Time to move forward immediately with RRP?

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   Posted 5/23/2010 8:33 AM (GMT -6)   
Yet another recently diagnosed guy here, in shock over the diagonsis and trying to wrap my head around it all. In a matter of very few days I went from finding out my PSA was 4.7 in the wake of a routine physical to the point where I am now. Saw a urologist that Friday, had the biopsy on Monday, got the call with the positive biopsy results on Thursday, went for bone and CT scans on Monday, saw the urologist for those results on Tuesday. My head is still spinning.
My doctor is fairly young (joined his father's urology practice in 2006), but seems to have a good background with a residency at Mayo. He has several years experience with the Da Vinci but feels that I'm not a good candidate because of pre-existing scar tissue I have in my gut from a prior gall bladdar surgery in 2001. That scar tissue caused problems when I wound up in the hospital by surprise for several days last August for a small bowel obstruction, where the scar tissue basically snagged on my bowel and caused an acute blockage. Somehow, to the surprise of the surgeon following me in the hospital, I dodged surgery and the situation resolved.
My basic info:
age 49
PSA 4.7. Prior in May 2008 was 1.6.
Uncle had RRT in early 1990s at age 66. Grandfather was diagnosed with PCa at 80 but no action was taken before his death from other causes at 88.
Biopsy showed GS 7 (4+3) with 8 of 9 samples positive. Right side is most severe with 94%, 80%, 93%. PNI was detected.
Bone and CT scans negative.
Doc feels it's best to move forward as soon as practical with RRT. I started a new job (6 month contract on an office job) the day before I received my diganosis. As of July 1st I'll have short-term disability, which was the major factor in scheduling me for early July instead of late June. He says it's optimal to move forward 6-8 weeks after biopsy.
I'm wavering just a bit between wanting the Ca out of my body before it can spread, to wishing I could postpone it since at the moment i feel physicall fine and have full function, and that I know things will never again be the same afterwards.
There are other factors going on as well, just things that keep my life "interesting". A year ago, with no warning, my wife walked out. We had been married for 4 years and literally never had a fight. It completely blindsided me and I attribute the stress i went through from that and some other stuff over the past year to the rate at which my Ca has progressed. She never made any effort at fixing things either before or after she left. Of course, before she left i had no idea she thought there were any problems. We moved into separate small rental homes in the same town, but next week she moves out of state. Not that I would expect any level of support from her, but at least she has kept me on her insurance policy since I have been unemployed for the past year. That insurance ended 2 days ago and we're scrambling for me to get a COBRA policy.
I have to keep my PCa secret from my employer. I'm the new guy who's fairly expendable and if for any reason they decided to let me go before my benefits start in July I'll be screwed, both in regards to income and disability insurance. I fear that if they knew now what I'm up against that they'd bring in someone else to work on the project I was hired to do. There's a chance this position could become permanent, but even if it doesn't I really need to hang onto my income as long as possible. I figure that on July 1 I'll tell my manager that I have to go in for surgery the following week and that it will take me out of commission for at least a couple of weeks, giving as few details as possible.
Mentally and emotionally I'm bitter and angry about winding up like this, along with being depressed, etc.

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   Posted 5/23/2010 8:48 AM (GMT -6)   
Sorry about your condition Pog and other difficult circumstances. You will find a lot of information and support here. Things are moving very quickly for you, but you should slow down and look at all your options. No need to jump at the first one suggested. You will probably receive a lot of advice from other experiened members.

Agree with your decision with your new employer. Good luck. BB
Dx with PC Dec 2008 at 56, PSA 3.4
Biopsy: T1c, Geason 7 (3+4) - 8 cores taken with 4 positive for PCa, 30% of all 4 cores.

Robotic Surgery March 2009 Hartford Hospital, Dr Wagner
Pathology Report: T2c, Geason 8, organ confined, negitive margins, lymph nodes negitive - tumor volume 9%
nerves spared, no negitive side effects of surgery

One night in hospital, back to work in 3 weeks

psa Jun 09 <.01
psa Oct 09 <.01
psa Jan 10 .07 re-test one week later .05
psa Mar 10 .28 re-test two weeks later .31

Aril 10 MRI and Bone Scan show lesion on lower spine, SRT on hold pending further testing.

