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   Posted 9/28/2009 1:02 PM (GMT -6)   
My first Post

I am prone to start buying anything that makes a claim, but I am also looking for advise.

I have no Idea if a pump would be beneficial, but wonder since I am Still using a pad or two a day, if the pump would start to fill up with urine?

Any one have any experience with rings?

I am without experience in this and am seeking advise.


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Steve n Dallas
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   Posted 9/28/2009 1:13 PM (GMT -6)   
In theory, you should be able to hold back and keep from urinating while using the pump. Course the pump can be washed if needed.
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James C.
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   Posted 9/28/2009 1:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Eric, welcome. Almost all doctors would say that the pump is very useful for penile rehabilitation. You had your RRP in July, so it's time to start, in my opinion. I suggest asking your doctor first. The pumps can be gotten without a prescription, and most of them come with a set of rings. I'll leave a link at the bottom for one that is safe, effective , comes with rings, and is used by several of the guys here. There may be a possibility that you will leak urine during use of the pump, but it's plastic and washable, so no big deal. Most likely you won't. A penile pump is valuable for infusing blood into the penis and the general base of the penis area. This helps oxygenate the tissue, stretch the tissue, and fill the cavernous cavities that form the erection, expanding them and keeping them in 'tone'. Most guys will start out with the pump by just inflating and then releasing the pump, letting the penis fill with blood then empty. After a few days, then you can begin to hold the blood in longer, and even add a ring to keep it in for a length of time. Never wear a ring more than 30 minutes. Using a pump and ring for sex is problematic for some, you have an erect penis, but a soft 'hinge' at the base, behind the ring, and it becomes almost like the old 'push a rope' deal. smilewinkgrin Here's the link: still got the $10 off coupon,


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   Posted 9/28/2009 1:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello and welcome here, Eric. Looks like you are doing fairly well, and already getting good answers to your question. Glad you found us, and please keep us posted.

David in SC
Age: 57, 56 dx, PSA: 7/07 5.8, 7/08 12.3, 9/08 14.5, 10/08 16.3
3rd Biopsy: 9/08 - 7/7 Positive, 40-90% Cancer, Gleason 4+3
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2009 PSA: 2/09 .05,5/09 .1, 6/09 .11. 8/09 .16
Latest: 7/09 met 2 rad. oncl, 7/09 cath #6 - blockage, 8/09 2nd corr surgery, 8/9 cath #7 - out  38 days, 9/14/9 - met 3rd rad. oncl., agreed to start radiation, mapping on 9/21/9, 9/24 - mtg & procedure? with uro/surg, IMRT starts 10/5/9

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   Posted 9/28/2009 3:34 PM (GMT -6)   
I had my surgery 7/21 and am still at 2-3 pads per day. I leak all the time. I have an Augusta Medical pump, but have only used it about 6-8 times. ~Once a week.
When I pump, no matter what I do, urine comes out and starts to fill the tube. I have to dump it out periodically. I make sure to keep the air inlet above water level so it does not suck urine into the pump guts.
There is nothing erotic about this activity so don't get your hopes up. You're trying to get blood flowing so you don't wake up one day with a Jimmy Dean breakfast link between your thighs.

Good Luck,
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May PSA: 22.6, 3 weeks later: PSA: 23.2.
Biopsy 6/10/09: 7/12 scores positive, Gleason 6=3+3. Bone scan and C/T scan negative.
RP DaVinci -7/21/2009 @ Univ of Roch Medical Center
Left nerve gone, right partial spared.
Catheter removed - 7/31/2009 Pathology report received:
Gleason 3+4=7 Tumor size: 2.5 x 1.8 cm location: both lobes and apex. No Malignancy in Seminal Vesicle, vasa deferentia, lymph nodes 0/13
Extraprostatic extension present; Perineural invasion: present, extensive
Prostate mass 56 grams. Pathologic Stage: pT3aN0MX
Post Surgery Status:
Potency - 9/17 2 months, Still no activity
Incontinence - 8/20 4 full pads per day
. 9/7 3-4 full pads per day (I'm going to try cutting down on fluids. Bad idea. I know.)
9/17 2 months: Still 3 pads per day. At this rate I'll be fine in 2011.
Post Surgery PSA - 9/3 6 weeks - 0.05

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   Posted 9/29/2009 8:33 AM (GMT -6)   
One thing to add to what JamesC gave you (this is from my own experience). The rings that come with the Encore are OK, but they wear out fairly quickly and they not only restrict bloodflow OUT by also IN. I think that leads to an overly cold and very purple penis. I have switched over to using the OSBON rings that are special shaped to supposedly pinch the outflow but still allow some inflow. After a couple months using these I would have to say that they do indeed work as advertised. Less purple (tho still some) and less coldness (but still some) and better blood retension (although not perfect).

