subsided.

We went for followup visit to the Neurologist on 10/3/2017. He changed medication as follows:

Hitop 25 mg 1+0+1

Tryptanol 0+0+1

Neogab 300 mg 0+0+1

On the night of 12/3/17, her pain again started becoming severe. She was given Zultracet, with motilium, followed by Neogab 300 (in addition to her night medication). The pain did not subside and we had to get her a voltralol injection (intramuscular)

By the night of 13th, pain had not subsided, Neogab 300 mg had been increased to 1+0+1, and the neorologist advised to give her 2 tablets tryptanol, to help her sleep. He also advised to get a full brain mri 3T done.

We got that done the next day, and went back for followup on 13/3/2017. The mri was all clear. We were told this is a chronic migraine. Her medication was changed again as follows:

Hitop 50 mg 1+0+1

Tryptanol 0+0+

Lyrica 1+0+1

The first night she was also given Zomig. There was no relief

22/3/17 we went to another neurologist. He made her take inj Epival 1 gram in 300cc normal saline immediately. Medicines were prescribed as follows:

Cap sibilium 5 mg 0+0+1

Tryptanol 25 mg 0+0+2

In case of pain:

Tab Synflex 550 mg

Cap Risek 20 mg

Tab sumatec 50 mg

On 28/3/17, sibilium 5 mg increased to 0+0+2, and Synflex 1+0+1

On 5/4/17, the neurologist started her on a 3 day steroids course, via iv (solu medrol 1000 mg). He hoped that this would break the cycle. However, it did not, and now he suggests admitting her in the hospital and carrying out a lumbar puncture.

Please advise

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   Posted 4/7/2017 8:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello & welcome to Healing Well. I am so sorry to read about your daughter's situation. It is horrible for a parent to have something wrong with one of their children & we can't fix them.

My purpose of posting to you is this; my neighbor's son was also 13 when he started having severe headaches. In a very short while they became so debilitating that they had to take him out of school. He was home schooled for 3 years. The headaches were there every day, it was rare to have a day when he didn't have one. The only difference was the severity of the headache. He too was on multiple meds that did not work, had MRI's that were normal. He had numerous occipital nerve blocks & also did Botox injections.

His parents took him to I don't know how many neurologists. I do know he went to many. They found a neurologist in another large city & he tried various things as well. Finally the dr told them we need to do a spinal tap. Did the spinal tap & found his spinal fluid was elevated. This was something the dr was suspecting. He was put on a medication that was used off label for migraines & he responded better to this than anything he had been put on. He returned back to school finally, he is a senior this year. He can no longer participate in athletics as activity like that can trigger a headache. But at least things are now much more manageable.

So, let the dr do the spinal tap to see if there is something going on there. Take care.
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   Posted 4/8/2017 11:45 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi there, I too suffered with migraines as a teen, then they subsided until I was about 20 and lasted till age 30. My most intense migraines started about a week before my cycle and a week after. At about age 25 they became debilitating. I would have 3-4 a week and end up in the ER on IV. Which would usually help. But I would be back in a few days. I had very expensive migraine pills that are roughly $56 each. Crazy. And most of the time I would wake up with the feeling of someone stabbing me in the head. They say migraines are localized to one spot. That's not true. Mine were right in the front. And they would cause me to vomit and everything. It was a nightmare. I had no quality of life. The pills didn't seem to really help as they said I needed to take one when I felt it coming on. But as I said, they would wake me up in immense pain. I found an article in a magazine that talked about a herbal formula called lipagesicM. I searched high and low. It wasn't sold here. I spoke with my Dr. He asked me if I remember what the main ingredients were. Yup! Feverfew and Ginger. He said ginger is used for nausea. And feverfew was used back in the early 1900 for migraine's and even child bearing. I asked if I could find these things separate, if I could try them. He said sure!! So, I found the feverfew and Ginger. The pharmacist looked in her book to ensure the feverfew was properly made etc. It was. I began taking two feverfew before bed every night. By the end of the first month...My migraines were gone. I'm not kidding. Gone. I am now nearly 38. So for almost 8 years, I have been pretty much migraine free. Every now and then if I get a bad headache that doesn't go away within an hour of taking 2 400mg Advil, I will take a migraine pill and it always goes away. Migraine pills are specifically designed for migraine's. They will not work for a headache. I've only had maybe 4 since the feverfew. I still keep a few on hand. JUST INCASE. My migraine pills are RELPAX. I found those to be the best. Oh, and I took 2 125mg feverfew capsules (forgot to tell you strength). The supplier of the feverfew ended up discontinuing it. So I have to buy them from piping rock online. They are 325 mg caps. But that's fine, they work. I don't think much study has been done on long term use, but I don't care. Because I'm finally living life. It might be something your daughter could try. It has literally changed my life. I pay 9.99 every 3 months now. The expense has been lifted as well. If you want further information, talk to someone who knows about herbal supplements. They have a lot further knowledge in natural medicine. I never in a million yrs believed in "natural stuff". But I will stand strong on the feverfew. I also have developed vascular disease. My legs are in terrible shape. Vericose veins are horrid!!! I had been on lasix for swelling (RX) but, saw an ad on TV about "Antistax- Red vine leaf extract" and it was for people with edema, pain, vericose veins in legs etc. So, I tried it. After the first week, the swelling was gone. They didn't ache like before. So, I threw out the lasix. The Antistax- won't make my vericose veins go away. They are there for good until stripped. But, it has helped so much with everything associated with them. They too are a God send, and natural. Both of my maternal and paternal grandmother parents had bad vericose veins so so had a 98% chance of developing them as well. lucky me!!
I hope I have given you some food for thought. And I sure hope your daughter can get some relief. I know all too well what it's like.

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   Posted 4/9/2017 12:53 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you so much Susie and Holly. Really appreciate the input

Holly A
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   Posted 4/9/2017 7:15 AM (GMT -6)   
You are so welcome. I hate to hear that a young girl has to be put through the ringer when she's in sooooo much pain. No one knows what a true migraine is until they have had one. Poor girl. sad
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