My first leak ever....and it was a doozy!

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   Posted 12/12/2008 9:29 PM (GMT -6)   
So I have been pretty proud of myself since getting my ileostomy--I had not had ANY problems with the bags of wafers I was using at all. My wafer stuck well for up to a week, the bags I use worked well, etc. No One leak ever since getting my bag!

Well, last night I made the mistake of eating a big bowl of ice cream before bed (I couldn't resist). I am usually a VERY light sleeper, and always seem to wake up whenever my bag gets about halfway full in the night so that I can empty it. However, yesterday I was so exhausted from working late the past 3 days in a row, so when I went to sleep, I slept hard through most of the night until I suddenly woke up--

Picture this: I am still half asleep and laying on my left side, and I reached down to feel if my bag was full out of habit--but THERE WAS NO BAG THERE! A shot of adrenaline went through me as I realized I was feeling just my little stoma through my shirt and Nothing covering it!! I wanted to jump out of bed, but I very carefully (did not want to make any more of a mess) turned on my light and saw that the entire bag had detached, and it was sitting on the bed and leaning against my belly VERY full and as I said, NOT Attached! It must have literally blown off due to too much gas built up in it!!!! (A few times, I have woke up with my bag like a balloon, and I always wondered if it would/could ever truly pop off....well, it can!)

The good news was that the bag actually stayed sitting upright (which I still can't believe), so not much actually leaked out onto my bed/sheets. I somehow managed to carry the bag by the top of it to the bathroom without spilling anything on the floor, but all my clothes I had to trash....I also had to wake up my husband and say "babe I need to change the sheets!" at 4:00 in the morning. :( He joked about it and helped my change them. He is a wonderful man. :)

Summer--I read in one of your posts that you have a waterproof thing under you when you sleep--I just got one today to give me peace of mind! :)

I can't believe I go from no leaks ever to my whole bag being blown off in my bed...! I actually keep laughing to myself--mainly because of how horrified I was when I woke up--about the whole thing. :) What are you going to do, you know?


Just had to share here, because there is no way in H*** that I would ever tell this story to anyone else! :-)


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   Posted 12/12/2008 11:40 PM (GMT -6)   
The sugar did it. I ate a large piece of cake the other day with a lot of icing on it and it started to come out of me like a flood of water. I could hear the sloshing in the bag and it was nothing but water inside

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   Posted 12/13/2008 9:20 AM (GMT -6)   
LittleE--Yikes! sounds like it could have been did we all get so lucky with such great husbands?! I have only had to wake mine up once and he was SO great about it too!!

You also just reminded me why I only eat three spoonfuls of ice cream at nite!!!

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   Posted 12/13/2008 9:53 AM (GMT -6)   
OMG - this reminds me of the 2 to 3 hour span after I ate a bowl of fresh blueberries (while I had a temp ostomy in 1999).

My stool turned an army green!

I had to empty it every 10 to 15 minutes. It completely filled each time and was extremely warm next to my skin (and instantly reminded me of when my daughters would have bm's when they were newborns but their stool back then was a mustard color).

It was just a good thing I was awake and it was after lunch. All I was doing was putzing right here on the computer. But it was a wakeup call. My colon doc said never to eat THAT many blueberries! He said, possibly 5, but never a bowl full!
Marsky/Mary's story.....
- Diagnosed with rectal cancer, April 1999 - Stage I, no treatment necessary
(5 hour colon resection: 90% sigmoid removed, 15 inches of colon removed, gall bladder removed, given temporary colostomy)
- Colostomy reversal, June 1999
- Left with IBS/D symptoms, multiple bm's every day
- On a low residue diet at least 75% of the time
- Takes Colace 50 mg each evening

All in all I do okay, I just use the bathroom A LOT! But I survived and beat cancer!

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   Posted 12/13/2008 11:16 AM (GMT -6)   
i dont think anyone should eat that many blueberries, lol.

Blue stuff is awful and it makes the worst smell, like if you eat blue icing or something.

Little E that is quite the story! That would be so distressing, there is noway i would be able to sleep after that.
I bought a set of cheap white sheets (that's what color is almost always on my bed) and cut them to fit the pads and then sewed it on top of pad, so that it would be like sleepign on the sheet and i wouldn't feel it at all. It is much more comfy that way. I washed those sheets a bunch of times before i sewed them on so that they would be softer, i didn't wash the pads anymore than necessary. And sew the sheets on a little bigger than the pad, i'm not sure how this happens,but the sheet seems to shrink like after a while.

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   Posted 12/13/2008 2:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for the commiseration, everyone :-) It always makes me feel better to share this stuff with people who know firsthand what I am talking about.

Wade--You are definitely right that the sugar was a big part of the problem--part of the reason my pouch was pretty much Full was due to the fact that there was so much pure liquid in it...!

OHIO--2-3 spoonfuls of ice cream max now sounds like a Great idea to me!! I love it so much, but it always does give me a bit of extra gas :(. Thank the lord for understanding husbands--we are so lucky, aren't we?? :) Although I am sure my husband might not be as happy if there had actually been any part of the mess ON him, you know? Lol

Marksky--lol at the blueberries incident! Emptying every 10-15 minutes is crazy.

Summerstorm--you are resourceful in how you made the bed pads! The nurse at the hospital after my surgery actually let me take home 2 of the waterproof pads that have, and these have quilted cotton material on top already so that they are soft and don't make like plastic-crinkle sounding noises! But thanks for the idea. :)

Last night I slept well, no problems. I am hoping this will be my one and only leak for 2008!



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   Posted 12/15/2008 3:12 AM (GMT -6)   
The way you told that story was so funny! Reaching down and the pouch was gone... Oh my... confused I'm glad it has only happened to you once and that you can laugh about it! smilewinkgrin
Dx'd Crohn's in '99 at 28. Proctocolectomy and ileostomy in '06.
Disease-free, medicine-free, and very thankful to be healthy again :)

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