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Old Reliable
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   Posted 6/27/2008 7:23 PM (GMT -6)   
New member here. I've had my RRP 10 days ago, and right now my greatest concern is not the sex but the incontinence, I have leak everytime I move and my doctor advised (and based from what I've read) that it could be expected. I do the exercise but am not sure if I'm doing it right. Can anyone please give me more help on how to minimize the incidence of leak?

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   Posted 6/27/2008 7:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Old Reliable,

Patience is something you will have to learn with this cancer. I'm certainly not an 'expert' on incontinence, but it took me about 2 month before throwing away my pads. I did a lot of walking (3-5km/day) and kegels which helped me a lot. Some members seam to become continent sooner some later, but judging by by most of the comments on this forum, 2-3 month after RRP seams to be quite normal.
Wishing you all the best in your recovery.

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   Posted 6/27/2008 9:33 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome Old Reliable! You should receive some more posts soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to welcome you to HealingWell and encourage you to create a signature.  The "signature" tells the story and helps other members respond more accurately to your individual situation.  Welcome and post away! 

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   Posted 6/28/2008 12:44 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Old Reliable,
Sorry for the reason you had to come here, but welcome to the forum!
Leakage is very common.  Doing the Kegel's the correct way is very important in making progress.
I found that progress is slow and somewhat discouraging, but most do get noticably better in the first six weeks.
You'll find a handy document at the link below that you can download and print:
I hope you find it helpful.  If you have trouble with the exercise, ask your doctor.  If you are still having trouble after 2-3 months, a physical therapist trained in incontinence treatment may be able to help.
Keep asking all the questions you like.
Again, a very warm welcome to you!
Kind regards,

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   Posted 6/28/2008 12:48 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Old Reliable,

Welcome to HW with the most caring members on the web. My husband had surgery in April of 2007 and it took him about 4 months to gain control for the most part. We are now 15 months past surgery and he still has a few leaks when he over does it or is very tired. Beleive it or not this too will soon be under control for you.  Good luck with your recovery.


Warm wishes


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   Posted 6/28/2008 2:12 AM (GMT -6)   

Old Reliable,

I leaked like a sieve for 9 weeks and overnight it dramatically changed for the better...  Just when I was giving up hope and figured I might have to take other measures.  The kegals and info about them already given above are the major key.  Also excercise and when I started to do a lot of ladder work on a house we were building, I leaked a lot, but I do think the up/down on the ladder helped a lot...  If I had it to do all over again, I think I would have done more stair excercises.

The one thing I made sure of was that the pads, changing of them, and disposal did not change the activities I wanted to do day to day.   I always carried a few extras with me and a disposal bag.  I got so I could change them on the fly... whether hIking in the car at a grocery store parking lot,  and on the top of a 10 ft step ladder.  Was not afraid to tell friends I was wearing a pad and sometimes excused myself to change it. Do not let the male "pride" we seem to be cursed with stand in the way of your desired lifestyle.   The current odds with today's surgeries are 90% for total recovery, and 95% for recovery except for an occasion "slip" while lifting, coughing, laughing, or sneezing and you forget to do your kegalsto hold back a little leakage.   And besides, it is most likely you will be able to urinate with a stream like you had when you were 16...   :-)

God Bless,




After 3-4 years of annual PSA 4-6, biopsy recommended
3/13/2007 - 12 point biopsy - Left 0/6  Right 1/6 Gleason 3+3 T1c
4/24/2007 - DaVinci performed at Virginia Mason hospital in Seattle
5/2/2007 - Catheter Out! Final pathology of Gleason 6  T2c Nx Mx, approx 20% of prostate involved, positive margin, but only at 2 focal points.  
6/28/2007 9 weeks incontinance... Overnite, went from 4-6 soaked pads a day from prev 8 weeks to 2 barely wet pads a day.
7/12/2007 11 weeks post-op  Minimal leakage...  one small pad a day
7/18/2007 First Post-Op PSA...  0.01 !!! 
9/10/2007 Pad free and ED at 75% with 100mg Viagra generic
6/26/2008 2nd Post-OP PSA at 14 months...  0.02 

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   Posted 6/28/2008 7:03 AM (GMT -6)   
i am 7 weeks post surgery (i had the robotic). last night was the first night i didn't wear pads to bed and i will try not wearing them today. i was told to do 2 sets of kegels a day (20 reps in the morning and 20 at night). i was told to hold the muscle for five seconds and relax for 10. it takes 5 minutes. it sounds like you must have just had the catheter removed if you are only 10 days post surgery. be patient. it takes time. i still leak when i stand up, sneeze, etc. it will get better. do your excercises and be patient. i tried not drinking a lot of stuff that made you pee during the day. i laid off coffee and only drank a lot fo water. good luck.
Age 48
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PSA increased from 2.6 to 3.5 in one year
biopsy march 2008 - cancer present gleason 7
decision - surgery (robotic)
surgery may 9, 2008 - houston, tx
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margins clear
4 week and 6 week PSA .04 (undetectible)
continence ok during day - 1 pad
night time different story
kegel's twice a day 20 reps

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   Posted 6/30/2008 9:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Yo, Old...

See my post called "Incontinence Trial and Some News."

The trial doctor told me, "You are 6 weeks (or whatever) into a ONE YEAR healing process." They are seeing the most dramatic improvement in their trial patients between the 3 month and 6 month marks. I don't want to hear that, and you don't want to hear that, but you cannot push the panic button until you are at least 6 months out. And by then, there is a really good chance you won't need a panic button.

I am leaking more than the average guy, EVEN THOUGH I can stop my stream in the middle of a whizz just like turning off a faucet. I just do not understand what is going on. It is just maddening.

But - we'll all get there eventually. Hang in there. (It's better than hanging out there.)
Age: 52
March 2006: PSA 2.5
Dec 2007:   PSA taken for insurance application. I did not see the results until late Jan '08 - after I was rejected. Their lab said PSA 4.5. PSA again in Feb '08: 3.7.
March 2008: Biopsy. Gleason 7 (4+3) 12 cores taken. 5 on the left side were cancerous and the 6th did not look good.
May 5, 2008: Da Vinci robotic laparoscopy at GW Hospital, Washington DC.
Post op: Gleason 9 (4+5). 15% of prostate involved. Negative margins. Lymph nodes and associated glands all appear to be cancer free.

Old Reliable
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   Posted 7/1/2008 8:24 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you so much for all the encouraging thoughts you offered, the support expressed are so encouraging I now think I'm not alone (that is, people care). I am gathering my pre and post RRP data that I can put into my signature so that you can have a deeper insight into my condition and that you can further relate to it and advise based on your experience. This is a great support group. GOD BLESS US ALL.
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