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HW Friends,


Last year I had implant surgery.  This week I celebrate my one-year anniversary of those implants.  I had both the Artificial Urinary Sphincter implanted and a penile prosthesis.  The purpose of this post is to update my HW friends on how I am doing after one year and to help any new members who might have questions.  I have copied and pasted (below) a post to this forum that I entitled "Q's & A's about Penile Implants” (or something like that).  I simply update that nearly one-year-old post.  I am adding comments to the q's & a's, since I now have much more experience with these devices.  I hope this post might help anyone who is considering drastic solutions such as I did.  I had gone 18 months with no sign of erectile restoration or urinary control.  Every drop of urine my kidneys produced went right through my bladder into my pads.  It was a miserable 18 months, as some of you know.  I was asked some questions about the penile implant and I posted the questions and responded with answers... according to my personal experience.  If interested, you can read them below.


How good is the implant erection? 

(Then) I will be activated in one week.  I perhaps could answer your question after that time.  From what I read of others who have had the implant, the general consensus is that the implant erection is good.

(Later) Now that I have been activated for six weeks, I can answer a little more detailed.  The implant erection is much, much better than the days of ED following surgery.  I tried the VED and the injections.  In my opinion, mine is not quite as good as before, due mainly to the 3/4 of an inch shortening I experienced.  But it certainly beats no erection.  The wife and I are now experiencing very, very good intimacy again, with good orgasms.  It is different... but good.

(Now) Erections are still very, very good.  No softening, no limpness, even after orgasm.  I’m still a little troubled about the loss of length, but only if I dwell on it.  That’s where I am in life.

Do you still feel the same sensations?

(Then) Yes. 

(Later) I was not as sensitive as pre-prostate removal, but have now gained back full sensitivity.

(Now) After lots of love-making, I realized this answer was not exactly right.  I now know that I was not… am not as sensitive as before.  Orgasm now takes a little longer.  But that sure has pleased the wife.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve had problems with pre-mature orgasms, sometimes leaving the wife unsatisfied.  That no longer happens.  I’m like the Energizer Bunny now, going as long as I need or want to go.

Is it obvious that there is something artificial in there to you and your partner?

(Then) It's obvious to me because I know it as a fact.  But I am told others do not notice unless informed.  There is some extra "hardware" in the scrotum, but it is not readily noticeable.

(Now) I think it might be noticeable to anyone who has the opportunity to stare.  I’ve not given anyone that opportunity except my wife and doctors.  My penis now hangs larger (flaccid) than before.  But it’s not obvious that there’s anything artificial… at least I do not think it is. Yes, it has caused some second glances in the gym, but that no longer concerns me.  We all know that going through the process of PC causes us to lose some of our "modesty." See more on this below.

Can you ride a bicycle with one of these implants.

(Then) Yes; after the doctor releases you to do so.

(Now)  Be careful.  Have a comfortable seat that does not mash the area.

Do you feel it when its not inflated?

(Then) I have not yet been inflated.  Will know in a week.

(Later)  When the doc first inflated, it hurt.  He grabbed it, bent it around, and attempted to explain some things.  Now that I am six weeks post activation and have inflated and deflated tens and tens of times since then, and have regained intimacy with my wife, the pain is almost... almost gone.  I have been told by others who have experienced the implant, that after more time, I will not notice any difference.  I am close to that point now and I am enjoying my new erections.

(Now) I do not have any pain.  My underwear (briefs) are filled fuller than ever.  I am aware because I have more down there (package) than pre-implant).  See more next question…

What do you look like in the locker room when its not inflated? 

(Then) I have not been to the locker room and only my surgeon, his nurse, the uro nurse at the hospital, the class of medical student (Next day after surgery...boy, was that an experience), and a PA have seen it.  But I can tell you in the mirror, I think I look good.  I mean, in my opinion, I've never looked better.  I think my wife agrees.

(More)  Flaccid, I look larger than my former flaccid state.  This is due to the fact that implants do not normally recede up into the body as before implant.  Neither does the penis shrink as much as it did pre-surgery flaccid.  This means the "look" is noticeably larger.  This bothered me at first because I did not like the idea of showing a bigger "package" through my slacks.  Now I am used to it and don't really care.  It is now who I am.  In my opinion, I still look better down there than ever in the mirror.  Of course, looks mean nothing if it does not work.

(Now)  In the locker room, I still look like I am more endowed that I was before (flaccid).  My worries about my “package” are gone.  No one notices.  There’s no bulge in my pants.

Is it true that you will lose some length in the penis after implant?

(Then) I did.  I lost about 3/4's of an inch.  It seems that most do lose some.  But I gained in girth.  That does make sex with the wife a little different.  But the important thing is that although it is different, it is still good... very good.  It works. 

(Now) One loses some length during a prostatectomy due to removing the prostate and pulling the urethra together and stiching it together.  There is also some loss with the implant, also some guys say that they have gained a little.  Everyone who receives a penile implant is told not to expect a gain in length.  Though I am a little shorter, it works and works good. 

I am adding one more Q & A, which I think concerns some guys who have had their prostate removed:

Does one ejaculate urine after prostate removal?

I do.  That was very distressing at first, but I’m told that some guys do ejaculate urine instead of having the “dry” orgasms, as is stated by most professional publications.  It seems few doctors warn their patients of this before surgery.  I'm sure, given the circumstances of prostate cancer, they do not wish to over-burden patients.   However, in this first year after being able to have intimacy with my wife again, I have concluded that, for me, the urine ejaculation has restored the pleasure I received when I ejaculated semen.  Now I even attempt to have some time between urination and sex.  Of course, no one wants to fill his wife with urine.  I did not like that idea.  So now, I simply use a condom.  Problem solved.  And for me, I noticed that the condom actually produced some extra good sensation.  I had “written off” use of condoms years ago (completed our family, so I had a vasectomy).  But for me, the condom does not diminish the pleasure… it increases it!  So doe the pulsating urine going through my urethra.

I hope this long post helps someone who has questions about penile or sphincter implants.  They have restored this 66 year old man (and wife) to a normal lifestyle.  


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