ED after surgery

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Navy corpsman
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   Posted 8/9/2008 11:19 AM (GMT -6)   
I just found this site. What an amazing resource!
My surgery was about a month ago and I have had zero sensation related to erections,however, my urine control is almost back to normal. My doctor recommends manual stimulation and experimentation in order to achieve an erection. He also recommends Viagra after 60 days. Does anyone have any suggestions about exercises , pumps, etc.?
Age:  44
We have a family history of PCa.  My Dad and uncle died from it at 65 and 53. My PSA velocity increased in the last 2 years and I had to talk my GP into refering me to a urologist.
Biopsy results:  5 of 11 cores positive, all 30%. Gleason 6. T1c. Date of biopsy 15MAY08.
Open RRP at Johns Hopkins with Dr. Partin on 09JUL08.
Pathology report:  Gleason 6, pT2, neg. margins, 0 lymph node and seminal vessical, organ confined, I lost 1 nerve bundle and 22 lymph nodes.
As of today, about a month after surgery, I feel at about 80%. Urinary control seems to be improving. Little Elvis has taken a nap and has not awakened yet. I hope when he wakes up he is well rested because he is going to get one heck of a workout.

Tony Crispino
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   Posted 8/9/2008 12:00 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi John,
First ~ Sorry to welcome you the young guys club. I was 44 when I found I had this monster. It looks good for you post operitively. You are about where we all were. Hang in there and give it more time, pardon the pun. I don't think you need to wait 60 days to start the viagra, but do as he says. As time goes you should see some improvement, but if not you have options from pumps to injections. Be well, and stay positive!

Age 46 (44 when Dx)
Pre-op PSA was 19.8
Surgery on Feb 16, 2007 @ The City of Hope
Post-Op Pathology: Gleason 4+3=7, positive margins, Stage pT3b (Stage III)
HT began in May, '07 with Lupron and Casodex 50mg
IMRT radiation for 38 Treatments ending August 3, '07
Current PSA (May 9 '08): <0.1
I will continue HT until May '09. 
Years in Remission (3/23/07): 1
Visit my Journey at:
And at:

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   Posted 8/9/2008 12:10 PM (GMT -6)   

You speak the truth when you call this site an amazing resource.  That is exactly what I thought two years ago, and the reason that I still consider it an important part of my life.

My doctor did not begin erectile rehab until week 6 of my recovery.  In retrospect, I wish I had started Viagra on day one. You have youth on your side.  Many of the guys here who are in there 40's and did not need further treatment, have shown great improvement in erectile function.

I am 67 and still struggling to regain good erectile function.. It is my biggest disappointment.  Read all of the stories here and learn fom them. We hope to hear that good things ae happening to you.

PSA up to 4.7 July 2006 , bump noted during DRE
Biopsy 10/16/06
T2A, Psa 4.7
Gleason  4+4=8  right side
DaVinci Surgery  January 2007
Post op confirms gleason 4+4=8
No extension or invasion found
No continence problems
PSA 90 day -.01  , 6 month -.01 , 9 month +.02 , 1 year +.02
Using Bi-Mix or VED 

James C.
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   Posted 8/9/2008 12:59 PM (GMT -6)   
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   Posted 8/9/2008 1:10 PM (GMT -6)   
My doc said 100 mg viagra daily would be just fine. If the side affects were too much, 50/day with the occasional use of 100. alldaychemist.com is the best source online. Yes, buy a pump. Start NOW. you can do the expensive medical supply ones, or I have bought several from the sex shop for $25 and they are very similar. Make sure you get one which cuffs around the base of the penis - not against your body. Yes, Dr's orders - J/O every day. The nerves for orgasm and sensation are under your skin and have not been so traumatized. You should be able to have orgasm and good sensation. First orgasms are scary...and even a little painful. Don't worry, it's normal. You may even discover orgasms are better than before.

Realistically, you are looking at over a year to get back to some equilibrium in all this. You may be lucky and have it come back soon, but most likely it will be a long process. At this point, fight shrinkage by J/O and pumping. It WILL make a difference. Atrophy sets in if it is not used and the blood supply does not get back into it. Meanwhile, if you have a partner, there is still great sex to be had - just use your imagination. Also, maybe pick up some things at the shop where you get the pump. It's all good. Don't obsess - just look at it as a detour and make this extra journey something like an adventure.

Glad you're here.
47 at Diagnosis.
Father died of Pca 4/07 at 86.
1/06 PSA 3.15
1/07 PSA 4.6      (Biopsy 3/07 just suspicious)
10/07 PSA 5.06   (Biopsy 11/07  1 of 12 with 8% involvment) (1mm)
Da Vinci surgery Jan 5, '08 at Mt. Sinai Hosp. NYC  www.roboticoncology.com
Saved both nerve bundles.
Path Report:  Stage T2cNxMx
-Gleason (3+3)6
-totally contained to prostate,
-10% involvement in L & R Mid lobes
PSA 0 at six weeks
Pad free on March 14 - (10 weeks.)
ED - Take 100mg viagra every night.
Totally usable erections at 10 weeks.

