Posted 9/16/2003 5:57 PM (GMT -7)
I agree with Kez- deodorizers can make a world of difference.  One of my biggest fears about having an ileostomy was that I would smell.  My stoma nurse gave me a sample of Hollister M3 drops, and they have worked so well.  I use a little more than what the bottle says- I think they recommend 8-10 drops where I use closer to 15. 

I'd play around with the amount you add.  I added too much at first and then backed off to the point where I use the minimal amount that is still effective. 

I carry a small pocket-sized bottle of deodorizer everywhere with me.  It makes me so much more comfortable when I have to empty my bag in public.

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Posted 9/18/2003 4:24 AM (GMT -7)
I know i havn't used it for long,but i'm not sure if i think it's as effective as the liquid.I asked my husband to be honest with me this morning and to tell me if when he went into the bathroom about 10mins after me,if he thought the smell was better,worse, or the same as other mornings.(the things we have to do!!)He said it was a bit worse than most mornings!And i had used an air freshner as well!
Maybe i just need to use abit more as i noticed Kes uses more than is instructed on the tube.I will carry on with it for a while and let you know if i change my mind.At the end of the day,i do wonder if somtimes we think there is no smell because we have just got used to it,and we only notice if it's perticualy strong.
Either way my little bottle of lavender spray will continue to be sprayed before and after emptying in a public loo.
Bag Lady

Posted 9/18/2003 4:38 PM (GMT -7)
Hey bag lady,
I think your hubby might be right. I have been rooting for the powder to work because the liquid leaks everywhere everytime I try to bring it out with me. I don't understand why they can't package it so it is convenient to travel around with.....I mean geez! Do they expect us to never leave the house or to actually carry around the big bottle, even the small size isn't very discreet. ARGH, just venting here, kind of frustrated about it. Keep me posted as to how it is working for you. sparkn
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Posted 9/28/2003 3:35 PM (GMT -7)
Im glad I caught this, I know I heard my roommates make nasty remarks about the washroom and after I use it, and will soon, or soon hope to be back to work.. I really worry about the stink.. I notice it stinks, but all I smell everywhere is poop now, I think it is psycological.

Posted 10/16/2003 2:41 PM (GMT -7)
ok, I am putting in an update. I am going back to the devrom tablets. Even though I hate having any extra pills to swallow, I think they are not only the most effective, but easiets to deal with and travel with.....argh.
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Posted 10/17/2003 1:04 AM (GMT -7)
To be honest i have hardly bothered using anything lately.I find that the worse smell is first thing in the morning and as i'm usualy at home its only my family thats going to notice(ha ha let them suffer)they have never complaind yet so it can't be so bad,unless they are being polite and i very much doubt that!
If i remember i will add a few drops of the liquid before going out anywhere special,but i have pretty much given up on the powder i think it somtimes makes the smell worse.I,m still staying with my old faithfull the lavender spray.

Bag Lady

Posted 1/6/2004 7:58 PM (GMT -7)
ok, so I hated using the liquid odor stuff because it was not practical to take out and use at work, restaurants etc. I found it always leaked on everything.....but today I came up with the idea of putting the liquid in a container for eye worked! I am soooo excited I thougth I would share the idea. It doesn't leak and fits in a pocket, no more worries :)
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Posted 1/8/2004 9:07 AM (GMT -7)
What I have my son do at home and this also helps in the public restrooms is to light a match, maybe several but of course be careful......  I know when my son empties his bag at home the whole house smells for along time, when i say along time it may be 15 to 30 minutes so I start lighting the candles around the house i even have a candle in the bathroom for him to light immediatly afterwards. This really helps.

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Posted 1/8/2004 2:34 PM (GMT -7)
If you put a few drops of this stuff in the pouch whenever you empty it, you don't have any odors at all. It is covered by some insurances...your son should try it! For me, I work in a school and can't light a match, plus when travelling on airplanes and stuff that isn't allowed. If your son hasn't tried it, you might want to get him some, they have saved me from some very embarrassing moments :)
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Posted 5/18/2004 3:09 PM (GMT -7)
Hi I'm only going to bother you for a little but I was wondering why this forum doesn't have much activity. I know that people have lives but I for one thought that this board offered very good support for those who really needs it. I know everyone has benefited from one time or another. I was wondering why we couldn't keep that going. Well anyway sorry for bothering you. eyes
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Posted 5/18/2004 11:35 PM (GMT -7)
Hello Sexywithabag.

I am glad that you have reminded me of this topic,because i want to tell everyone about an odour neutraliser that i have recently discovered and i think i am going to stick with because it is so good

It is called OstoMist,it is in a little spray bottle that you can carry in your bag or pocket.I was given a free sample by the OstoMart rep and she gave me a good tip(i never thought of this before)as soon as i empty contents of bag into the toilet,i spray directly down in to the toilet and it is brillient,even my husband doesn't have to hold his breath anymore when he uses the bathroom after me.

When i use public toilets i also spray a little into the air just to be on the safe side.I wouldn't be without it now.

It is made by OstoMart and it comes in Grapefruit and Apple.Brillient stuff.


Posted 5/19/2004 4:27 AM (GMT -7)
I'll definately check it out, but I really don't have odor problems because I use m9.It's by hollister, anyway I'm down with extra protection, controlling the odor makes it easy for me to go out in public and feel good about it'
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