Posted 1/18/2007 3:21 PM (GMT -7)
Where would you find one of those?  I also suffer from TMJ, muscle-neck, rebound and just good old migraines, so anything that could help would be great!
Posted 1/20/2007 11:45 PM (GMT -7)
do you take anything for tmj? I do see a chiropractor that did something for like 5 seconds and charges me 80 bucks. I can't even have a rebound headache cause it doesnt go away
Posted 1/21/2007 4:59 AM (GMT -7)

I've suffered from TMJ for twenty-something years.  I think it started when I had my four impacted wisdom teeth taken out.  My oral surgeon's technique was to make a small incision, then crack the tooth into small pieces to be plucked out.  I think that he must have done some damage to my right side temporal mandibular joint.  When I open my mouth all the way it clicks on that side.  Ever since, whenever I had dental work done, my TMJ would act up.

Over the past ten years,  I would tense up my jaw without actually clenching my teeth or grinding them at night.  Thus, the standard methods of treating TMJ wouldn't work for me.  I could also aggrevate it by sucking in on my cheeks too much when I was under stress.  Eventually, this became one of my migraine triggers. 

I actually was going through physical therapy on my TMJ, which was a combination of stretching exercises, massage, and heat&electrical stimulation.  It felt pretty good, and I'm sure it would have helped a lot, had I not kept have dental work done.  For about two years, I've been going through major dental work.  I kept constant TMJ pain, which was contributing to 2/3 migraine attacks a week.  I was taking muscle relaxers, but the inflamation never had a chance to go away between dental treatments.  Unfortunately for me, the only anti-migraine medications that work for me now are narcotic in nature, and some new doctor saw me for a migraine after my regular doctor left for the day, and indicated that I was taking more medication, more frequently than a "average" migraine sufferer should take.  I was cut off cold from all my migraine meds.  I was supposed to be referrred to a "pain clinic", which I found out was actually a "DETOX CENTER" for people with heavy narcotic or barbituate addictions, like heroin and crack.  Not what I needed.  After over two months of trying to get an appointment, I guess the clinic manager decided that I didn't need their services.  I basically got hung out to dry.  I've seen a pain specialist at the University of VA Medical Center.  She did one round of occipital nerve injections, and scheduled me for a second round, but changed her mind about giving them to me on the second visit.  I got referred to the migraine specialist in the Neurology Department at UVA, but it's not until MARCH!!! confused

I'm still having dental work done, had three back molars pulled out this month.  I should only have a couple more visits with my wonderful new dentist, then hopefully the TMJ will be gone.  I was getting some rebound headaches, but I've figured out how to control them.  But, Heaven Forbid, the weather changes while my TMJ is hurting bad, then I'm in a world of trouble.   

Anyway, that's my TMJ story.  Looking forward to a ending soon!!!

Leigh Ann cool

"The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful."
                                             - Jimmy Buffett

Posted 3/30/2007 10:28 PM (GMT -7)
TMJ...where do we begin..don't ask the your research..sound stupid..well, ins doesn't usually cover it, it is considered unnesscesry unless your jaws are locked or something severe..and migraines are not severe enough.:>( So, he won't bring it up and you don't won't it on your records as the cause of your migraines. My relative has it and it is a mess! OK, weather makes it hurt, motrin makes it better, casual exercise helps, lots of it hurts (like gum chewing) , Motrin makes it better:>) Aleve really helps:>) it mostly is hurting and causing pain from inflamation, so an anti inflamatory helps greatly. and so does sleep but NOT on the stomach. And hot and cold packs help too. Ummm....and no teeth grinding, long kissing :>) , or poor posture. think I could go on forever tonight...
Posted 3/30/2007 10:54 PM (GMT -7)
YEA!!! tongue
My TMJ is in total REMISSION!!!  I finished all my major dental work with my new dentist.  I think a big part of my continuing pain was that every time my old dentist worked on me, he used a clamp to keep my mouth open.  My new dentist didn't use a clamp, so I was able to close my mouth from time to time and it wasn't under constant tension.  My parents wrote a nasty letter to my old dentist with a chart comparing what he did vs. what my new dentist accomplished.  My new dentist pretty much had to do the previous work all over again, plus finish up what needed to be done, and at half the cost of my old dentist.  My new dentist is so great, he is giving me free monthly check-ups for the next year to keep ahead of things.  What a great guy!
Leigh Ann cool

"The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful."
                                             - Jimmy Buffett

Posted 3/31/2007 4:12 PM (GMT -7)
how much does it cost to see a dentist if you have no insurance or will they even see me or make a payment plan with me since im broke. Still not sure if i have tmj but no i don't clench my jaw or have jaw, tooth pain,
 Just headaches next to temples and next to my ears on my face which maybe the same nerve running up.
Posted 4/1/2007 4:18 PM (GMT -7)

Hey ttwarrior1,

You don't actually have to clench or grind your teeth to get TMJ, which is inflamation in the temporal mandibular joint.  This joint is the connection of the jaw bone to the skull.  I found that during the day I would suck in on my cheeks, a stress mechanism, which would irritate the TMJ.  Then, my dentist used a clamp to hold open my jaw exacerbated the problem, especially since I was going every few weeks.  A strong muscle relaxer can be very helpful. I've been through Flexeril, Skelaxin, and Robaxin, but have just been changed to a new one called SOMA(carisoprodol), which is wonderful.  I'm using it for pulled back muscles, since my TMJ is gone.

The problem about seeing a dentist without any insurance is a tough one.  You can always check around to see if anyone has a payment plan.  When I lost my insurance after my COBRA ran out, I had to go to the local free clinic.  They had certain days a week when you could get dental treatment.  They bussed in dental students and dentist from a dental school a couple of hours away.  The students just did simple things like fillings, which a dentist overseeing their work.  A certified dentist would do more complicated work, and the could prescribe the muscle relaxer for you.  Mouth guards are a waste of time and money, even the expensive ones made by a dentist.

You might be able to get your PCP to refer you for physical therapy on your jaw.  I did it for a while, but since I kept going to the dentist, I really didn't make any progres that lasted for very long.  For the time being, stick to anti-inflamatory medication and muscle relaxants.  Also, rest your jaw as often as you can by letting you jaw hang down, just so your teeth aren't together, and rest your tongue on the top of your mouth.  This is the most natural position for your mouth.  Hope it helps.

Good luck and let us know how your are doing.

Leigh Ann cool

"The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful."
                                             - Jimmy Buffett

Posted 4/8/2007 9:44 PM (GMT -7)
i don't think i have tmj, just something some have mentioned, i just noticed when i chew , where the area around the temples comes out is where i have my headaches. i also have nervousness. i take clonozapam and now i stopped taking headache meds, i take feverfew, b2, magnesium and drink juices .

First day this started, i also had stomach trouble and acid reflux for awhile but all that went away kind of quick, but not the headaches or whatever you want to call it.
Posted 4/8/2007 10:06 PM (GMT -7)
Hey ttwarrior1,

You could be tensing up the jaw muscles when you aren't aware of it. You don't actually have to clench your teeth together, or grind them in your sleep to have TMJ. If you have a nervous problem, like I do, you could be doing it from that. I found that I also have a tendancy to suck my cheeks in, which stresses the same location, the TMJ joint. A TMJ flare-up can put you right into a migraine in a heartbeat. Been there, done that. about a million times. Try to puff out your cheeks every so often, which will relieve the tension some. Just a thought.

Leigh Ann
"The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful."
                                             - Jimmy Buffett

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