James C.
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   Posted 8/9/2008 1:21 PM (GMT -6)   

John, Welcome.   Glad you are recovering your continence, sorry about your ed failure. With one nerve bundle removed, I must be honest and say that your recovery MAY be delayed.  Repeat-MAY.  It's probably too early at one month to know what you will have-short term.  In the meantime, an aggressive course of penile rehab should be your next step.  Your doc says manual stimulation and experimentation.  That's good, doctor suggested self-stimulation is great, gets past any childhood phobias and such when maybe it was taboo for some of us.  Step 1 here.  The doc told you to do it, so do it, often... devil

If you haven't already found, having orgasms without erections is very easy to do.  Most start with a vibrator, then move on to hand or partner assisted stimulation.  Relearning and retraining, stimulating the nerve routes to remember and regrow is a part of your ed rehab now.  Early use of Viagra or other ed drug is Step 2 in the process.  You want to infuse the whole area with fresh blood, and this is what they do.  Treat the penis like you would any other part of the body and exercise it to prevent atrophy. This is easiest achieved with Step 3- a manual medically approved penis pump, used daily.  This infuses the organ with blood, stretches tissue, fills the cavernous cavities, and provides the rehab needed.  You have a block in the nerve track now, most likely, but the equipment must be kept in a state that it will respond as required as and when the nerves start healing and regenerating. 

There's lots of people who advocate using penile injections, in combination with the other 3 steps, to accelerate recovery of ed function.  There's been some studies that suggest that this combo of things is the best quickest method to recover function, if it is gonna come back.  Some injections are Step 4.  That's a whole seperate post, so we'll leave that til later. 

Now, the honest news, some of us, self included may take up to 2 years---or more--to recover enough erectile function for penetration and 'normal' sex life'.  Some few never do recover.  BUT, big BUT here, your best chances for full recovery is an aggressive course of therapy.  I hope I didn't give you too much of a negative idea, but I want to be realistic.  You may be one of the lucky ones who in 2 or 3 months start recovering quickly.  I hope and pray that you are....I also hope you will continue to post here, sharing your Journey with us. 

James C.
Co-Moderator- Prostate Cancer Forum

Age 61
4/19/07 PSA 7.6, referred to Urologist, recheck 6.7
7/11/07 Biopsy- 16 core samples, size of gland around 76 cc. Staging pT2c
7/17/07 Path report: 3 of 16 PCa, 5% involved, left lobe , GS 3/3:6.
9/24/07 (open) Retropubic Radical Prostatectomy performed
9/26/07 Post-op Path Report: GS 3+3=6 Staging pT2c, 110gms, margins clear
10/15/07 ED- begin 50mg Viagra and Vacurect pump nightly, Fully continent
1/14/08 Caverject started/stopped, aching. 2/24/08 .5ml Bimix started-success
7/31/08 ED- Viagra, pump continues, no response- Trimix .10ml x 2 weekly continues
Post Surgery PSA's:  3 mts-0, 6 mts.-0, 9 mts.-0.

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   Posted 8/9/2008 3:16 PM (GMT -6)   


....Navy Blue all the way, welcome John.....I just had my catheter removed yesterday morning, my Dr started me on ED therapy right away with the pump(daily ten minutes)  and viagra (100mg three times week)....I found this site pretty early in my Dx and had my supply of "blue pills" from AllDayChemist here and waiting.....the pump I have to pick up yet, but, we're still working on things!! This site is great for the support, info and knowledge of all we face.....I'm telling ya' if it's happened, someone on this site knows about it or can point you in the direction you need to be going.....hang in and good luck...it'll happen..

   age: 53
   Pre-0p PSA  Feb. 08, 5.0
      4.22.08, 4.1
      PSA had spiked once about 8yrs ago to 5.0 three months later
      back to 2.9...then into the 1.2 range until my re-scheduled 
      "missed" appointment this past Feb.
      Biopsy 5.1.08 
      5 of 15 cores positive
      Da Vinci scheduled..7.29.08..as I read somewhere on this 
      site....."the first show of the day"
       DaVinci completed 7.29.08, along with hernia repair..
       3hrs in surgery, 2 in recovery...trouble starting the airway pre-
        Sent home 30hrs,  JP drain in place 7days, catheter remains..
       Path report "cancer fully contained"....more details when I
       recieve copy on first post-op Drs' visit  8.8.08....
        "just tryin' to reason with hurricane season"....

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