Beginning the journey of bladder training

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   Posted 7/16/2010 4:20 PM (GMT -6)   
I just had my cathedor removed today after a robotic prostatectomy last Wednesday. I had a two hour ride home and was able to hold it in until the first rest stop (about halfway), which I guess is a good sign as I was able to hold back the big urge until I made it to the bathroom. I tried to just let it go in the car but it would not happen, mental thing I guess to not go in your pants.  
I have one question to throw out. When I urinate the flow is good but near the end of the job it is a bit painful. The same kind of pain that if you remember pre-surgery when you would have to hold in a pee way too long to  get to a bathroom and when you did go it hurt - that same type of feeling. Hope this makes some sense. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it subside over time?

pre-op PSA 3.7
Gleason 6
post op. surgical margins clear

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   Posted 7/16/2010 4:30 PM (GMT -6)   
That last bit is trying to pass the suture point in the urethra. I felt it as the urine slowed down and got into the wound. I had a lot of mild irritation. If it continues the same gets worse, have them check for a urinary tract infection. You may get one or more of those.
My doc advised that the first few weeks would be like that, you are running urine over raw tissue that was somewhat protected by the catheter until today.

Holding out for an hour - I had a wet pad before I got out of the doctors office to the car. Be happy. Seriously.

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   Posted 7/16/2010 5:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi. Had mine May 17. They gave me antibiotics to take in the event I did get a UTI. Week or so after cath out I had sharb burning when I tried to go. My Primary and then the Uro both did the test for Urinary Tract Infection but neither found anything. I could pee a little, then STOP in it's track, both due to pain and it felt like a valve had closed. AS few minutes later I felt the valve partially open up, the pain subside and I was able to pee, but not a full flow. At that point I didn't even care, just glad to get relief. This past week, in setting up my potential Radiation Therapy, I explained to the Rad Onc that I was still experiencing this issue.. though the paid had subsided alot since those first days.. but I was getting blood at the end of evey urination. I would pee well,, then it would stop, some pain, valave shuts down, then opens again in a few minutes. At least I wasn't retaining the urine - I was/am ultimately able to empty the bladder.. BUT IS WAS LIKE A THREE RING CIRCUS GETTING THERE!

So I had urine test done Friday.. they will send the results to my uro in Boston to look at Monday. In the meatime, I just mentioned to my wife that the last time I saw blood (and it was EVERY time) was the morning I went to meet the Rad Onc, somewhat ironically, I guess.

So i'll wait for the results.. But I have personally noticed that MUCH of these things absolutey do get better over time.. or they have for me. Operation scar tissue stopped hurting in 3+- weeks, sitting down stopped feeling like there was a whole there about 3.5 weeks, I am now out walking 3+- miles a day and lifting some weights with no problem.

I tell you all this because I was discouraged, concerned, curious and all similar to you.. WHEN and WILL these things get better.. so I want you to know thta many of them indeed do and did get better. So keep the faith!
First ever PSA test Jan 2010 @ 51 years old. 4.0.
Digital exam in March 2010 showed 1 side hard, other soft.
Biopsy, positive in 3 of 12.
Davinci @ Boston Medical Center, May 17, 2010.
Was suggested prior to it was likely contained.
June 1 advised 3+-4 was really 4+3 per pathology. Pos margins.
Listed on patholgy as PT3, but with extraprostatic extension,
microscopic invasion of the bladder neck, PT3A is perhaps the case.
Catheter removed June 1.. 1 pad/day, doing ok. ED, but not in rush.
Sore as heck down there, but doing much walking with my wife.
To meet with my Uri (1st meeting since) June 17 - 1 mo point, to discuss.
BMC already has me setup to meet with radiology.
Felling a little better each day. Cant tell if my expectancy just went from 10-15 down to 5-7, the information out there appears to be all over the place. I WILL NOT radiate my insides to the point of being a veg for the sake of a few years. QOL is primary to me. Selfish I guess. I pray for all of you as I do for myself, but must remember that i've had a pretty good 50+ years, and know others who have lost their children to disease.. so I dont have the nerve to complain! Update 7/14/2010: When I tried changing this sig a few days after creating it, system was broken. My new rad oncologist are discussing IMRT.. though he says he can see why waiting a bit and watching the PSA on super sensitive basis might make sense. I am leaning towards IMRT.. thinking is my body is pretty strong now, i'm 51, and if I can rid my body of this while trying to minimize the side effects.. I dunno. No really Good answers. When I said I didnt want radiation to the point of being a veg.. I really meant there is a limit as to where I wish to go in order to realize only a small increase in life expectancy.. and not that I am an unreasonable person. I do, after all, have an obligation to my wife and kids.