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   Posted 5/23/2010 8:58 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks, BB. One thing I'm not sure about at this point is whether I even have the option of seeing another doc for a 2nd opinion at the moment. Since the insurance just ended but COBRA is not yet in place, I'm afraid I have no coverage at the moment. I know COBRA would be retroactive to provide seamless coverage once it's started, but right now I think i'm in limbo. I'll try to get more info on that this week.

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   Posted 5/23/2010 9:38 AM (GMT -6)   

None of us are MD's, and you need an MD's advice here, since at least one of us amateurs thinks you are working on thin margins.

You have a 4 as a component of your Gleason (4+3) and any time you have a 4, you are playing in a much more serious game than with a 3.
Also, with a 90% + involvement in one area, it looks like you are at serious risk of the cancer escaping the gland. While you can read about HT etc., the reality is that you have shifted the game to terminal metastasis. Or, game over.

You may be able to wait a few weeks to start treatment, but her's one amateur opinion that you not wait a few years

Good luck

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   Posted 5/23/2010 10:00 AM (GMT -6)   
From what I've read and heard so far, I just don't see that I'm a candidate for any other options. BTW, the doctor sai his gut feeling is it's likely that I'll need radiation therapy after the RRT, but of course he won't know for sure until later. He's going to attempt nerve-sparing if possible, but that depends on what he finds once he's inside and of course any efforts to save those vital parts may well be negated if I requre radiation.

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   Posted 5/23/2010 10:16 AM (GMT -6)   
It sounds like a least a couple factors will play into your choice, including having insurance and the time limits on that, if indeed you still have it. Your biopsy results is another factor to consider. As far as the wife leaving I am sorry to hear that but glad she kept you on insurance. You will have a lot of emotions thru this process but at the end of it I hope the anger and bittereness is replaced by a new appreaciation for life and and relationships of family and friends. Some of which you will find on here. Keep us posted.
Dx with PCA 12/08 2 out of 12 cores positive 4.5 psa
59 yo when diagnosed, 61 yo 2010
Robotic surgery 5/09 Atlanta, Ga
Catheter out after 10 days
Gleason upgraded to 3+5, volume less than 10%
2 pads per day, 1 depends but getting better,
 started ED tx 7/17, slow go
Post op dx of neuropathy
T2C left lateral and left posterior margins involved
3 months psa.01, 6 month psa.4, 6 1/2 month psa.5 on 11/28/10
Starting IMRT on 1/18/10, Completed 39 tx at 70 gys on 3/12/10
6 week Post IMRT PSA .44 a drop from .5 but maybe more
Great family and friends

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   Posted 5/23/2010 10:22 AM (GMT -6)   
Moving ahead with appropriate deliberation is always suggested. I had similar (actually a bit worse) biopsy results. My Doc was of the opinion that 8 weeks was the proper window between biopsy and surgery, to allow as much healing of the rectum as possible. He felt that also makes it easier for the surgeon to do a better job - less potential for extraneous complications.

We are all big on knowing who did the biopsy analysis, as some labs have an almost mythical reputation. Most here will suggest a second analysis by another lab (I did not do that).

Second and third opinions will involve not only surgeons, as you will want to get a radiation oncologist's opinion as well.

My biggest suggestion is to step back, deal with the insurance issues, and then proceed with calm. Of course your mind-set is in panic mode right now (I've been there), but that is not the best position to make decisions from.

I second-guessed myself up to the day I went to the hospital, but once the final pathology came back, that stopped.

As was said above, waiting for years is not viable, but neither is scheduling surgery until you understand the options. Not being a physician, I can't say anything is a "better" treatment, but I encourage you to have the discussions required to understand why each option is or is not applicable.

Check the local library for a copy of Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer (at least the 2nd ed., there is a 3rd. out this year, but I have not see it yet). I would suggest that you buy one, as it is nice to have to refer back with questions along the way. Also check to see if you have a local office of a Prostate Cancer support group, where they might have resources you can take advantage of.

And, I hate to welcome you to this group. None of us want this for ourselves or anyone else, which is probably why you will find so much support here. Welcome.

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   Posted 5/23/2010 11:15 AM (GMT -6)   

Sorry you are having to be here. I won't give you advise, just going to let you know that many guys know so much more that I do, but none of us are MDs. You need to do your research. It looks like you are. I can tell you the 4 is not a great number. Many guys will chime in and let you know what they have done.

