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   Posted 1/14/2008 3:59 PM (GMT -6)   
and just because I'm curious, let's just see how far this support forum reaches - literally. I'll start ...
My husband and I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (otherwise known as the Great White North) - and our place of treatment is the widely recognized Princess Margaret Hospital where are you from and where is your treatment centre?

Tim G
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   Posted 1/14/2008 4:18 PM (GMT -6)   

Seattle, Washington, USA (God's Great Green Pacific Northwest)  Surgery at Northwest Hospital. 

Age 59 PSA 2.6 (PSA velocity--quadrupled in 1yr) 1 of 12 biopsy cores positive
Bilateral nerve-sparing open RRP 6/21/06  Gleason 5
Cancer confined to prostate, post-op PSA's non-detectable

Post Edited (TimG) : 1/14/2008 2:21:09 PM (GMT-7)

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   Posted 1/14/2008 4:19 PM (GMT -6)   
We live in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the hospital my surgery was performed in called Clarian Notrh Medical Center, and my urologist is part of a group called Urology on Indiana.
52 years old
T1c 3+3=6
DaVinci July 16, 2007
largest cancer .2mm
Bladder Sling installed during prostate removal
nerve sparing with both nerve bundles intact
all cancer contained within prostate nothing near margins
PSA after 6 weeks <0.1 - undetectable
PSA after 4 month .07 - undetectable
11 weeks post-op - no more pads

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   Posted 1/14/2008 4:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Pawling, NY, just north of NYC at Mt. Sinai Hospital
47 at Diagnosis.
1/06 PSA 3.15
1/07 PSA 4.6
10/07 PSA 5.06
Biopsy 3/07 just suspicious
Biopsy 11/07  1 of 12 with 20% involvment
Gleason (3+3)6
Father died of Pca 4/07 at 86.
Da Vinci surgery Jan 5, '08 at Mt. Sinai Hosp. NYC
No visible cancer. Saved both nerve bundles.

James C.
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   Posted 1/14/2008 4:47 PM (GMT -6)   
Kingsport, East Tennessee, Conventional open Surgery done at local hospital by the local Urological expert. 

James C. 
Help support the forums so they can support you: 
Age 60 
4/19/07   PSA 7.6, referred to Urologist, recheck 6.7 06/05/07
7/11/07   Biopsy- 16 core samples, size of gland around 76 cc. Staging pT2c
7/17/07   Path report:  3 of 16 PCa, 5% involved, left lobe , GS 3/3:6. 
9/24/07   Retropubic Radical Prostatectomy performed 
9/26/07   Post-op Path Report: GS 3+3=6 Staging pT2c, 110gms, margins clear
10/15/07  ED- 25mg Viagra nightly-no joy 
10/19/07  Dry 24 hrs, pad at night just in case
11/15/07  ED-continue 25mg Viagra, no response, begin Vacurect pump-
11/15/07  1st PSA-0.01, fully continent- no pads
12/17/07  ED- 3 mts.-continue Viagra and pump-no change-no response
01/01/08  First use of Caverject 2.5mcg, successful, erections at last

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   Posted 1/14/2008 5:07 PM (GMT -6)   
Surgery performed at 3 hours up the road at Emory Hospital in Atlanta by head of Urology, Fray Marshall.

diagnosed sept 06
gleason 3+4=7, right lobe only
psa 4.7  (psa rose 1 point per year for 3 years, urologist said still under 4 and no concern.  If I can find out about PSA velocity, why didn't he know!)
Told not to have surgery at Dana Farber as cancer had already penetrated prostate, in seminal vesicles, would have positive margins. Would only treat with radiation and HT
RP Emory Atlanta December 2006
Path-negative margins, negative lymph nodes
negative seminal vesicles, multifocal perineural invasion, both lobes involved
40% gland involved
gleason 3+4=7
Fully continent 2 weeks post catheter removal
1st psa April 2007-<0.04
 6 Mos PSA <0.04
9 mos PSA still <0.04
12 mos PSA still <0.04

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   Posted 1/14/2008 5:44 PM (GMT -6)   
Ogden Utah, surgery at the Jon Huntsman Cancer Institute in SLC UT

