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   Posted 8/3/2009 8:07 AM (GMT -6)   
Good Day Guys:

It's been one month since my surgery. I did 75+ kegels a day for about two months before surgery to prepare. But now that I'm still dribbling at 1 month I was wondering about how many kegels I should be doing each day. Right now I'm doing a set of 50 morning, noon and night- that's 150 a day. My pads stay dry only at night, while I'm sitting and when I don't drink a thing all day!

So, what's your kegel routine men?


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   Posted 8/3/2009 8:40 AM (GMT -6)   
There seems not to be a strong relationship between the number of kegels and the speed of return to continence. The nurse who gave me pre-op training said I should aim for five minutes (10 seconds tight, 10 seconds loose) three times a day so I guess that works out to about 90 a day. She also said that walking was more important and that many guys who ignored kegels got well just as fast.
Dry at night and dribbles during the day seems pretty normal for one month out so you are probably doing all that you can to help and just have to let your body come along at its own pace.
Age at diagnosis 66, PSA 5.5
Biopsy 12/08 12 cores, 8 positive
Gleason 3+4=7
CAT scan, Bone scan 1/09 both negative.

Robotic surgery 03/03/09 Catheter Out 03/08/09
Pathology: Lymph nodes & Seminal vesicles negative
Margins positive, Capsular penetration extensive Gleason 4+3=7
6 weeks: 1 pad/day, 1 pad/night -- mostly dry at night.
10 weeks: no pad at night -- slight leakage day/1 pad.
3 mo. PSA 0.0 - now light pads

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   Posted 8/3/2009 8:56 AM (GMT -6)   
Second Geezer's remarks.

The nurse I dealt with after my surgery pointed out that it can be counterproductive to over-do it, which can result in tiring out the very muscle that you want to serve you. She recommended 3 sets of 10 long (10 seconds) plus 10 short (1 second) during the day.
Larry Shick
Personal homepage incl. PCa story:
01/09: Diagnosed (age 60) biopsy PSA 4.4, free PSA 9%, T2c stage, Gleason 7 (3+4), 7 of 14 cores; 6'2", 200 lbs.
03/09: Robotic surgery (Dr. Kawachi, City of Hope) 47 gms, 10% involved, staging/Gleason unchanged (pT2cNXMX), margins clear, no ECE/sem ves involvement, fully continent from day 1, some success w/Viagra 50mg/day.
Followup: <0.01 at 05/09, 08/09

Jake T
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   Posted 8/3/2009 1:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi TheoTeacher
my nurse told me to do 1 set of 10 reps hold for 10 seconds every hour 8 times a day, but i think i am over doing it, so i am going to try what Geezer and CapnLarry did. Good luck Jake

Age 56

DRE 12/22/08 PSA 1/09 3.4 PSA 2/09 3.8
Biopsy 3/9/09 3 out of 12 positive
one core 80% one 40% one 2%
Gleason 7 Cat Scan Neg.
di vinci robotic surgery at Mount Sinai NY 4/23/09 Dr.  Samadi Chief Division of Robotics
both nerves spared
margins and nodes clear
catheter out in 7 days 4/30/09                                              6th week post surgery psa on 6/9/09 0.01  still dealing with     incontinence 1 pad for daytime and 1 @ night



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   Posted 8/4/2009 5:41 AM (GMT -6)   
Greetings, Theo.  My doc said the best way to strengthen what needs to be strengthened was to stop by flow of urine several times when I was urinating.  He said if I would do that whenever I went, then I really didn't need to do other kegels.  He also strongly encouraged walking.  From my initial consult with the surgeon on Jan 2 to my surgery on Feb 4 I followed his orders and stopped my flow several times when I was going.  When my catheter came out 10 days after surgery, I was pretty much dry from day one. I continued to stop my flow for a couple of weeks after my catheter came out, but when I saw that I was staying dry I quit doing that.  However, I do continue to walk.  David
Diagnosed Dec 2007 during annual routine physical at age 55
PSA doubled from previous year from 1.5 to 3.2
12 biopsies - 2 pos; 2 marginal
Gleason 3+3; upgraded to 4+3 post surgery
RRP 4 Feb 08; both nerves spared
Good pathology - no margins - all encapsulated
Catheter out Feb 13 - pad free Feb 16
PSA every 90 days - ZERO's everytime!
Great wife and family who take very good care of me

