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   Posted 2/24/2010 4:25 PM (GMT -6)   
OK, it took almost 3 weeks, but the Viagra generic from ADC just arrived.
They are 100 mg. pills.
I am supposed to take 1/4 pill per day. I do have a pill cutter.
1) I cut 1 pill into quarters. A bit of powder residue came out. I assume this is not a problem? Correct?
2) Any precautions? My plan is to take it at night, well after dinner. Should I instead take it with meals? Someone mentioned fatty foods can mess things up? How so? My purpose right now is just for penile rehab., ie: increase blood flow for healing. I am not yet looking for strong erections.
3) Should I expect any side effects with this low a dosage? I normally have low blood pressure (typically 105/72). So I imagine this could cause a problem, but probably won't?

63 years old . PSA-- 3/08--2.90; 8/09--4.01; 11/09--4.19 (Free PSA 24%),  after 45 days on cipro! DREs have always been normal. PCA-3

Biopsy on 11/30/09. 5 out of 12 cores positive. Gleason 4+3. 2 cores were 3+3 (one 5% and the other 30%) on one side. On  other side:2 cores are 4+3 (5%)--1 core 3+4 (30%) no peri-neural invasion. prostate is 45 grams. Stage: T1C.  

Surgery with Dr. Menon at Ford Hospital, 1/26/10. He says all looked good. Spared nerves. Unfortunately: Pathology Report: G 4+3 (65%-35%). Cancer in 15% of gland. Lymph Nodes: Clear.  Perineural Invasion: yes. Seminal Vessical Involvement: No.  Extraprostatic Extension: yes.  Positive Margin: Yes-- focal-- 1 spot .5mm. Final Weight is 52.7 gms. 

 Incontinence: joined that club-- definite leaks—1 pad/day. Night is dry, was  using 1 pad at night for security, but pretty much dispensed with that most nights.

Next Event: First post-op PSA on 3/1/10

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   Posted 2/24/2010 4:35 PM (GMT -6)   
compiler said...
1) I cut 1 pill into quarters. A bit of powder residue came out. I assume this is not a problem? Correct?
For very fast results use a straw, or roll up a dollar bill...

Worried Guy
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   Posted 2/24/2010 4:39 PM (GMT -6)   
I slice and dice four pills to make 16, and wiegh them on a Mettler balance. The 100 mg ADC pills weigh 0.65 to 0.66 grams each. If I cut them in quarters, the goal is to get 16 at 0.16 g, but that is very unlikely.
After slicing 4 pills the powder left over is typically .20 gm - a full pill's worth. I slide it off the paper and take it with water.
Some of the "quarters" are bigger than others so I sort them into over and under categories. I then alternate between the two. The blue wrapper falls off sometimes but that is only .02 g so I ignore it.

By the way I don't know if they do me any good, but I take them anyway.
Married 34 years, DX Age 56. First routine PSA test on April 8, 09: 17.8. Start 2 weeks of Cipro to rule out protatitis. May '09 PSA: 22.6, 3 weeks later: PSA: 23.2.
Biopsy 6/10/09: 7/12 scores positive, 20%-70%, Gleason 6=3+3. Bone and C/T scans neg.
RP DaVinci -7/21/2009 @ Univ of Roch Medical Center
Left nerve gone, right partial spared.
Catheter removed - 7/31/2009 Pathology report received:
Gleason 3+4=7, Tumor size: 2.5 x 1.8 cm, location: both lobes and apex.
Extraprostatic extension present; Perineural invasion: present, extensive.
No Malignancy in Seminal Vesicle, vasa deferentia, lymph nodes 0/13
Prostate mass 56 grams. Pathologic Stage: pT3aN0MX
Post Surgery Status:
Potency - 12/11 5 months, Still no activity, zip. Using pump daily since 11/11. No effect with 20 mg of Cialis or 100 mg of Viagra. Shots, See Uro 1/22/10 Trimix unsuccessful.
Incontinence - 8/20 4 full pads per day
.. 9/7 3-4 full pads per day (Try cutting down on fluids. Bad idea. I know.)
11/14 4 months: Still 3 pads per day. 420ml/day, 91 um leak.
12/11 5 months: Still 3 pads per day. 400-450ml/day
1/11/10 6 months: Still 3 pads but leak is now 320 ml (5 day avg.)
Post Surgery PSA - 9/3 6 weeks - 0.05; 10/13 3 months - 0.04, 1/14 6 months - 0.05.

