I have had a very odd leak/failure, help or advice please as I am worried about this!

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schrek-chewbacca hunk
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   Posted 11/12/2009 5:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello All,
 I hope everyone is OK.  I have had a leak and appliance failure that was very odd.  It was day 3 in the evening and I usually change every 4 days - so it was "close" to my changing the appliance.  I went to bed, and I noticed that I had some wet spot - water/clear on my PJ's and then my underwear - and then I traced to the underside of my flange and sure-seal (I always wear one).  I knew that I had to empty a few more times than normal that day - and it was a watery stool, but it had started to bulk up just before I went to bed.  When I removed my appliance and went to throw out the bag and the flange - the barrier ring "seemed" ok - but I was having a thick consistency movement/output along with a watery/foamy flow from my stoma.  How could it be both thick and watery as if two separate output types were happeneing at the same time.  During the change, I had to keep my stoma padded with paper towels to catch the clearish liquid - while it seemed that I was having diffiuculty - or at least slowly passing a very thick consistency.
Sorry to be graphic - but that type of leak would be very un-controllable in an outside/non home setting.  So far so good as I have had 1 day since that leak and everything is holding.
Has anybody else experienced this?  I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary, and it is not a "bug" as I feel fine.  Should I call my GI?  or nurse?  or just put this one up to an anomally?
Any help would be appreciated,
love to all,

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   Posted 11/12/2009 8:01 PM (GMT -6)   
It's probably just something you ate. Unless you see the odd behavior; feel pain; see blood.. etc. etc. etc continuing. it's probably an anomaly.

I know i really hate when the seal fails and I get leakage. Normally I change my bag every for days as well. Have it down to making the change first thing in the morning on day five right after I get up. It's usually not active for an hour or so first thing in the morning. But the other night at the end of day three.. just about 11:30pm i noticed a leak and it was this big.. oh Shhht.. because I've learned that the sealant doesn't hold well if I change it then lay down right away afterward. Fortunately, I have some waterproof tape that I keep for emergencies and It only had to hold about six hours so I taped up where it was leaking well and it held the night until I did a change the next morning.

Been on this bag now two years and I've learned that occasionaly this kind of thing happens. Just deal with it and move along and LIVE :)

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   Posted 11/12/2009 9:30 PM (GMT -6)   
Bob~do you wear a one piece or two piece appliance? If it is two, could the pouch have become seperated? I guess that could even happen with a one piece two if it was pulled away...

Yes, sometimes you can have a 'foam' type output with regular output....sometimes, when I eat really processed 'junk' food, I get that foam type of output.

It sounds like you have things under control :-) don't worry too much about those weird things that can happen...it's learning on a HUGE curve, isn't it?!

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   Posted 11/12/2009 11:51 PM (GMT -6)   
I've had that kind of thing happen twice now. The foamy stuff can be reaction to sugars. I don't get why they come together either. Would like to know the science of this. Let us know if you find anwers.
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   Posted 11/13/2009 12:31 AM (GMT -6)   
I recently underwent colon surgery that removed most of my colon due to tumors that were blocking my intestines. I saw the scans but have major questions about whether or not the surgery was a life threatning as the surgeons implied an if I didn';t undergo this surgery I would have had more serious problems in the future or died. The first surgery to remove the tumors was deamed a success but an infection isued as a result of the surgery I 'm wondering if they who did the surgery is rponsible for the infection that caused me now to have to wear a bag on the outside of my body a bag that counld potentially leak on my nice clothes in public . I'm a businessman who must wear suits ,ad worry about the embarrassment of this happening at the most inopportune times, in a public or a business setting .The Stoma is exposed and can be seen through the transparent bag the colon bag Ostomy using the major brand  by Hollister and some other kind with a different design ,some convexed others flat one with a velcrove lower strap the other with a better sticky sidepannel thatn the other brand, this one with convexity has a beltthat goes along with it with both of the models that I;m using now. I use the paste and the dressing to keep it clean but none of them are water proof enough to be able to bath of shoer with with out becoming loose and eventually leaking is there a design out there that will withstand a bath or a shower that will stay in place before and after a bath or shower that is available for my particular treatment. I love to stay fresh and clean but if I take a shower every morning like I used to before the  operation/surgey I have to put n a new bag  and the area must be completely dry before it will stick to the stoma skin area again. does a bag that's water resistant exist andif it doesn't then where can I get them and why if  they don't exist don't they. If doctors are going to cut you open and srtap a bag on the outside of your body then why doesn't there exist a better secured way or method of securing the bag exist . a leak proof bag in order to avoid the embarrassment of aleakage accident in public, And by the way  all of them that I've used so far are painfully itchy and uncomfortable  especially around the adhesive area, nedd some one who is going through the same thing or have gone through the same thing before to bring me up to speed on the latest technology in colon bags. 8082200868 I'm in Honolulu,Hawaii

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   Posted 11/13/2009 12:56 AM (GMT -6)   
They make bags that are covered in cloth, by hollister its the new image line, and they are much nicer.
Your bag should not come off in the shower, i spent 6 hours in the hot tub on numerous occasions, gone swimming, gone in the ocean, taken tons of showers, with no problems, after i got my system down that is.
At first i was having trouble with leaks after showers or water, it was the skin prep i was using. You should not be having trouble at all.
Tell us, exactly, what you use and what you do, and we can try to troubleshoot for you.
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   Posted 11/13/2009 1:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Helluva Good Chip Dip with Ruffles last month gave me foamy stuff that made me swear off ever eating that dip again. It was bizarre and I have eaten other dips with no issues at all.

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   Posted 11/13/2009 7:18 AM (GMT -6)   
Vietnam~it sounds like you need to try one of the wonderful covered or opaque pouches that summerstorm mentioned. They always start you off with those yukky ones...the hospital likes to know what is going on, but we DON'T!!

Look into getting a sample or two of the Sure Seals. They are a breathable and waterproof 'disc' that covers the paper/tape part of your wafer so water doesn't affect your wear time. I shower at least once a day and don't have any problems:) Also, Coloplast has a model with a plastic extended wear wafer...maybe you could try that, too?

An ostomy shouldn't prevent you from doing anything you'd like to...including wearing clothes needed in business...How long ago was your surgery? I am sure it was important for your life as sometimes tumors/obstructions can cause life threatening perforations.

Let us know your steps for changing your pouch and well see how we can help...and Welcome to the Forum!
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