I know it is more difficult with the split at the same time. We are all here for moral support. Hang in there. If you have specific questions you can post them here are shoot many of us e-mail.

Do keep us posted.

Cajun Jeff
9/08 PSA 5.4 referred to Urologist
9/08 Biopsy: GS 3+4=7 1 positive core in 12 1 pre cancer core
10/08 Nerve-Sparing open radical
Surgery Path Report Downgrade 3+3=6 GS Stage pT2c margins clear

3 month: PSA <0.1
6 month: PSA <0.1
10 month:PSA <0.1
1 year: PSA <0.1
16 month:PSA <0.1

ED - Started Cialis at 3 months, tried all 3, 6 months added pump, 9 months Tried MUSE (YUCK) Bad experience.
1 year mark Found new Urologist visit was at 14th month post surgery
Started Injections, Caverject! (Success)
17 month: ED making improvements : Oral Meds gets me 85%

Ed C. (Old67)
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   Posted 5/23/2010 12:50 PM (GMT -6)   
You have time before you can start any kind of treatment. My Uro wanted to wait 6 weeks after a biopsy before surgey. In 6 weeks you will have insurance and be able to get a second opinion on what treatment is best for you. Sorry about your wife leaving you at such a critical time. Know that all of us here support you on this journey. Best of luck.
Age: 67 at Dx on 12/30/08
PSA 9/05 1.15; 8/06 1.45; 12/07 2.41; 8/08 3.9; 11/08 3.5 free PSA 11%
2 cores out of 12 were positive Gleason (4+4) and (4+5)
Negative CT scan and bone scan done on 1/16
Robotic surgery performed 2/9/09 Dr Fagin, Austin TX
Pathology report:
Prostate weighed 57 grams size:5.2 x 5.0 x 4.9 cm
Posterior lateral lesions measuring 1.5 x 1.4 x 1.0 cm showing focal capsular penetration over a distance of 3mm in circumference.
Prostatic adenocarciroma accounts for approx. 10-20% of the hemisphere.
Gleason 4+4
both nerve bundles removed,
pT3a Nx Mx, Negative margins
seminal vesicles clean, lymph nodes: not dissected
continent after 5 months
2 months PSA test 4/7/09 result <0.1
5 months PSA test 7/9/09 result <0.1
8 months PSA test 10/9/09 result <0.1
11 months PSA test 1/21/10 result 0.004
14 months PSA test 4/19/10 result 0.005

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   Posted 5/23/2010 1:00 PM (GMT -6)   
It never occurred to me to have a second analysis of the biopsy, but I suppose it's too late for that now. I had the doctor print out my report, it says Dianon Systems, from Oklahoma City.
I just checked on the Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer and it looks like the library the next suburb over has a copy available, so I'll drive over this afternoon to check it out. Monday I'll find out the status of my insurance and the possibility of seeing another doctor. I did go ahead and schedule my surgery for July 7.
I never pictured being in this situation, and I sure as heck never imagined going through this alone. My 17 y/o son lives with me, but the surgery happens about the same time that his summer school ends and he leaves to spend the rest of the summer with his mother. Since I'll be at the house by myself, I'm not even sure how I'll deal with stuff like groceries and food prep, doing laundry, etc. Right now my wife is still listed as my emergency contact on my medical information and I'm not sure who else I can put down. I have a 25 y/o son I'd consider, but he's deployed to Iraq and right now. I feel that I have to keep my situation confidential from him since there's nothing he can do about it right now except stress out, which is a dangerous distraction for him and everyone around him if it causes him to lose focus while he's in a combat zone. He can find out about it all later this year when he returns.

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   Posted 5/23/2010 1:05 PM (GMT -6)   

Hello Friend,

You are dealing with more stressful situations that one should be allowed to deal with...!  You've earned the right to a little anger and frustration.

Well, let me just say that your July timing sounds fine, and you shouldn't stress-out about that.  Your doc also says to move "as soon as practical"...that's reasonable.  A couple weeks here or there are not going to make a huge difference even with some aggressive "4" cells. 

