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   Posted 10/24/2006 2:30 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey guys,
I just wanted to check in and let you know of a big problem that may be happening to a lot of people.  My PCP had a meeting with all the doctors in the Practice I go to, to discuss my medication.  The decision was made that I was going to be cut off all narcotic medicines effective immediately.  My PCP discussed referring me to a Pain Clinic at the University of Virginia.  In actuality, I was referred to a Detox Clinic in my home town.  It has been almost two months, and I still don't have an appointment.  Heck, it took a month for the clinic to request my records from the different doctors I see.
Let me give you some background first.  I've been having chronic Migraines (2/3) per week for several years now.  I have had migraines for about thirty years, but never with this frequency until about three years ago.  Over the years, I have tried or been on every medication associated with treating migraines.  I never could find an adequate preventative, so I found the only abortive that would work, Stadol Nasal Spray.  I also had to take LORCET PLUS for breakthrough pain.  I frequently had to get emergency pain shots, from my PCP, the ER, or an afterhours walk-in clinic. 
When I have a migraine, I get really bad photophobia (sensitivity to light) so I wear sunglasses, and get really bad nausea.  I am very sensitive to changes in weather, hormones, and TMJ, any of which can be a trigger, and none of which I can control.
Apparently, because I didn't moan and groan satisfactorly, my PCP and the other doctors I had to see when I was a walk-in, questioned my actual pain status.  They even made a big deal of me wearing sunglasses and keeping the light off while waiting for the doctor.  I was doing it to limit my pain, and they interpreted it as me "putting on a show".  I was going through my meds, usually quicker than prescribed, to avoid having to go get a pain shot.  The consensus was that I was "drug-seeking", not actually encountering all the migraines I sought treatment for. 
I learned this, as I requested a copy of my whole medical file, so I would know what the Detox clinic doctor would be evalutating.  I was only given a copy of what the doctors dictated.  They refused to give me over half of my file, the written information, letters sent to other doctors, etc....  Anyway, I pitched a fit with the records person and with the head of the practice and got nowhere.  They absolutely refused to give me a copy of the rest of my file.  I have read through the transcripts, and they are so full of mistakes, conversations that never took place, observations about my appearance, and mistakes on medication dosages.  They even commented about me wearing sunglasses and sitting in the exam room with the lights off.  I even found out that they contacted the ER and the local walk-in clinics, advising them not to treat me.  Of course, they refused to give me copies of the letters they sent out.  They also contacted my dentist regarding pain meds, since he has been doing extensive dental work on me, over $4000 at this point.  His records show that he was also giving me a couple of days of LORCET after each procedure, which I had to ask for, since it would cause a serious TMJ flare-up.  My PCP saw this as "double-dipping" on pain meds.  He is a crappy dentist - he has filled one cavity four times because the filling won't stay in place.  I'm seeing a new one next week, so hopefully I can start fresh with him.  Anyway, his records show when he gave me a prescription, and even copies of when he refused a refill request.
I know this post has been way too long, but I just wanted to let you know how important it is to keep a timely copy of your medical records.  You never know what is actually being said about you until you read it for yourself, or how your medical treatment is being influenced by what's in your file.  I hope you don't get stuck in the painful quicksand like me.
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   Posted 10/24/2006 3:43 AM (GMT -6)   

So sorry to hear that you are going through all this rubbish. I dread to think what is on my notes too, I have actually seen two different Docs write 'neurotic' on my notes when I have gone to see them about the incessant pain!

I have been concerned about the fact that the more narcotic meds I had the more I needed them, so made a determined effort to get off them altogether which I have successfully done, as I was so afraid of being denied relief when I was completely desperate.

I only have O2 to abort the pain now and thankfully it does work for me at the moment, and hope it continues to do so. If I need a further painkiller, my rule of thumb is now more than 2 days of painkillers in any one week or it starts the dependancy again and ups the attacks too!! 4 months down the line and I am generally feeling much better and the attacks have decreased a little too!

Hang in there, take care


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   Posted 10/24/2006 10:21 AM (GMT -6)   

Hey guys,

I forgot to mention that during my migraine problems, I was also suffering from several back and knee problems, for which I was suffering serious pain.  I took so of my pain medication to control some of that pain, which also affected the rate I was going through my medication.  I kept getting referred to other doctors, who prescribed medication, but apparently that wasn't kosher with my PCP.  Apparently, my PCP was checking with my pharmacy to see what prescriptions I was getting filled, and who prescribed them.  What a pain in the butt.

Just thought I would add that info to fill in a gap in my info.

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   Posted 11/1/2006 12:45 AM (GMT -6)   
its hard being in pain. I too, had to spend litterally hours explaining to the doctor who has treated me for the last 15 years that I wasn't here for the meds, just for relief. I had some wack ER doc call him and tell him things. and on PAPER i have to say it did look bad. I live in once place, and the hospital I go to is about 30 mins. away. So when I have a migraine I would sometimes go the the ER in my town. Going to both, it looked bad. I also had jaw dislocations, 2 jaw surgeries (at a diff hospital)Kidney Stones, Appendectomy, etc etc, but the paper only said the dates I was in the doc/hos and when I got pain meds. It took 1 1/2 hrs. on the phone and an hour in person to get the whole misscommunication fixed, and now we have both comprimised and agreed on a treatment plan. I do admitt that I was taking too many pains, not for the high, but my pain had just gotton out of controll. I did have to say, that I will take no more than 2 of anything(otc or prescrip) a week and I only go to ONE ER(if ness), ONE neuro, My PCP and if need the walk-in connected to my PCP. It has helped. I know its hard for me even to admitt, but some pain meds. do make migraines worse/more frequent.
I now take Keppra, Nortriptyline, Ambien and Imitrex Inj w/ vistoril. If that doesn't work, then I have Stadol NS but can only use it at MOST, once a week. I get one bottle a month. That has things looking better on paper( for the docs) and has helped me.
Sorry so long. I just know exactlly what your going through.
PS: The Diamond Clinic has a list of all the migraine meds under the sun to circle if you've ever had them, I basically circled the whole page, so I understand things not working. the stadol NS sometimes is the only thing that will help. I just have to be carefull with it.
I hope God brings peace and rest to you.

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   Posted 11/4/2006 11:52 PM (GMT -6)   

Just a quick note about medical records... I am half Mexican and half Caucasian and one of my medical records says I am AFRICAN AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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