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   Posted 7/16/2010 5:11 PM (GMT -6)   
ABSOLUTELY!!!  I just had my cath removed yesterday and I am having the EXACT same issue. Flow comes out good and then right at the end.... it feels like you have to push and there's a marble stuck there that just won't let it out.... a few more little squirts and then it subsides.....  I thought I was the only one also. Doc said it's from having the cath in... plus the healing process of the suture site.

Diagnosis June 1, 2010 @ age 50
PSA  1.7    Sept. 2008
PSA  2.14  Sept. 2009
PSA  2.75  April  2010
May  25, 2010  - Biopsy  1 of 12 cores positive;  Gleason 3+4 = 7  25%;   Stage T1c
June 04, 2010  - CT and Bone scan - All Negative
July  07, 2010  - Da Vinci Robotic Lap. Surgery
Tumor involvement - 15% both right and left halves
Gleason 3+3=6
Seminal Vesicles - Negative
Lymphnode - Negative
Subcapsular perineural Invasion - Present
Bladder Neck Margin Positive (right posterior) - 1mm Focus
First PSA scheduled for 10/14
Northern NJ

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   Posted 7/16/2010 5:38 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for the reply, sounds like we are having the same issues but your one day ahead of me.
age 50, diagnosed April 2010
pre-op PSA 3.7
Gleason 6
post op. surgical margins clear

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   Posted 7/17/2010 6:25 PM (GMT -6)   
The short answer is YES.
My experience was similar in that I had mild pain at the end of urination for months after surgery.  The muscles that control flow are now pushing on tissues cut or moved during surgery.  So naturally it takes  some time to begin pushing and being pushed in a different way.  I could best describe it as a muscle kink to be worked out over time.  I was trying to remember when it went away and can't.  I'm guessing 90 - 120 days or more and that was after multiple daily kegels exercises to help retrain tissues to work correctly for that time when our sex lives fillled back in.  And that did not start till past the 1 1/2 - 2 yr. mark.
The desire to pee again I coined a new term for.  I call it "Afterflow."
I stress be patient with all these things.  You have had major surgery and those soft wet tissues need time to heal properly.
If you ready carefully on this Forum you will see stories often where the person tried to bull themselves past the problems and sufferd a new issue simply because they tried too early or too hard to return to exactly where they were before cancer.  That was a mistake.
All the lives of all couples are changed by cancer.  There is no escape.  Many find very worthwhile adjustments to their NEW NOMAL and life has a way of filling back in a healthy but different way.
Good Luck on your journey, Jim

Age 60 when presented to GP on 3 Aug. 2004 with elevated PSA of 13.8.

Referred to Urologist. Biopsy and bone scan in Oct 04.

Pathology report in Nov 04. Initial Results are T2cNoMo carcinoma of prostate gland.

Had a RPP on 14 Feb 2005. Boy talk about irony look at that date again.

Dr. called 3 days after surgery. I want you both in my office tomorrow morning, we must talk now.

"I wish to apologize because I misdiagnosed your condition.

Biopsy of your organ says Staging is T3bNoMo. Please accept my apology."

At that moment I fell in love with my Dr. and have never changed my mind.

Followup radiation of the prostate bed started early June 05 and ran 42 sessions.

All PSA checkups to date, 5 1/2 yrs, are undetectable.

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