OH! my tailbone

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   Posted 10/29/2008 6:43 PM (GMT -7)   
Sometimes my tailbone hurts so bad that i can hardly sit.  I noticed it after i had my son, but thought nothing of it, since it is not uncommon for women to break or badly bruise their tailbones during childbirth.  And thenit quit hurting, but since i had surgery it has starting hurting again.  I am guessing it was from sitting funny since i had my bottom sewed shut, i was putting the pressure on my back.
Anybody else having trouble? 
Or any suggestions?

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   Posted 10/29/2008 6:52 PM (GMT -7)   
no suggestions--sorry! however, I knew the post was yours as soon as I saw the title :)

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   Posted 10/29/2008 6:55 PM (GMT -7)   
Sorry Summer! The only issues I have had with bones is hips/lower back, due to osteoporosis (which I have taken Forteo and Reclast for in the last few years); most of the time now it is due to too much lifting or physical work at the new house! Hope you feel better soon, and figure out what is causing your pain.

Dumb question - have you ever fallen? or broke your tailbone? Maybe it has healed in a weird position that you are irritating it by something you are doing. So what have you been doing lately that could be aggravating it?
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   Posted 10/29/2008 7:09 PM (GMT -7)   
My biggest issue since my step 1 procedure 7 months ago has been lower back pain.  I did fall on the back, though, about 4 days after my surgery but it didn't hurt so I didn't think it was that.  Anyhow, I go to the chriroprator all the time and that has helped....still not perfect but it has helped.  Let me know if you find a remedy.

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   Posted 10/29/2008 10:22 PM (GMT -7)   
I think that you broke your tail bone when you had your son.After that it will hurt any time you put alot of pressure on it.It is worse the first 5 years after you broke it but it will still bother you later on.I have broken mine 4 times so I know what I am talking about.
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   Posted 10/30/2008 2:54 AM (GMT -7)   
Do you think it is worth getting an xray done? My friend just had a riding accident recently and when she went to the doc they did one...only to find an old injury. She had previously broken her tailbone!!!

I hope it gets better soon!!

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   Posted 10/30/2008 4:21 AM (GMT -7)   

hi summer

i started having issues with my tailbone several months ago - never had a problem before.  i put it down to sitting all day long at the pc - i work pt from home.  i have a special cushion to sit on but it seems to make no diff.  though i expect you hardly ever sit down with kids and all.

there is a name for the condition and apparently it can come and then suddenly go just like that.

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If they had diagnosed me properly in the first place - i probably wouldnt have needed all of the above surgeries - makes me mad - Typical!!! 
Scared as told it is 50/50 i could be incontinent and need a bag :(

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   Posted 10/30/2008 6:46 AM (GMT -7)   
The painful tailbone is terrible!!  I have CI, and haven't had surgery yet, but had a horrible, painful tailbone for almost 18 months. It may not be related to your surgery.   If your google "painful tailbone" you'll get the medical term.  I even had my tailbone xrayed because I was sure I had broken it!
I didn't do anything to hurt it, probably just sitting at the computer too long.  The doctor told me it takes a LONG time to heal, and then one day it just won't hurt anymore.  That is exactly what happened!  He said there's no real reason you get it, and no idea of when it might go away.
You can buy one of those special pillows with a cut out for your rear end at some drug stores, and definitely can find them online.  The do help when you're sitting watching tv or at the PC, but standing feels much better than sitting.  It even hurt to roll over in bed.
Good luck, and hopefully yours won't last as long as mine did. 

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   Posted 10/30/2008 7:43 AM (GMT -7)   
oh my janiepain,, mine isn't that bad, i hope yours heals soon!

I figure i probably did break it when i had my son, i pushed for over two hours (i know ya'll wanted to know that, lol)
It's weird times that it hurts, sometimes it won't hurt at all, yesterday, i was on the bike at the gym and it was awful. i go three times a week and ride for like an hour, usually have no problems. Sometimes it hurts sitting here, and sometimes it doesn't. Just weird random things. I dont' see much use in an x-ray, cause they cant' really set it or anything. Oh that would be so funny, a cast on your butt! i guess i wouldnt' have to worry about going to the bathroom though,lol
thanks for hte posts, i will let you know if i find out anything

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   Posted 10/30/2008 3:59 PM (GMT -7)   


My tailbone is much much better now, but it did take about 18 months for it to really stop hurting!!

I just had a cystocele repaired because of a 10.lb. 3 oz baby I had 28 years ago.  My GYN says these kids are the "gifts that keep on giving"!  wink

Hope you feel better soon!


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