Husband 55 years old
No symptoms
PSA taken on routine health exam
06/18/07  PSA 9.2
07/14/07  Put on antibiotics for a month
09/18/07  PSA 8.77
09/18/07  PSA % Free  9.61
10/17/07  Biopsy =  Gleason 3 + 4  (7)
10/17/07  Biopsy 40% Right Side less than 5% Left Side
12/31/07  D Day!  Davinci Surgery Day - Jon Huntsman Cancer Institute
12/31/07  Left side nerves spared, Right side partial, right nodes taken
01/03/08  Home from the hospital! Let the healing begin!
01/11/08  Cath removed, post-op gleason 3 + 3 = 6, nodes clear
                Margins - capsular invasion but no penetration.  T2C

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   Posted 1/14/2008 5:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Norfolk General Hospital, 10 mile from Virginia Beach, Virginia..always 80 degrees with a balmy we tell the yankee tourist! :-)
PSA 10 June 2007
Biopsy July 2, 16 of 16 samples positive
Di Venci 10/09/07, four hours on table, 3 in recovery
Total time in Hospital: 29 hours
Record for Dr. Lance, 65% of prostate had cancer, but NO spread, clean margins
Clean nodes,
First PSA at 5 weeks, UNDETECTABLE!
Catheter out at seven days, dry from hour one!
The Lord has truly Blessed me.

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   Posted 1/14/2008 5:58 PM (GMT -6)   
St. John's Hospital, St. Louis, MO, DaVinci Prostatectomy February 5, 2007.

64 years old 100307; healthy; active,
married 41 years, good strong erections before surgery.
DaVinci Prostate Removal February 5, 2007
2/12 samples malignant.
Catheter removal 2/13.
Viagra 25mg every other day from 2/14 to 5/12.
Tried Viagra 100mg on occasion-no erections.
Incontinence almost gone after three months.
No pads, occasional  dribble.
Lavitra every other day 5/12 to 7/22.
Muse 1000mcg - no help (50% at best).
Cialis twice a week 7/25 to 11/6/07.
Vacuum pump daily/twice a day 8/2 and going - no help.
Begin Trimix injections, two low dose per week, 11/05/07.
Currently, vacuum pump and low dose Trimix twice per week each.
Trimix in office - 0.10cc.  Low dose set at 0.05cc
First drug induced erection 10/8/07....Wow!
Natural erections - 0 as of 10/25/07.
PSA's, three to date undetectable.  Thank God!

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   Posted 1/14/2008 6:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Sacred Heart Medical Center.  Spokane, WA.

Pete trips again!
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   Posted 1/14/2008 6:02 PM (GMT -6)   

We have lived here for 23 years and I'm still trying to figure it out! We have I have a Lake Worth Florida mailing adress but everyone around here says we live in Lantana. I don't pay taxes or get water from either so I'm guessing Palm Beach County Florida! Thats why we call it Flori~Da! (Home of the "Hanging Chad's") So anyway, I fired a bunch of Urologist here who mainly treat what are locally called "Blue Heads" who I didn't take to very well. No offense to any of the elder members of our group, I was 50 at the time! After much studying and research, we descided on Johns Hopkins in Baltamore, Md. God Bless Them!

Your friend,


54 years old, Surgury, Radical Prostatectomy 8/20/03, PSA 6.6, Gleason 3 + 3 = 6, Adenocarcinoma extent (moderate) Stage & Margin:T2NOMX, No Metastases, Organ Confined, bone scan: Neg. Testosterone Theropy since 12/06. I am's what I am and that's all that I am!!! 

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   Posted 1/14/2008 6:35 PM (GMT -6)   
I live in the beautiful hills of Mount Dora, Florida (the only area in Florida with hills!). Had my surgery performed at Florida Hospital, Orlando.
Diagnosed: March 25, 2007. Age 49
Biopsy: Gleason 6. Five of twelve samples positive with <5% each. No perineural invasion seen.
Surgery: May 21, 2007
Post-op Pathology: Upgraded to Gleason 7 (3+4), negative margins, negative capsular penetration, negative seminal vesicles, lymph nodes left intact, multifocal perinural invasion, 15% of prosate involving cancer in both lobes. T2c
Continence: Out of pads at five weeks. Seven months post-op I'm fully continent.
Erections: Yes! With the assistance of Cialis.
Post Surgery PSA: Three tests, all <0.1
Family history: Great-great grandfather died from PC. My Father had his prostate removed at age 67 in 1997 and has had an undetectable PSA ever since. I was diagnosed at a much earlier age and had a more agressive cancer than my father. Go figure.

