Scared of my migraines

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   Posted 3/13/2007 1:45 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello! I am new to this site and am having trouble figuring out how to post, even after going to the help site, I'm still a bit lost. I hope someone can help me out there as I really need some support with my migraines and the somewhat irrational fear they cause. I haven't had migraines for  that long, at least compared to most folks who began having them when they were very young. I was into my 40's before mine began, which is scary enough for me! I have been thouroughly examined by a neurologist, had a complete work up including an MRI which was clear. I have what they call "occular" migraines, my eyesight is affected quite badly, blind spots and the inability to see words and objects in their entirerty. I don't end up with the crushing headache so many of you do. What I get are the odd stabbing pains in my head, which feel like someone has just stuck an ice pick into my brain! It only last a few seconds, but the rest of the time, my head just feels really "odd," like my brain doesn't fit, pressure and a more or less general head achey feeling which is really unpleasant, not like a typical tension headache, worse. I become very sensitive to light and sound and feel fatigued. The day after a migraine I feel like I've got a hang over. I'm tired and I become hyper vigilant that another one is going to happen. If my vision goes whacky for even an instant, I'm sure I'm getting another migraine, so I end up living with this horrible anxiety most of the time. I have been keeping a migraine journal since I was diagnosed, but have not yet been able to isolate any triggers or patterns. I am 55 now and have more or less gone thru menopause with the odd hotflash and nightsweat still popping up. I did think at one point that the migraines were hormonally connected with  what use to be my menstrual cycle, and hormones might still play a part, but according to my journal, there really isn't any rhyme or reason for when I get a migraine. To me they just come out of the blue. I'm tired of blaming everything on stress, yet I'm sure stress plays some part in my headaches as I've been living with an abundance of stress for a number of years now.
I am taking Maxalt MLT for the migraines. If I catch it when I first notice the visual oddities, it works quite well. It pretty much stops things in their tracks, but I still feel odd the rest of the day. Why do these headaches scare me? Am I afraid I'm actually having a stroke? Do I fear they missed the "tumor" when they did the MRI? Are they just so horrible anybody would be scared? Am I simply a big crybaby? Today is the first migraine I've had in over a month. This past week-end my husband and I adopted two German Shepard pups from a rescue shelter and if anyone has raised pups, you know what my last few days have been like!
If there is anyone out there who may have some advice or support or insights for me, I'd be very grateful. Right now I am feeling very alone and scared.

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   Posted 3/13/2007 4:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi greenlydia,

Welcome to Healing Well. Sorry you are suffering with this. I do not know much about Occular Migraine myself, but whatever sort of migraine you get the fear of the next attack is with us all! The secret is not to let that fear take over! Easy to say but not so easy to do!!!

Stress can play it's part with migraine but as you say it is all too easy to always blame it on stress!!! Sometimes we can be looking forever and not find the trigger, so at the end of the day it comes down to acceptance, and a determination to find the best way forward for our optimum quality of life!

It is good that you have had the MRI scan as it can show up all sorts of abnormalities, and if your scan is clear then it really is clear - believe it! Mine wasn't! - still waiting for a decision on what is going to happen about it! You are not a cry-baby, this is the unknown to you, of which you are understandably scared!!! Hang in there, you have now found support here where you can talk about it - a trouble shared is a trouble halved!

take care

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   Posted 3/13/2007 6:05 PM (GMT -6)   

Dear Ann,

Thanks so much for your reply. It is always comforting to know we aren't alone with our fears. I am sorry to hear they are thinking they have seen something on your MRI. They did find and abnormalilty on mine, but it is apparently something that is very common in many people and poses no risk to your health. It's a type of mass that was just sort of "extra" when we were born. Has nothing to do with migraines. I'm sure your's will turn out to be nothing as well. I will keep you in my thoughts.

I could still use a bit of a tutorial in finding my way around this site. Getting into the chat rooms, if you have them. And finding a way to connect to someone I'd like to discuss something with. I'm not sure how to find them and then respond to thier post. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you heard anything about the Maxalt MLT that I'm taking? I only know one other person that is taking it. She is the one that recommended it to me, but I'd like to know if you've heard anything negative about it.

I hope to hear from you and I hope I can meet some good folks on this site, perhaps I can even help someone like me who has come to migraines rather late in life.



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   Posted 3/16/2007 12:08 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, I just joined this site.
I have been a migraine sufferer since I was close to 9-10 years old. I got stung by a hornet on my eye and every since then I have had them. Some months are worse than ever. I usually get them around my period or ON it. This month was the WORSE ever. I got four of them. In one month - NOT usual for me.
Stress - I agree you can't blame it all on it.
I have taken things out of my diet:
- cholocate
- anything with MSG
- Sweetner (ANY KIND)
- aspartame
My activities I have to be so careful, my daughter suffers from asthma. Really bad at times and these last two weeks I have been up at 12am, 2am, 3:30am, 5:00am. If I do NOT sleep uninteruppted I get them. If I am not in bed by before 1am by 2am I will have one.
I have also closed the door on people that are huge stressers in my life. I have had to. It's not worth getting headaches over.
Computer also for me causes them so I have to have a limited time on the computer. Forsence lights are the worse!
I am sorry...I am just telling you my theories, my triggers (I believe they are), I stay away from foods if I even feel it may be the slight cause of it.
I know how you feel about being afraid. I have a panic attack, I break down, I call my husband at work and bawl while I am dealing with the visual difficulties. I wish there was even a surgery for this because - tell me tell you I WOULD BE THE FIRST IN LINE!
I even turn my computer lights way down (contrast and brightness).
Weather (when it goes from hot to cold). I feel them.
I wish there was more we could do. I just found out now that I can take meds for them. My neuro that saw me a few years ago said I couldn't take them because of my heart. My heart Dr said get some meds and don't suffer with it anymore.
Anyhow enough rambling, I think I am going to enjoy the people on this spot in the fourm. We have so much in common. Take care, and hugs - many many hugs. I feel what you are going through. If you need to talk please PM me.
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