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   Posted 8/4/2009 10:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for all your info and advice. CPA, sounds like you had some great advice prior to surgery. I wish I had heard that stop&start theory! I did it sometimes but only to see if I could do it, not because I heard it should be done. I do that now, if I have enough pee to even get a flow going!
Some days are better than others!
At 5 wks I guess I need to be patient.
And you guys with little or no ED issues from day 1 ....... you are my idols! There's no signs of that returning yet, but my wonderful wife is very patient and in charge of my "therapy"!!! One can hope and dream and keep on trying! I'm an all natural kind of guy so we'll give it some more time before I think of any intervention.

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   Posted 8/4/2009 5:20 PM (GMT -6)   
I really found improvement when I got rid of the pads, they kept it most and almost enouraged leakage. started around the house and keep a spare pair of pants in the car. Best kegel is the natural one I have found, what you do naturally when you know you have no protection.
Dx'ed 5/08 one core 2%  out of 12  3+3 gleason
DREs all negative
PSA was in the 3-4 range then jumped to 7
I have the enlarged prostate, on the order of 100cc.  After taking Avodart for 3 months  my
PSA was cut in half.
I did Active S for a year but concluded that I didn't want a life
of biopsies and Uro meetings.
DaVinci on 6/24/09  UCI Med Center  Dr Ahlering, long surgery based on size and location
Final was 5% one side all clear, but had a huge 90 grm prostate
Now we work on pee control, ok at night but sitting is a big problem.

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   Posted 8/4/2009 11:53 PM (GMT 0)   
chaso036 - i agree with you thinking on the kegal bit, i only tried them a few times and gave up on that, got dry on my own in a short time.

theo - nothing wrong with the natural approach, it worked for me, might work for you too

engineer - i only went completely dry when i finally ditched the pads and pullups, so i hear where you are coming from
Age 57, 56 at DX, PSA 7/7 5.8, 7/8 12.3,9/8 14.5
3rd Biopsy Sept 08: Positive 7 of 7 cores, 40-90%, Gleason 7, 4+3
Open RP surgery 11/14/8, Right nerves spared, 4 days hospital, staples out 11/24/8, 5th cath out on 1/19/9
 Pathlogy Report:Gleason 3+4=7, pT2c, 42 grm, tumor 20%, Contained in capsule, one post. margin, clear lymph nodes 
2009 PSA   2/9 .05, 5/9 .10, 6/9 .11, 8/11 ?
Lastest 7/13 met with Rad. Oncl, considering options, 7/20 Catheter #6 after complete blockage, scarring closed up bladder neck, corrective laser surgery scheduled for 8/18

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   Posted 8/4/2009 6:39 PM (GMT -6)   
I didn't do kegels before surgery but did and still do walk over fairly rough terrain on a daily basis. I think having a strong pelvic floor is an advantage, however you do it. No problems with incontinence here either.

And of course walking is good for our general health too.

I have seen it stated that kegels help with ED (poor man's Viagra!) so I still do them when I think of them. For me they seem to help a weak erection get stronger. I always do them after bimix injections, while waiting for the results. Also I have started doing them while still awake in bed at night, and have a feeling that it encourages nocturnal erections.

So if you still have ED, my suggestion is don't stop the kegels!
Age 63 at diagnosis, now 64.
No symptoms; PSA 5.7; Gleason 4+5=9; cancer in 4 of 12 cores.
Non-nerve sparing RRP on 7 March 2008.
Two nights in hospital; catheter out after 7 days.
Continent; no pads needed from the get-go.
Pathology showed organ confined and negative margins. Gleason downgraded to 4+4=8.
6-week : <0.05
7-month: <0.05
13-month: 0.07 (start of a trend?)
After a learning curve, Bimix injections (0.2ml) are working well. VED also works but we find it inferior to Bimix.
14 months: Occasional nocturnal erections.

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