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   Posted 1/14/2008 6:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Gardner,Mass. IMRT to be done at Bethke Cancer Center, Emerson Hospital, Concord, Mass

Jim, 54,~Jim-N1BRP. My Journey
Diagnosed: 12Nov. '07, Age 54

Treatment:  18 Jan '08, - To be 42 treatment 1.8 Gy M-F for a total of 75.6 Gy.

Prostate Biopsy: 18Sept '06, - 10 sample all negative, Prostate size 36.3 cc

Prostate Biopsy : 12Nov '07, Biopsy - 14 sample 2 positive, one Gleason 6 at 5 %,
other Gleason 6 at 15%- Stage T1C -Prostate size 40.2 cc

Bone Scan: 12Dec '07, - Hot Spot on Brain
Family history: Father and two uncles  die from PCa

Other: GERD, 30% Carotid artery blockage, Kidney Cyst, Asthma

Meds, BusPIRone, Trazodone, Tramadol HCl, Omeprazole, Nitrostat, Plavix, Albuterol, Multi Vitamin  Mens

PSA's                   fPSA

1.2    Oct  05

3.61  Jul    06    

2.6    Sept 06          19%  

2.6    Apr 07             3% Oh NO


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   Posted 1/14/2008 7:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi JustJulie,
Welcome. I live in Surrey, B.C., Canada, and had my open prostatectomy in Chilliwack, B.C.

Born Sept., 1936
PSA 7.9
Stage T1C
-ve DRE
Gleason's Score 3+4=7
2 of 8 positive
Open RP 28 Nov 06
Post op staging T3
Gleasons still 3+4=7
Seminal vesicles and lymph nodes clear
Catheter out 15 Dec 06
Dry since 11 Feb 07
All PSA tests in 2007 (4) = 0

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   Posted 1/14/2008 7:44 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi all.  I live in Western North Carolina, the home of the wonderful Bluebird and Buddy.  I traveled to Duke University Medical Center in Durham NC and my surgeon was the Chief Of Urology Dr. Judd Moul.  He is an expert and experienced surgeon and is a very great person.  I owe my life to him.



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   Posted 1/14/2008 8:24 PM (GMT -6)   

tongue   * bluebird ~ Buddy & Lee and Murphy too!!!  live in the foothills of North Carolina…

adjacent to the Pisgah National Forest.  Within view of the highest mountain peak east of the Mississippi….  Mount Mitchell.  Approximately 4 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

And only a few miles from our "special" friends ~ *mvesr Mika & Dale


April 3, 2006 RRP

Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy (open surgery)

@ Mission St. Joseph Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina 

Dr. Michael C. Staley ~ Asheville Urological Associates, Inc



If you haven’t sent your HUG ~ please click on the link above! yeah


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mama bluebird - Lee & Buddy… from North Carolina


v          We invite you to visit our personal thread:  Click Here:  “Our Journey” ~ Sharing is Caring 

April 3, 2006  53 on surgery day

RRP / Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

PSA 4.6   Gleason  3+3=6    T2a   Confined to Prostate

3rd PSA 08-07-2007 Less than 0.1 Non-Detectable :)

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   Posted 1/14/2008 9:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi all - Don & I live in Clearwater Florida - his surgery was done at Moffitt Cancer Center at USF (go Bulls!)

Is there something funny in the water here???

Husband Diagnosed 11/17/05 Age: 63 PSA: 7.96 No Symptoms
2/09/06: LRP - Post Pathology - Gleason 4+3 Stage T2b NO MX
3 mo. PSA: 11.8 Stage T3a
6 mo. PSA: 18.8 Stage IV Systemic w/ distant lymph node involvement
Start HT - Lupron 3 mo. shots
12/06/06: PSA 0.8
03/07/07: PSA 0.3
06/06/07: PSA 0.1
09/05/07: PSA 0.1
11/27/07: PSA 0.1

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   Posted 1/14/2008 9:27 PM (GMT -6)   
We're enduring the cold here in MOTOWN. Otherwise known as Hockey Town, The Motor City or just plain ole Detroit.

Actually, we in the burbs between Ann Arbor (University of Michigan) and Detroit. All of our Physician's are U of M
Doc's, Paul's surgeon included.


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   Posted 1/14/2008 9:59 PM (GMT -6)   
From the frozen Tundra of southwest Wisconsin with DeVinci surgery preformed 2 hours away at UW Madision Hospital.

