Here's some provenge information fwiw. I would guess that there will be only
limited availability until 2011 based on this, but who knows.

Dendreon CEO ramps up Provenge production ahead of FDA ruling.
Bloomberg News (2/10) reports, Dendreon Chief Executive Officer Mitchell
Gold announced at a Biotechnology Industry Organization conference in New
York that the company "will have three plants to make its Provenge
[sipuleucel- T] prostate-cancer drug by mid-2011." Gold indicated that the
plants, located in New Jersey, Atlanta and Orange County, CA, "will produce
at full capacity $1.2 billion to $2.5 billion in sales." Provenge was
initially rejected by the FDA in May 2007, although analyst Cowen Schmidt
predicted that the agency was "90 percent or more likely" to approve the
drug this year.

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Hope Howard is correct on this he is always looking and trying various protocols, he is among the ultimate warriors fighting PCa and is dealing with brain mets, which is vary rare but because he has gone through so many protocols it has lead him there and radiations etc. have been used.  Keep him in your thoughts and maybe get in touch with him or thank him for his ground work in PCa....it is more than you would be aware of. He helps people on a daily basis and globally through his web group. Can we get an amen for a righteous fighter??? Howard has no idea I posted this and I know him only to a small degree. Hats off to you for helping the least of the hopeful survivors whom battle this on and on.