Teen - They ruin my life. Help?

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   Posted 11/12/2007 6:31 PM (GMT -6)   
I have been getting regular migraines (once a week, without failure) for the last ten years. I have tried every kind of treatment I have been offered. I suffer from anxiety and very low confidence, through which I was advised to see a councillor, although this was no help. They have severely affected my social life as whenever I was invited anywhere I always got so nervous I would have a migraine before I even got there, so people begun to not invite me anywhere. My migraines have become fairly routine but nobody else seems to understand the pain or suffering we go through. I have just completed college and with only 50% attendance, due to migraines, my teachers were extreemly nasty making me more so depressed. I have just begun University, although still living with my parents, where I thought I would fit in more and feel happy, yet I have still got the migraines but worse with aura....hate it...and my new teachers still do not understand which makes me worse. They believe I am lying because when they see me the rest of the time I appear fine...what they don't know is that I am so extreemly nervous inside over the smallest of things. I have no idea what to do.
I am sorry for my rambling....anyone in the same boat? I really need someone who can help and/or relate to my situation. 

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   Posted 11/12/2007 10:39 PM (GMT -6)   
I wish I had more advice but hang in there. I'm 22 and started having migraine in Middle School. I withdrew from college 3 times because of migraines and panic attacks. So if it helps I can understand what you are going through. I was lucky and always had good teachers, but I just couldn't keep up. I lost a lot of friends though b/c they didn't want to be around someone who was sick all the time or had nothing to talk about but being sick.
I will say this, after 10+ years, what helped the most of getting off all my medications. This was a SLOW process, and I'm just 2 weeks into being off EVERYTHING including PRN medications.
I found something called Energy Medicine and Psych-k. You should really look the two up. They have saved my life.
Just know your not alone.
If anxiety triggers your migraines you should really try to address it. Psych-k does wonders for it, as well as energy medicine, with NO medications. There is something called the 5 minute energy routine that does wonders.
If you have any questions or just want to vent, my email is on my profile. Or just keep posting.
Best to you my friend,
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PRN, Pherergan, Actiq 600mcg(fentanyl suckers) for migraine breakthrough pain
 Doing engergy medicine!!!!
May God give you a reason to smile today, an extra reason to laugh, and bring joy to your soul.

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   Posted 11/13/2007 1:59 AM (GMT -6)   
If, until recently, you'd been getting them once a week, your doctors probably didn't try the same treatments they do for daily headache sufferers. If you haven't seen a specialist since your migraines got worse, be sure to do so.

As far as stopping any meds you may be on goes, be very careful if you choose to do that. If you're on anything that seems to be helping at all, it's unlikely that stopping it will solve your problem. Be sure to consult a qualified doctor before doing so as well. It's something I've tried and I've never been sicker in my life.

Hang in there. University life is really hard with chronic headaches, but you'll learn how to do as much as you can and what resources can help you with professor relations and stuff. I know that it's extremely hard to live day to day with headaches. The effect of the pain on your mental and emotional status can be devastating. Regularly seeing a talk therapist is really a must, if you can find a good one. And any sort of antidepressant that helps you is a step in the right direction.

You should post the treatments and medications that you've tried as well as what type of doctors you've seen for more specific recommendations.

Feel better,
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   Posted 11/16/2007 10:12 PM (GMT -6)   
Just to clarify, I wasn't suggesting you just quit taking all meds at once. This process took me years. It is something you want to do slowly and with the supervision of a doctor.
How has your week been migraine_girl? Hopfully pain free.
Wishing you the best.
One thing I do is to make up a 'blueprint' of how I want my life to be, my dream life, and put my energy and focus into THAT life, rather than supporting and feeding on the negative stuff.
For example if we say, " I don't want to have migraines" our subconscious hears the work migraine and Bam it gives you one. If we instead focus on "I am well" or "I have more than enought energy to get through the day", or "I am worthy of the best love and life have to offer" notice no 'negitives' like migraine, or pain even pain free.
Just a suggestion.
Best to you!
DX-Migraines:PCOS(should have seen this list before!!)
Meds; imitrex inj, stadol ns PRN severe h/a
 ProzAC 40mg, Klonopin 1mg BID , Ambien 10mg
PRN, Pherergan, Actiq 600mcg(fentanyl suckers) for migraine breakthrough pain
 Doing engergy medicine!!!! Psych-K (look it up)
OFF ALL MEDS! AND DOING GREAT. still have h/a's but they aren't ruining my life anymore!
May God give you a reason to smile today, an extra reason to laugh, and bring joy to your soul.

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   Posted 11/20/2007 12:35 PM (GMT -6)   
I know exactly what you are going through migraine_girl.  I started getting weekly migraines when I was 14, my first year in high school.  My teachers weren't understanding at all, they said "we can help you get your work in on time" and stuff like that, but they actually made school harder for me.  By my junior year, my migraines were daily and I wasn't even attending school once a week.  I was pretty much homeschool, with myself being the teacher.  In my senior year my school decided that they weren't going to deal with me anymore and I had to drop out.  I did get my high school diploma by attending night classes at an Adult Education Center. 
My doctors started telling me that my depression was either causing my migraines or causing me to make them up.  That made me feel so much worse, I was like "I'm depressed because I have no control over my life anymore!"  I don't get invited to social activities for the same reason as you.
I'm now 18, living with my parents, and attending college online.  Online college is great for migraine sufferers, you don't have to worry about your attendence record.  Plus, your professors never see you, you don't have to worry about them saying "But you looked fine yesterday!"  With online classes you can work more around your schedule.
There are a lot of people with migraines that have similar experiences.  If you ever need to talk or vent to someone you're more than welcome to email, YIM, AIM or MSN me.
I wish you the best of luck,
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