Age 49, PSA 6.22 on 9-26-06
Biopsy 11-01-06, 2 of 13 cores 10% cancer, 2 other cores abnormal Up-dated 20% prostate cancerous
Gleason score 3+3=6 After Pathology report 3+4=7 a couple agressive Grade 5 cells found
Da Vinci surgery 01-09-07 UW Madison
Pathology Report- cancer 100 % capsual contained 1-18-07
Catheter removed 1-18-07 suffered bladder spasms Catheter reattached 1-18-07 Catheter removed 2nd time 1-24-07
1st Post PSA Blood Test 3-22-07 <.1 Undetectable
2nd Post PSA Blood Test 7/5/07 <.1 Undetectable
3nd Post PSA Blood Test 11-12-07 .2 monitoring
Next Post PSA Blood Test Scheduled for 1-17-08
Incontenence-Pad free since end of May 07 4 1/2 months post surgery 
ED back to 95% prior to surgery - no medication required.

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   Posted 1/14/2008 10:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Decatur, Alabama which is in northern Alabama about 30 minutes south of the Tennessee line. Da Vinci was performed at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.

Diagnosed 7/6/06, 1 of 10 core samples, 40%,Stage T1c, Gleason 3+3
Da Vinci on 11/01/06, Catheter out on 11/13/06
56 Years Old
Post Op Path, Gleason 3+3, Approx. 5% of prostate involved
Prostate Confined, margins clear
Undetectable PSA on 12/18/06, 6/25/07, 1/8/08
No more pads as of 1/13/07
Began injections in April '07

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   Posted 1/15/2008 1:38 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Everyone

We live in Albuquerque, New Mexico the great southwest with some of the best weather in the world and by far the best New Mexican food. Surgery done by local urologist Dr. Johnathan Lackner at Pres. Hosp.


Rick & Diana
Age 68/ 67@ Dx
6-30-06  PSA 2.54
1-22-07  PSA 4.98
1-26-07  PSA 5.09
Diag: 2-14-07 Gleason 8 Stage T1c PSA 5.09
Bone Scan 3-1-07 Clear
3-6-07 Triple Spinal Fusion (due to old back injury)
Radical retropubic surgery 4-2-07  Post surgery Gleason 9 Stage T3a Positive margins
4-29-07 PSA 0.02
6-9-07   PSA 0.02
7-6-07   PSA 0.03
8-1-07   CT Scan & Chest X-Ray   Clean
 9-26-2007 PSA 0.07
11/1/07 PSA 0.1
11/30/07 PSA 0.12

Tony Crispino
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   Posted 1/15/2008 2:11 AM (GMT -6)   
Las Vegas, Nevada. I'd tell you more but it has to stay in Vegas. ;-)

But I didn't. For surgery I travelled to the City of Hope near Los Angeles where Dr. W.ilson did his fine work.


Age 45 (44 when Dx)
Pre-op PSA was 19.8
Surgery on Feb 16, 2007
Post-Op Pathology was poor: Gleason 4+3=7, 4 positive margins, Stage pT3b (Stage III)
HT began in May, '07 with Lupron and Casodex 50mg
IMRT radiation for 38 Treatments ending August 3, '07
My PSA did drop out after surgery to undetectable.  It has not returned and I will continue HT until January '08.
My Life is supported very well by family and friends like you all.
Visit my journey at:

Little Jem
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   Posted 1/15/2008 2:56 AM (GMT -6)   

We're in Yorkshire, in the centre of the UK (just about half way up and half way across!)and treatment was at Nuffield Hospital, York. Are we the only ones from the UK?

Little Jem

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   Posted 1/15/2008 11:10 AM (GMT -6)   
We live in Des Moines and surgery was done at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

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   Posted 1/15/2008 11:20 AM (GMT -6)   



Sutter Hospital

Sacramento, California

Biopsy 10/16/06
T2A,  PSA 4.7
Gleason 4+4=8 right side
adrenocarcinoma of prostate
DaVinci Surgery 01/16/07
Post op report,confirms Gleason4+4=8
no extra extension/invasion identified
age 65
no continence problems
Back on the golf course...
90 day PSA  less than 0.01 (undetectable)
Six Month PSA still undetectable
Dealing with ED problems with Caverject/Viagra
nine month psa slightly elevated + .02

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