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   Posted 2/24/2010 4:52 PM (GMT -6)   
You're giving yourself away, Caseytongue..........Mel, I've been doing ADC Viagra for close to 9 months now. I had already experimented with 50 mg of Viagra befofre i got the ADC, and when i did, i already had the green light from Dr. Lee to bump it to 100mg if the side effects of 50 didn't bother me (which they didn't). Yes, wait 2 hours after a meal, and maybe even a little longer if the meal is fat-laden. The more it's taken on an empty stomach, the quicker the results. If your MD has suggested 1/4 pill at first, then abide by that, and if no side effects other than those expected, bump it to 50, then 100 if that's OK. I'm living proof that 100mg every night doesn't hurt. I'm getting increasingly better results as time goes on, but I've been patient. As for the splitting of the pills, you can easily cut them in half with a splitter, but the quartering can get a little powdery (so get Casey's straw out). At this point, for me, I split the 100mg in half and take two halves at once, because that actually gets into your bloodstream more quickly than the whole pill. Play around with it, pun intended; you're not going to do any damage.
Arnie in DE
Age 56 (biopsy & surgery)
PSA at Diagnosis-3.9
Biposy 8/19/08--4 of 12 cores positive; 5% involvement, Gleason 6 (3+3)
Surgery 1/26/09-DaVinci Robotic Prostatectomy at Presbyterian Medical Center/HUP-Phila, PA
Dr. David Lee
Pathology Report- Adenocarcinoma, no capsular involvement, seminal vesicles clear, lymph nodes clear, negative margins, Gleason 7 (3+4), Stage T2C, NO MX, Prostate 61.8 grams, gland involvement 2-10%
Catheter removed after 8 days, totally dry at 3 months. ED issues continue, Viagra (via ADC) nightly (100mgs), VED use in earnest at 6 months. "Ball Park Frank" plumping at this point......ED at 10 months continues to improve, albeit slowly. Continued daily use of 100mg Viagra (ADC). Discontinued pump use; manual stimulation to varying states of erections; achieved penetratable erection on a couple of occasions
3 month PSA--<0.1
6 month PSA--<0.1
10 month PSA--<0.1

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   Posted 2/24/2010 4:59 PM (GMT -6)   
Take it right before bed and you will avoid or miss any of the side effects. Also, there was a study where 100mg a night resulted in better rehab. I took 100 for months...maybe even a year. But you're right, close enough is all you need. Some chunks will be larger/ dust. No matter...except to Jeff...who makes us all ashamed of our sloppy lives....sigh.
Paul ED website for PCa guys

46 at Diagnosis.
Father died of Pca 4/07 at 86.
10/07 PSA 5.06 (Biopsy 11/07 1 of 12 with 8% involvment) (1mm)
Da Vinci surgery Jan 5, '08 at Mt. Sinai Hosp. NYC
Saved both nerve bundles.
Path Report: Stage T2cNxMx
-Gleason (3+3)6
Pad free on March 14 - (10 weeks.) Never a problem since.
ED - at one year, ED is fine with viagra.
Two year PSA - undetectable!

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   Posted 2/24/2010 5:14 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Mel,

getting all 4 quarters to be exactly 25mg is not going to happen, but it should not matter, one night you will get 30mg, the next 20mg. Any powder from cutting can just be added to a glass of water and drunk with the 1/4 pill, no need to discard it

Viagra should always be taken on an empty stomach in order to get maximum absorption, fatty foods are worse

Like Paul, I also took 100mg a night for a while right after surgery

Don't get to disappointed if you get no erections from 25mg, your Dr will likely tell you that intercourse will require the full 100mg dose
Age: 52, PSA (2008)=1.9
Biopsy on 01/09/09, Gleason Score = 3+3
One (1) out of twelve (12) cores was positive, plus external nodule found
Surgery (Da Vinci, robotic prostatectomy): 4/7/09
Post Op Path 3+3
Removed Catheter: 04/19/09
100% bladder control - Pad free 7/09
PSA 7/09 undetectable, <0.01 - 3 months post-op
PSA 1/10 undetectable, <0.01 - 9 months post-op
Trimix provides 100% erectile function

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   Posted 2/24/2010 6:49 PM (GMT -6)   
I would not try the 100mg with such low blood pressure, it lowers it more. Empty stomach works best.
Dx'ed 5/08 one core 2%  out of 12  3+3 gleason
DREs all negative
PSA was in the 3-4 range then jumped to 7
I have the enlarged prostate, on the order of 100cc.  After taking Avodart for 3 months  my
PSA was cut in half.
I did Active S for a year but concluded that I didn't want a life
of biopsies and Uro meetings.
DaVinci on 6/24/09  UCI Med Center  Dr Ahlering, long surgery based on size and location
Final was 5% one side all clear, but had a huge 90 grm prostate
Now we work on pee control, ok at night but sitting is a big problem.

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   Posted 2/24/2010 8:21 PM (GMT -6)   
Our shipment just arrived also, and hubby tried the 100 mg last night with good results. I would say he had a bit of a stuffy nose, but otherwise no other side effects were noted.
He has been taking 25mg nightly and this is probably the fourth time he tried the full dosage.
I think we are just at the 6 weeks post op mark.
Husband, age 57, diagnosed in December 09, after PSA velocity increase from 2.71 to 4.34 over one year prompted a prostate biopsy.
Gleason 4+3 = 7 stage T2c, laparoscopic nerve sparing Da Vinci robotic radical prostatectomy 1/13/10, clear surgical margins no lymph node or seminal vesicle involvement.
Let the healing begin...

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