1st time colonoscopy-- totally freaked

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   Posted 2/17/2008 2:24 PM (GMT -6)   
I almost feel guilty posting here because it is obvious everyone has serious health issues, and I am just schduled for a screening colonoscopy-- which I have postponed until 54 because the whole thing freaks me out! First of all, everyone says (at least doctors) that colonoscopy is painless, but I have had two friends who were assured they would be "in lala land and not feel a thing" by their doctor and both were really in pain even after given more medication and the doctor just ignored them and had the nurse hold them down! (That doctor is NOT doing my procedure!) But the "conscious" part of "conscious sedation" makes me very nervous. I really don't want to be conscious of anything. My doctor has reassured me that most people really don't feel anything, but is this just what these GI docs tell everyone to get them to have the test?

Secondly, I am pretty worried about the prep. I really, really, don't tolerate throwing up and it seems like this is very common. My doctor uses the pill prep and says it is a lot easier, but from what I've read, a lot of people still get sick. Also, I've read that they're quite large. I can take pills, but sometimes really large ones, like big vitamins, aren't real easy. How big are these pills? Are they really hard to get down? Can you they be split? Any suggestions? I'm on the verge of forgetting the whole thing, which, yes, I know, is really stupid.

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   Posted 2/17/2008 2:33 PM (GMT -6)   
The first time I had a colonoscopy at age 39, I was completely awake. I kept telling the doctor that I was not feeling sleepy at all, but although I felt some cramping, it wasn't that bad. I had another one at age 49 and this time I told the doctor I wanted to be OUT. I don't remember a thing. The prep is the worst part...I had to drink the gallon of stuff. I would definitely prefer a pill, no matter how big. The prep tastes bad, that is what made me feel sick, but pretty soon you are just going all water and you're clean as can be in there! good luck and don't worry about it. I am a wimp and I don't think it is as bad as I always worried that it would be. you'll be so glad to know that you have been checked out so thoroughly and you only need them about every 10 years unless you have a problem.

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   Posted 2/17/2008 2:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello! I am from the IBS board but can say that having a colonoscopy is not that bad really. Yes, there is some discomfort and cramping sensations but the worst part is the prep. Here in the UK I was given Citro Mag which is powder that dissolves in water. It wasn't that hard to get down and didn't make me feel sick at all.

Once it started working there wasn't much respite from sitting on the loo and you do get sore with all the frequent diarrhoea but some cream put on the anal area after each session helped me and medicated wipes can ease matters a lot.

It really is worse to think about than to endure and you will be relieved once it is over (especially if, as I hope, you have no problems and can go another decade before another one!)

Good luck!

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   Posted 2/17/2008 3:00 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Jitters!

I'm 43 and went through my first colonoscopy last year. I drank two or three bottles (can't remember exactly) of Citra Mag that were already prepared that I picked up at Walgreen. They just tasted like salty flavored grape or lemon drink. They were nasty. Following each drink, which is about 16 oz., you drink a big glass of water. There are many different methods to clean your bowels out. Just be adamant with your anesthesiologist about wanting to be totally out of it. I was and didn't feel a thing. It's your body and you have control over it.
Most people don't have bad experiences with them. Good luck.


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   Posted 2/17/2008 3:31 PM (GMT -6)   

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   Posted 2/17/2008 4:02 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi Jitters,

Don't feel bad about posting here. We don't mind and are always happy to answer questions. The reason they use concious sedation is because they sometimes have to direct you to move a certain way. My last two colonoscopies were done with propofol which puts you totally out. It's nice because as soon as they stop pushing it, you wake up and don't feel loopy at all. I'm 45 and have had six colonoscopies and haven't felt and/or remembered any of them. I'm getting ready to have my third in the past five months.

I'm assuming you're talking about OsmoPrep. It's what I used the last time because I just can't drink any of the liquid preps anymore. As soon as it's coming towards my mouth I gag. LOL The pills...well there are a lot of them; 32 if I remember right. They are large - maybe about the size of a dime. They are round not oblong which makes them easy to swallow. I will offer you a hint. Don't let them touch your tongue because they taste just like the liquid stuff. I'd hold each one between my teeth until I was ready to swallow them.

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   Posted 2/17/2008 8:51 PM (GMT -6)   
if u have to take the liquid prep, i mix mine with gingerale or orange soda, makes it slightly more tolerable tho not much. u might get more experiences with the pill from the crohns board. i've seen a few posts on that new pill recently, someone even posted a website that tells u about it. I think it was tabletprep.com but i'm not sure so go check it out. IT's under the post..."GOOD NEWS"
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   Posted 2/17/2008 8:55 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm not sure of your specific circumstances, but I know a few adults that have taken Miralax mixed in Gatorade as their prep. Maybe ask your doctor about it and see if it's substantial enough for you?
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