Do these symptoms sound like MS?

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   Posted 2/4/2015 6:55 PM (GMT -6)   
a little more than 2 weeks ago, after i took generic benadryl and day time non drowsy, with dextromorphan and phenyleprine.
an hour later i felt very sedated(as usual for Benadryl), i dint know i was being doubled sedated of the other drugs as well. At the same time i noticed i loss my sense of smell and taste 99%, and went to the ER the next day, and they couldnt find anything and discharged me. During the next few days i noticed, in addtiion to having loss of smell or taste.
i got tingling sensation mostly on left side of my body, but frequently on my right side as well.
Pins and needles started appear on my left side mostly hands and feet, but occasionally moving around in my extremities.
Feeling that there was something on top of my throat checked to see for an ulcer, none.
Developed myclonus jerking, both awake and falling asleep(much more when sleeping and very intense as well.
I also have developed unexplained chills, it was not that cold, i get unexplained chills or shivering while warm situation as well.
Increased level of anxiety, eventhough i dint feel anxious, actually the feeling your body makes when its anxious. As well as restless leg syndrome.
As the week went by i noticed i started getting harder to breath(i do have allergies), but it was very unusual in that i get it as soon as walk outside or breath a little bit, shortness of breath.
A decreased sensation when breathing or swallowing, no numbness(just the sensation when air is passing through your nostrils and food sliding into your gut.

visual disturbance: during this time i noticed my eyes cant really adjust quickly in the dark, and start seeing patterns that arnt actually such as when i look at my hand low light its reddish black, but when i look into with bright light, its normal color. and seeing wafts of smoke seemingly passing around objects, or tables in low light, but was actually my eyes tricking me, it was my tachycardia and floaters making it look like there was smoke..
Increased amount of floaters, that i noticed, as well as sparks in my peripheral vision which i kept thinking was a fly.
New symptoms i know: was minor brain fogginess, my vision was already bad but i noticed it decreased inability to focus at what my range is suppose to be, blurriness when look at a certain distances i had to concentrate in order to focus.
i shaky and chills when and im hungry for more than few hours.
i noticed my uvula kept touching my tongue so i kept swallowing.
currently, and in the past few days, pins and needles progressed to be inside my nostrils ,lips, teeth, tongue.
and of course the smell and taste was 90% loss. in addittion to prickling, tickling, sharp jolts of pain.

Also i noticed i dont feel any sensation when breathing through my nose, which causes me to breath harder and discomfort. Same goes when i eat food, i dont feel anything when it slides toward my gut, and notice tenderness and firmness under breastbone, some very small neck discomfort.
more visuals: words jump out me, like the afterimage of words on a projector while staring at it too long(im in school).
some pressure sensations behind the eyes, and movement of the eyes itself.
dry mouth, dry nose, dry eyes, to the point i cant feel it.

Also have abnormal senstivity to temperature hot and cold, slight cold gets me intenstely shaky, and hot makes very prickly. i get occaissional stabbing, and tickling in the same place as my pins and needles on my feet, hands and face, nose,scalp. last year i suffer massive episodes of canker sores, one right after the other, back of my throat or in front tongue(4 months straight, before that it was 4 months as well). the most painful was in my throat, i had them one right after the other. Sometimes they become so huge and crater like, they formed scars as they healed.
some hearing disturbances.

balance issues: i noticed at night i have much reduced balnce on my right side.
more interesting issues: tachycardia increases when i am at rest, and it is long lasting, 1-2 times in the past 2 weeks, it prevented me from sleeping because i could feeling it beating so strongly in my heart, i thought it was going to beat itself out my chest. And the tachycardia also stimulated my jerking episodes as well.
Could this be the result of the drug or lyme disease.
occasional pain and discomfort in my joints, not debilitating.
note: i was in around bay area, for conservation field trip, which required us to pull up scotchbroom(a noxious weed) in a field with wooded areas, i noticed one time there was tick on one of the other people there, not just a small one, We did take precautions: wearing hazmat type white suits or chemical spills, gloves, checked each other for ticks on our bodies, so im still on the fence about it. this was 3 years ago,when i went to the park where ticks are prevelant. location is bay area, i read only that ticks with diseases like lyme are very prevelant in the area, than previously thought. in addition to other infections associated with it
i do have tachycardia before this happened but not as severe as it is now.
What possibilities that this caused by lyme?
could it take 3 years for lyme disease to manifest symptoms, and then rapidly progress, or its a gradual increase of symptoms over years? I did suspect lyme disease before, but it was for another condition. I looked online and kept pointing to neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune ones. loss of hunger signals, loss of full or empty bladder.

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   Posted 2/4/2015 7:36 PM (GMT -6)   
You indeed have many disturbing symptoms. Of course, we can't diagnose you. Some of your symptoms could be from MS, however LYME could also cause them.

The place to start if you suspect MS is with a neurologist. If, after a neurological exam of your reflexes and responses, he suspects MS then an MRI is the next order of business.

If you're diagnosed with LYME disease then receiving an MS diagnosis will be a lengthy process. There is no single test to confirm MS. It is a diagnosis of exclusion. LYME disease could explain your symptoms.

I hope this information helps.
Diagnosed with MS July 2006

I have no lesions on my soul and so I live with no limits.

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   Posted 2/5/2015 5:59 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm sorry you are getting the run-around. With MS, lesions can form in a matter of just a few weeks. If MS is suspect or has been diagnosed then a new MRI is warranted whenever there are new symptoms!! You need a new MRI!

Have you been to a neurologist? If not, then try to find one that specializes in MS. I received my diagnosis from a general neuro but I received my second opinion from a specialist at an MS center.
Diagnosed with MS July 2006

I have no lesions on my soul and so I live with no limits.

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   Posted 2/7/2015 12:08 PM (GMT -6)   
I couldn't say. I'm not a doctor. They could caused by MS.
Diagnosed with MS July 2006

I have no lesions on my soul and so I live with no limits.
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