It sounds like you have been spending some time educating yourself about prostate cancer, which is absolutely the best thing you can do right now.  There is lots to learn.  Someone already suggest Walsh's book, and I would strongly second that recommendation...the book is considered the "bible" of PC.  Order it online and you will have a copy by Wednesday or Thursday.
There is a list of commonly used abbreviations used in the PC-world that are at the top of the page (of PC threads).  Here are a couple examples:
RALP – robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (similar to LRP but with “robotic” assistance)
RP - radical prostatectomy
RPP - radical perineal prostatectomy
RRP - radical retropubic prostatectomy
RT - radiation therapy; also: right side
You used one not often used here, RRT.  Whatever you meant, many patients today with cases similar to your are undergoing multi-mode treatments...surgery followed by adjuvant radiation, or combined hormone therapy with radiation.  There are very recent threads posted on this site for both of these situations.
best wishes...

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   Posted 5/23/2010 1:14 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Pog,

Sorry you had to join us here, but you'll get great advice from the members on the "other side" of treatment. Ditto 142's advice on getting a copy of Dr. Walsh's book- the more you can learn about this diease the better and the better equiped you'll be to deciding on the right treatment for you. With your 4+3 diagnose you don't have forever but you do have time to study up on your options and to straigten out your insurance issues. It's also important to eat a really good diet and get in the best shape possible before treatment. This will also hopefully help you feel better and more in control-maybe even help with any depression.

Husband diagnosed 3/10
Age 56, PSA 4.7, free 7.6%
Biopsy 5 of 10 cores positve-all right side-25% to 57%
Gleason 6
Appointment with Dr. Patel, Global Robotics May 26,10

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   Posted 5/23/2010 1:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Casey59 said...

You used one not often used here, RRT.  Whatever you meant, many patients today with cases similar to your are undergoing multi-mode treatments...surgery followed by adjuvant radiation, or combined hormone therapy with radiation.  There are very recent threads posted on this site for both of these situations.


My mistake, I meant RRP. Years ago I worked in respiratory therapy so I guess the term "RRT" (registered respiratory therapist) just floated to the surface when I intended to type something similar.

Tony Crispino
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   Posted 5/23/2010 1:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Take a look at my numbers. And also take a look at how well things are going for me. You can do well with what you have to work with. I believe that a positive attitude will get you over the bumps and disappointments. It has worked well for me so I mean it when I say stay positive. Take calculated steps, and always keep in mind what you might do with the next steps.


Advanced Prostate Cancer at age 44 (I am 47 now)
pT3b,N0,Mx (original PSA was 19.8) EPE, PM, SVI. Gleason 4+3=7

LARP ~ 2/17/2007 at the City of Hope near Los Angeles.
Adjuvant Radiation Therapy ~ IMRT Completed 8/07
Adjuvant Hormone Therapy ~ 28 months on Casodex and Lupron.

"I beat up this disease and took its lunch money! I am in remission."
I am currently not being treated, but I do have regular oncology visits.
I am the president of an UsTOO chapter in Las Vegas

Blog : www.caringbridge.org/visit/tonycrispino

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   Posted 5/23/2010 2:13 PM (GMT -6)   
--I had the doctor print out my report, it says Dianon Systems, from Oklahoma City.

I didn't know that name (mine went to Bostwick), so I looked them up. They are part of LabCorp, which is the obligatory lab for my insurance company. Bostwick was a preference of my physician. Labs keep the slides, and it is perfectly within your rights to ask that they be sent to a lab of your choice for a second opinion. It could be expensive, but it there were doubts as to type of applicable treatment, it could help resolve them.

However, in my non-professional mind, I would ask what the Gleason was on each of the cores before asking for second evaluation. Lots of folks do it, but my insurance would not have paid, and I was starting with one of the leaders.

James posted a list of threads for another member about getting ready that would be useful for you. I'll find it and add the link here, so check back later.

Added Link from James' post:

You would likely need some help at home. I had family come for a week after, but generally was on my own getting ready and afterwards. I had to ask a few favors from the neighbors. That is tough, but it can be done. The insurance may pay for some "at home" help, and the hospital or your doctor may have suggestions.

