I haven't been diagnosed, but I really think I have MS

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   Posted 7/12/2006 12:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Symptoms List
Strange sensations
Sensation that I am shorter than I am when looking at the ground (NEW)
Sexual problems - Numbness sometimes
Lower back pain around lumpy area
Random pain/tingling arms/legs/face
Memory problems
Thinking problems - Concentration
hearing problems one ear
Sweating problems even when cold
do not get cold sweats at night anymore
Sweating seems to be much more than it should be.
Mood Swings
Numbness in back - center
Blurry Vision (New)
I also had some severe pain in my ribs and was checked for multiple heart issues, but nothing was found. 
Anyway, I keep going to the hospital, and my doctor with these problems and no one can seem to tell me what is going wrong.
I've noticed that I get a couple of weeks or so at a time where I feel extremely horrible, then it calms down, and then I find myself with new symptoms, lately "Sexual numbness", "Vision", "Strange sensation of feeling closer to the ground than I actually Am"
Anyway, I just don't understand, I want to feel well, I just don't get it.  I don't want people or doctors to think that I'm a hypochandriac, I just want to know whats going on.  From what I remember, and can tell, I have been getting progressively worse, even though my physical activity is greater, my diet is better, and I am focusing on my health.. technically I should be feeling better, when in fact I am not.  The most constant of all of my problems is my numbness in my back, around the center, which is constant.. the other symptoms come and go, but the sexual dysfunction really bothers me, since my spouse has been frustrated with my "Lack" of ability,.. by the way, I'm 26 years old, Male. I just hate going to the doctor and them saying, nothings wrong.. PS. I purposely do not go to the doctor, because they always tell me the same thing, so I go maybe once a year.. note: These issues started about 3 years ago.

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   Posted 7/12/2006 2:18 AM (GMT -6)   
It could be MS, but you should talk to your doctor and get a MRI done and blood work done. If it is MS the doctor should see that you have lesions on your brain. The blood work is just to rule out other diseases.

And maybe tell your spouse what is going on. She might be a bit more understanding about the sexual dysfunction if you tell her what is going on. And actually my spouse noticed a few things that I did not. For instance for a time I mixed up my words, and my mouth drooped. I didn't notice these things but my spouse did.

I think you have very valid reasons to go to the doctor. I hope you find out what is wrong with you soon.

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   Posted 7/12/2006 6:06 AM (GMT -6)   

Has someone labeled you a hypochondriac, that you're unwilling to go to a doctor? If indeed you only go once a year, like you said in your last paragraph, that would hardly be sufficient to label you anything!

It could be MS. Or a host of other things.  Without a thorough workup, that might include blood tests, MRI's of your brain and spine (what's that lumpy stuff you describe?), examinations of your ears, eyes, all that -- it's impossible for anyone, including yourself, to diagnose. 

I'd probably start with the family doctor, and outline the same things you did here.  Tell him/her that you're concerned, because these things seem to be worsening over time. And then let the doctor tell you what next. If you walk in with a preconceived diagnosis, they are indeed likely to dismiss you as a hypochondriac, but if you let them do their work, they might come up with something.

Many disorders take a LONG time to become distinct enough to determine what it is, over time. So it may be that the doctor tells you to watch and wait, and call him if things change, and "come back in six months". That's not a dismissal -- that's an attempt to watch you, over time, to see if there is a pattern to your symptoms, or what new things might occur.

Sounds like a call to a doctor is in order.  Good luck.




...I am not a doctor, nor health professional, and don't pretend to be one, here.....

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   Posted 7/13/2006 5:23 PM (GMT -6)   

The Lumps I'm describing have been in the last 2 years also. 

I haven't been labelled as a hypochandriac, but every time I go to the hospital (Its hard to get in to see my doctor, takes months) I tend to feel like they are blowing me off.

Last time I went in, I gave them a list of symptoms I was having, because I find I don't give enough details when I actually talk to a doctor.  Anyway, I was having an annoying chest pain and flank pain, my lower back where the lumps I think are causing swelling/pain.. From what my doctor said, without looking into it much, "Those are Lipomas (Fatty benign)" because I recently lost quite a bit of weight.  about 50-60 pounds, I was 230Ibs now 180Ibs. They didn't do any checking beyond a couple pokes of a finger.  Its quite likely that they are nothing, but with the flank pain that I'm getting now, along with strange tingling sensations around my sides, its starting to worry me.  I also am getting chest pain, seems to be relieved with Advil(Ibuprofen) so I'm thinking some sort of skeletal or muscular pain in the chest... as I have had multiple tests for the heart.  Ultrasound, EKG x 2, Tons of blood work.  So far, all negative. I'm apparently not diabetic.. My doctor believed my symptoms were diabetic related at first, but now what the heck?

Anyway, I tend to wait a very long time to get my health looked after, as I keep brushing off what is wrong with me, and I hope its nothing, but it keeps coming back, worse and worse.

I am afraid I guess of finding out its something extremely serious, but I just want to be healthy.. (Alas the reason I lost 50 pounds and eat a "PERFECT" diet and try to exercise as much as I can)

They haven't looked at my Brain... and they have not done any tests related to looking at other abdominal organs or anything. Only the heart, and poking tests, Blood work, Urine etc.

The weirdest thing that happened to me, was about 2 weeks ago, for the last month I've felt very horrible, but for one day for about 3 hours I felt absolutely amazing.. Like I felt when I was 18 years old and in great shape.. I'm 26 btw, I thought that at that point I was suddenly better and everything was gone. Then alas, the next day.. I was horrible yet again.

Recently, the most common problems I'm having are : Sexual dysfunction, Irritability, Mood swings, Pain in sides, Chest pain, Chest pain under rib, Darker Urine, slight burning while urinating.

However, I was recently checked for STD's and any Urinary Tract Infections, and they didn't find anything.

I'm just trying to figure out if I should run to the hospital, and plead with them to test my other organs, or just sit here and wait another 3 weeks for my family doctor.


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   Posted 7/13/2006 7:16 PM (GMT -6)   
Wait another three weeks for your family doctor...and try to list the problems you're having, starting with the MOST troublesome, down to the lest bothersome.

Expect to spend no more than 20 minutes, at most, with your doctor -- that's all the time that's alloted these days -- so be prepared for a CALM, unemotional listing of troublesome problems. Start with those that affect what doctors call the "Activities of daily living" -- those things that affect your ability to dress yourself, feed yourself, toilet yourself (that's where all the bladder things and sexual things might fit), walk, that sort of thing. And work down to the little stuff.

Doesn't sound a lot like MS, if that's any comfort. But if you're concerned, you need a thorough workup.
...I am not a doctor, nor health professional, and don't pretend to be one, here.....

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   Posted 12/1/2011 3:53 PM (GMT -6)   
AnitaLynn sound's like a good consult.

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   Posted 12/1/2011 3:58 PM (GMT -6)   
Also, ask about you bilirubin levels and uppitycats sounds like a doc.

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   Posted 12/1/2011 9:07 PM (GMT -6)   

You may want to check the dates of threads. This one is very old and the original poster may no longer be active.
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