please tell me if I am going crazy

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   Posted 11/30/2016 10:42 AM (GMT -6)   
Ok, mine is a log story:

For more than 25 years I have had issues with nerve spasms. I first noticed them when I was in my late teens early twenties after a hard day of working outside, when I would start getting tired my arms or my legs would jerk. Initially I figured it was just low potassium so I took potassium. I got married had years of legs kicking at night while I was asleep to the point that flannel sheets would not last more than two years on the bed because my legs would rub them so long that they would rip apart. During that time I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and just attributed to that. I have still had like my friend all these years finally decided it must just be restless leg syndrome even though it happens anytime I am tired not just at night. Fast forward to this year. I have pain in my legs all the time on the left side. I went to see her about it and he just blew it off as sciatica. Told me to take ibuprofen in it would go away but it didn't. He made me feel like I was a hypochondriac for complaining about it. In February of this year I had issues that look like a TIA. I was admitted to hospital and they did an MRI. The neurologist just decided it was a migraine. It did not feel like any migraine I've had before and I have had them for the past 20 years. Every migraine I had started with pain right behind my left eye that got worse and worse until I couldn't take it. This would last for about a day and then get better. Always when I had that migraine everything would just seem darker visually. Not exactly great it just darker I can explain it. And when it was over colors for vivid. During the MRI he did note that there were several small lesions found. I was told if we had any more problems would come back to another MRI. In June of this year the back pain was bad enough so I went to the doctor you got cortical steroids injected into my back. I felt like I was dying that night. My fiance rush me to the emergency room where again they treated me like I was a hypochondriac and this time a drug addict. This is because I could not stand up my legs and my back hurts so bad. Again only the left leg always the left side. When did drug test and realized I didn't have any drugs in my system and decided that he may actually be in pain so they knock my butt out with two doses of Dilaudid. I was sent for an MRI of my back and they found a ruptured disc. They said that it had pinched a nerve in my leg and that was causing the problem. Had surgery in August to fix it supposedly that went well but the leg pain will not go away. I will be laying there and my leg will just start kicking on its own. Sometimes the leg pain is like there's a knife going in my groin and out my hip threw the ball and Joint. I have tingling up and down my leg it feels like the nerves are on fire. Still this is only on the left side supposedly nothing is wrong with the back now. What is worrying me as I'm starting to feel those same nerve pains in my right leg. I don't know if I really am a hypochondriac and just imagining all this or is it possible so much that I have thought of as restless legs in migraines we're in reality early stage MS all this time? Is it possible that incident in February really was a true migraine and that's why I didn't know what it was? When I had it the reason a friend who is a nurse told me to go to the hospital was because I could see words in my mind I knew what the words I wanted to say where but they could not come out my mouth. Do I ask the doctor if it is possible that I have MS or am I just going crazy?

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   Posted 11/30/2016 9:53 PM (GMT -6)   
You may want to find a neurologist who specializes in MS. You aren't going crazy. You have a lot going on. I'm sorry!

Migraines can cause brain lesions. Your migraines could cause some diagnostic confusion. MS is a diagnosis of exclusion. You won't receive an MS diagnosis unless there isn't any other reason for your lesions and symptoms. Keep us posted!
Diagnosed with MS July 2006

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   Posted 12/20/2016 2:57 PM (GMT -6)   
Crohn's for 16 yrs. Diag. with MS 1 yr ago.

I did a lot of research on Crohn’s and IBD and read everything I could find on the internet regarding Crohn’s and read a GI Book. The one and most important thing I did not read on line was that if you have one autoimmune disease then you have a HIGHER risk in getting two or more autoimmune diseases. Plus, they are now finding links between IBD and MS.

You sound like me I had the same Symptoms for years
First my left side was numb and tingling. Then my right side started to get numb and tingling. I kept complaining that everything was getting worse and because, I also have Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disk Disease, Herniated & Bulging Disk, they were always scanning my spine. OMG, the spasms are extremely painful, and I get them anytime and anywhere in my legs, feet and hands. Plus, I also have sleep apnea and glaucoma.

Then September 2015 I had a MRI of my brain and they found all the lesions. I then was lucky enough to get a referral to one of the best Neurologist here and less than a year after my MRI on September 2015, I was diagnosed with MS December 2015, it’s my anniversary!!!!!!!!! And I am still googling things on MS. The disease is very complex disease and there is no way to understand it all. The doctors and researchers don’t even understand it.

So I am about to start my 3rd prescription for MS and I am on line reading again….. And I came across your post.
Other symptoms, and perhaps the most important…. I also had and still have numbness on my face and tongue and one of my eyes are droopy. These are symptoms that cannot be explained by a pinched nerve in your spine and is typically (not always) a symptom of MS!!!!!

Long story… shorter… wrapping up… You need to see a Neurologist and get MRI's for your Brain & entire Spine.

Just like Crohn's that can show up in any area of your intestine from your mouth to your anus. MS can show up in any part of your spine and brain. MS damages the myelin coating around the nerve fibers in the central nervous system, which controls everything everywhere anytime. It is impossible to predict how the disease will affect you and is non curable and does progressively get worse with age. But the sooner you get diagnosed the sooner you can start MS Treatment to at least slow down the progression and hopefully you can have a normal life.

There isn't one test that confirms MS 100%. They will look at your MRi's and perform other test, mainly to rule everything else out. Then with the combination of the test results and scans they can diagnosis you with or without MS. Try to be patient and I wish you all the best of luck and health for the rest of this year and next.

FYI ....

MS Symptoms include, numbness, tingling, weakness, muscle spasms, pain, walking difficulty, depression, anxiety, tremors, vision problems dizziness, Vertigo, cognitive changes and headaches.

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   Posted 1/24/2017 9:01 PM (GMT -6)   
I was diagnosed with MS in 2003.

Before then I had just transferred to the VA Medical Center blind rehab center in Tucson, AZ from Palo Alto, CA. Here, in Tucson, we had just started cross training blind rehab specialists to teach in another discipline. I was assisting anoter person in giving a low vision exam. I failed the tests she was giving me. The next day I made an appointment to get my vision tested. I went to see the optometrist. She tested my vision and when that was complete she referred me to see Neuro-opthomosogist. I went to see him and he said the there was nothing wrong. Later I had trouble falling and my doctor sent me to get an MRI. The MRI showed, what the doctor thought was MS, so he sent me to see a Neurologist. The Neurologist gave me a spinal tap which confirmed I had MS.

It seems that the Optometrist I went to could see signs of my MS striking me. I don't know but you might want to get your eyes checked. Just a thought.
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