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   Posted 5/23/2010 2:26 PM (GMT -6)   
The GS for every one of the samples in my biopsy was listed as 7 (4+3). Paying out of pocket for a second analysis simply isn't a possibility right now. As for help at home, I'll see what I can find but my resources are thin. My parents live out of town, are in their late 80s, and their health isn't the greatest. My ex isn't likely to give up her summer custody time with my son even for something like this. I was married to her for 20 rocky years, with that coming to an end when she announced that she never really preferred men. Her comment when she was told was that since there's a history of PCa in my family, this is no big deal. My current wife is moving about 6 hours away and I know I can't count on any help whatsoever from that direction. As for why this marriage fell apart, I simply don't have an answer. I told her daily that I loved her and she was the most amazing person I'd ever met, was genuinely happy to see her every day, and was totally floored when she walked out the door. She's given various reasons for why she left but they change from time to time, giving one reason then later saying that wasn't it, it was a different reason, then later it will be something else. There has been little communication since she left and I have written off any hope of making sense of it all.

English Alf
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   Posted 5/23/2010 2:30 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome here

Yes you need to wait 6-8 weeks after a biopsy for the area to heal/recover enough for things to get back to normal for the delicate snipping work to be possible during surgery.

I think that the most interesting and important thing you said was that your doc is already guessing that even if you have surgery you might need RT anyway.

I am currently having RT after surgery. My post-operation patholgy also made us guess that RT was likely to be needed, however my pre-op pathology from the biopsy did not suggest my case was as bad.

Ask him to explain why he is already anticipating that surgery won't sort you out? Why is he not suggesting only doing RT?

Age at Dx 48 No Family history of Prostate Cancer
Married 25 years, and I cannot thank my wife enough for her support.
April 2009: PSA 8.6 DRE: negative. Tumour in 2 out of 12 cores. Gleason 3+3.
RALP (nerve-sparing) at AVL-NKI Hospital Amsterdam on 29th July 2009. Stay 1 night.
Partial erections on while catheter still in. Catheter out on 6th Aug 2009.
Dry at night after catheter came out
Post-op Gleason 3+4. Tumour mainly in left near neck of bladder.
Left Seminal Vesicle invaded, (=T3b!)
no perineraul invasion, no vascular invasion. clear margins,
Erection 100% on 15th Aug 2009, but lots of leaking of urine
Stopped wearing pads on 21st Sept 2009
Pre-op style intercourse on 24th Oct 2009 !! No use of tablets, jabs, VED etc. but...
Nov 17th 2009 PSA = 0.1
Can still get erections okay, and almost no leaking of urine, but since December 2009 I don't have orgasms, instead I just have intense pain in place where prostate used to be.
Mar 17th 2010 PSA = 0.4!!! referred to radiation therapist
April 13th 2010 CT scan.
April 28th 2010 Started Radiation Therapy (66Gy - 33 sessions)

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   Posted 5/23/2010 3:59 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Pogmothoin,

Welcome to our little corner of the world. No one wants to be here, but........here we are. You've already received a lot of good advise, information and useful suggestions. All I can add is the fact that I too am a single guy (divorced a long time ago) and experienced the same concerns as you have about after surgery. I to wondered about how I would manage without a partner or other help. Looking back onto my situation, the biggest problem was how to get home from the hospital after my open RRP. I was mobile (like most of us) almost immediately after surgery and had no problem with light housework such as cooking meals and light clean ups etc. It is nice and helpful to have a partner that cares and can help with day to day house work, but not essential to your recovery. I just prepared a few meals before surgery and kept those in the freezer, but I found that even that wasn't really necessary. Just take it easy for a few weeks and try to stay as calm as you can under the circumstances. I'm sure it will all work out for you in the long run.
Hope this will help you a bit in reducing your worries about your post op problems.
Wishing you all the best in your forthcoming venture.

Born Sept 1936
PSA 7.9
-ve DRE
Gleason's Score 3+4=7, 2 of 8 positive
Open RP 28 Nov 06 (nerve sparing), Post op staging T3a
Gleasons still 3+4=7
Seminal vesicles and lymph nodes clear
Catheter out 15 Dec 06, Dry since 11 Feb 07
All PSA tests in 2007 (4) <.04
PSA tests in 2008: Mar.=.04; Jun.=.05; Sept.=.08; 3 days before Rad Start=0.1
Salvage RT completed (33 sessions - 66 Grays) on the 19th Dec., 08.
PSA in Jan., 09=0.05; July 09=<0.04; JAN 10=<0.04

Worried Guy
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   Posted 5/23/2010 5:15 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to HW.
(And would I be seein' a wee bit o' the Gaelic in ya now. Me struggle an' strife wus a Doyle.)