The above refinement might be more than you care about right now (just get the darn pump) .. but later on when you become a Pumping Pro, you might consider the extra expense ($15-16 bucks each!) to be worth it. (Also they show no signs of wearing out yet -- and I have three different ones which I can using singly or in various pairings).

have at it ...

(also, as an added incentive to buy one: a pump can get you up to a size that is equal or even more than pre-surgery -- at least for a short time. My wife really likes that a lot -- even complains that its Too Big ... so there you go -- Reason #1 for sure ).
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02/03/09 open RRP surgery , Nerve sparing both sides, 1 day in hospital, Day 4 first BM,
Pathology Report: All margins clear - No Invasive spread - no change in Gleason score.
02/18/09 Cath out, passed a 1cm oblong STONE within hours.
03/06/09 Started Levitra@20mg / Viagra@100mg / (04/01) Cialis@20mg -- no real effect (thru 09/2009).
04/01/09, 07/07/09 PSA <0.1 - Stone Was Oxalate stone -- X-ray no stones.
08/07/2009 - MUSE@1000mcg@Uro Office -- worked OK -- AlProstadil ache not bad.

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   Posted 9/29/2009 5:12 PM (GMT -6)   

I have a lot to learn. I greatly appreciate your help.

Age 58 @ DX  ( PSA 6.2 )
Six Mos later  ( PSA 4.9 ) after 90day Levaquin
One Mo later  ( PSA 5.1 )
Four Mos later Biopsy ( 2 of 12 cores positive) 3+3=6
Three Mos later ( PSA 8.2)
Six Mos later 7/17/09  Robotic Radical Prostatectomy
Lab confirmed 3+4=7
Post Surgery PSA= 0.04
Post Sugery: 10mg Cialis daily
Two pads /day
Rare ocurrance of erection

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   Posted 10/31/2009 9:16 PM (GMT -6)   
Erik....I had to learn to use the pump on my own....didn't know about this site. I wasted a whole tube of lubricant trying as I would always catch part of the scrotum under the ring. It finally dawned on me to keep the cylinder against the bottom of the penis and snug against the stomach. Then I could get the ring off and it would be right at the base of the penis. If you buy anything like the Osbon a rep from the company is suppose to go to your doctor's office and instruct you how to use it. If you get a prescription for it I have read medicate and private insurance will help with the cost. How about it men? Don't want to tell this gentleman wrong if you had a different experience. If he is like I was he will need all the help you are willing to give. Your posts have helped me a lot and I'm most appreciative. My doc didn't tell me anything except when to go back and I was in a frame of mind at the time I didn't know what to ask. I had radical surgery. Don't forget to do the kegel exercises as that will strengthen the muscles in the bottom of your stomach and help with the incontinence.

James C.
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   Posted 10/31/2009 9:23 PM (GMT -6)   
Hisson, yes, you got the technique down good. Trim the pubic hair down to about 1/4 inch, use plenty of lube, position the tube with the bottom part of it on the underside base of the penis, use the fingers to hold the scrotal tissue out of the tube when vacuuming, never leave the ring on for more that 30 minutes.
James C. Age 62
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4/07 PSA 7.6, referred to Urologist, recheck 6.7
7/07 Biopsy: 3 of 16 PCa, 5% involved, left lobe, GS 3/3=6
9/07 Nerve sparing open RRP 110gms.- Path Report: GS 3+3=6 Stg. pT2c, 110gms, margins clear
24 mts: PSA's: .04 each test since surgery, Bimix .3ml PRN or Trimix .15ml PRN

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   Posted 11/1/2009 11:03 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm 2 weeks post op, Dr prescribed osbon pump to be used when catheter came out for blood rejuvenation only , not intercourse at this point. Actually the instructions said to " practice " getting erections 15min once a day for 2 weeks prior to rings and intercourse. Catheter came out friday and practiced today. Technique used was 45degree angle down, standing or sitting. 2 pumps 5-10sec interval to seal base, then pump with same time interval,till erection. With 1 nerve bundle gone, at 66, I got a good one after six pumps, not counting the sealing ones. Wife and I were happy. Hope this helps. Put my stats where I thought the should go, wil l see when I post.
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8/12/09 biopsy 6 out of 12 pos 2-70%, rest <5% 3+3
10/19/09 open rrp U of W Medical Center, left bundle spared
10/30/09 catheter out. continent from the jump.
pathology- prostate confined, only thing positive was the report.everything else negative
11% of prostate affected. gleason 3+4, I suppose thats a negative

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   Posted 11/2/2009 10:15 AM (GMT -6)   
I was having trouble with the pump sucking in my scrotum too. I called Agusta Medical customer service and the Sweetest voice in that Georgia Peach accent recommended only putting lubricant on the top and sides. It worked.
How'd you like that job?
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