You'll find all kinds of support here. I'm willing to bet a few guys have already volunteered to do your grocery and pee pad shopping for you. I know I would in a second. Feel free to contact us off line. Most of us have listed where we are from in another thread. I'll try to find it an bump it up near this one.

I am a firm believer in staying anon and keeping it the situation to yourself. In general the guys with income, e.g., established jobs, tenure, working spouses, etc are able to share more. The self employed, sole breadwinners keep it under the radar. It is tough but it also helps in certain ways.

You are making the right decisions and are doing what you have to do. You have a little more than a month to kick butt and get in shape. With the walkout, I'm pretty sure you are already in decent shape but you have to work on the kegels.

One parting note, you may think you are alone. You're not. You just found more understanding friends than you can imagine. Don't be afraid to ask.
Married 34 years, DX Age 56. First routine PSA test on April 8, 09: 17.8. Start 2 weeks of Cipro to rule out protatitis. May '09 PSA: 22.6, 3 weeks later: PSA: 23.2.
Biopsy 6/10/09: 7/12 scores positive, 20%-70%, Gleason 6=3+3. Bone and C/T scans neg.
RP DaVinci -7/21/2009 @ Univ of Roch Medical Center
Left nerve gone, right partial spared.
Catheter removed - 7/31/2009 Pathology report received:
Gleason 3+4=7, Tumor size: 2.5 x 1.8 cm, location: both lobes and apex.
Extraprostatic extension present; Perineural invasion: present, extensive.
No Malignancy in Seminal Vesicle, vasa deferentia, lymph nodes 0/13
Prostate mass 56 grams. Pathologic Stage: pT3aN0MX
Post Surgery Status:
Potency - 12/11 5 months, Still no activity, zip. Using pump daily since 11/11. No effect with 20 mg of Cialis or 100 mg of Viagra. Shots next See Uro 1/22/10 Trimix #1. Try 0.08- 25%, 0.12-25%, 2/26/10 try 0.16 First Success! 90%.
Incontinence - 8/20 4 full pads per day
.. 9/7 3-4 full pads per day. Try controlling fluids.
12/11/09 5 months: 3 pads per day, 400-450ml/day
02/26/10 7 months: 3 pads but leak is now 320 ml (5 day avg.)
03/22/10 8 months: 3 pads per day, 280 ml/day (5 day avg.) PT says all muscles are tight and working properly. There must be another issue. Uro mtg 4/23. Did I waste 9 months? Mtg 5/22.
Post Surgery PSA - 9/3 6 weeks - 0.05; 10/13 3 months - 0.04, 1/14 6 months - 0.05, 4/14 9 months - 0.04 and <0.01 with ECLIA.

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   Posted 5/23/2010 5:34 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Pog,
Our ages and numbers are similar, and I am doing great in all areas, stay positive my friend.
Age 51yrs
6 out of 8 cores positive 3 X 60% / 3 X 10%
PSA 4 Gleason Score 3+4=7 Stage T1c
Robotic Surgery 24/12/08
Upgrade Gleason Score 4+3=7 Gleason Differential 60%/40%
Stage T2c Three small foci total volume <10%
Neg Margins and Nodes
Nil - Extraprostatic Extentions
Dry less than 1 week. ED- okay with Meds.
PSA at 12mths no change remains 0.03
"Everyday in Everyway I get better"

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   Posted 5/23/2010 9:37 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm just South of St.Louis.....shoot me an email.?

Age 51, PSA 08/31/2009= 6.8, DRE Neg.
Biopsy 9/24/09 =10 of 12 positive. Gleason 6. involving up to 75%
da Vinci at Wash U, Barnes on 11/02/09 Non-Nerve Sparing on Rt.
Modified Pathology, Gleason 4 + 3 = 7. Gleason 7 present throughout Prostate involving 20% of the Gland. Surgical Margins Free of Tumor,
4 of 4 periprostatic Lymph Nodes Negative, 10 of 10 pelvic Lymph Nodes Negative. Seminal Vesicles tumor free. Extracapsular extension is absent Perineural Invasion is Identified, Vascular Invasion is not identified.
Post-op PSA 12/10/2009, Undetectable  <0.01
Post-op PSA 05/03/2010, Undetectable  <0.01
I hate this crap
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