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   Posted 3/3/2011 5:24 PM (GMT -6)   
Well, not only did I get a surprisingly BAD PSA test today, putting the final stamp on the obvious SRT decision, but remember when I said everything was in place to start the SRT process within a few days?
Well, I made THE CALL and it turns out the RO will be on vacation next week. I was hoping for a Tuesday appointment. Well, that is delayed one week. I guess it's not a huge deal, but it is annoying. This just fits in with the pattern of my doing everything I'm supposed to be doing (such as regular physical exams and then getting hit with a bad pathology) but things not quite working out.
Soooo... I am now scheduled to meet on the 15th (a week from Tuesday). This will be a meeting with the RO, then filling out all kinds of paperwork delineating the risks, etc., doing additional insurance forms, and then doing the set-up. So at least the set-up will be done. My understanding is 3-5 business days later the actual plan is in place and we start the radiation (there may be a trial run involved also).
Next week is Spring Break. I'm off work. It would not be unusual for Cheryl and I to take a little vacation. But we kept the week free, anticipating starting SRT.
Sorry, but this is venting time!
(Incidentally, I suspect we will do a last minute get-away. Just not sure right now).

Susan R
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   Posted 3/3/2011 5:29 PM (GMT -6)   
I am sorry you were hit with the bad news. We will keep you in our prayers, and hope that you are able to keep the positive attitude and continue to move along in the right direction!

Susan and Michael

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   Posted 3/3/2011 5:37 PM (GMT -6)   
I think the last-minute getaway is a terrific idea.  Much better than hanging around the house stewing.  There must be something nearby you've been intending to do, either for a few days, or as a series of day trips.  Give yourself some time off.  Just you and the Mrs.  You deserve it.

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   Posted 3/3/2011 5:49 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm sorry, Mel. I hope you guys will do something for those five days. Maybe you actually need that week of relaxation and distraction before you are tied down to SRT.

We are campers, and didn't go at all last Fall or Winter due to the whole PC process. Now that treatment is over, I'm too stressed thinking about paying for it to enjoy taking the motor home very far. Truthfully, I know it would be the best thing we could do. Anyway, hope you get to enjoy part of your break. So sorry the news wasn't better.


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   Posted 3/3/2011 5:52 PM (GMT -6)   
Once you have the RO meeting, they will do your prep scans, but I expect (from my experience) that they would ask you to come with a full bladder for the scans, so it may be another day, or they may hand you a bottle of water and say "drink up". Anyway, expect a week between the scans and first day, which is the time the RO takes to do the plan.
After the scans and the week of plan time, the first day was a dry run (so-called, bladder had to be full, and there was an accident, so it was more of a wet run), when they ran through the whole process, and did some xrays to be sure all was in order, as well as give me an idea of what was coming. Day 2 was actually the first "live" pass. So I actually was on the table for 40 days to get 39 sessions.
At least you know what's coming, so don't worry - enjoy the week.

Cajun Jeff
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   Posted 3/3/2011 5:54 PM (GMT -6)   
Oh Mel I just hate hearing news like this. The PSA jump and the idea of not being able to start when you planned. Just so very frustrating.

Hang in there buddy. Get out of Dodge and get some fresh air to clear you head just a bit.

Cajun Jeff
9/08 PSA 5.4 referred to Urologist
9/08 Biopsy: GS 3+4=7 1 positive core in 12 1% cancer core
10/08 Nerve-Sparing open radicalSurgery Path Report Downgrade 3+3=6 GS Stage pT2c margins clea
r3 month: PSA <0.1
19th month: PSA <0.1
2 year PSA <0.1
Only issue at this time is ED but getting better

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   Posted 3/3/2011 5:56 PM (GMT -6)   
Yep, but they will be doing the set-up (scans, etc.) that first day. There will also be a 30-minutes patient education session.
I guess that will be my next journey, eh!
PSA-- 3/08--2.90; 8/09--4.01; 11/09--4.19 (PSAf: 24%), PCA3 =75 .Biopsy 11/30/09. Gleason 4+3. Stage: T1C. Current Age: 64. Surgery: Dr. Menon @Ford Hospital, 1/26/10. Pathology Report: G 4+3. Nodes: Clear. PNI: yes. SVI: No. EPE: yes. Pos. Margin: Yes-- focal-- 1 spot .5mm. 100% continent by 3/10. ED- yes.. PSA on 3/10/10-: 0.01. PSA on 6/21/10--0.02. 9/21/10--0.06; 1/4/11-0.13,3/1/11--0.27

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   Posted 3/3/2011 6:04 PM (GMT -6)   
Mel, I would suggest going to where the sun is warm if possible. Being from Ohio myself, I know you must be tired of the snow and cold and just need the bones warmed up!
I do hate hearing bad news!!!!
Every minute you fish or ride,adds an hour to your life!

Age 52 Dx age 53 daVinci surgery
prostate volume 24gms
Biopsy 12 cores with 7 positive- left base,right base,left mid gland,right mid gland, left apex.
Gleason score of 7
First PSA 38.7 on10/05/2010
Second PSA 49.9 on11/23/2010
CT negative
Bone scan Negative
daVinci RRP on 01/25/2011 by Dr Mark G Delworth at Bethesda North Hospital.

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   Posted 3/3/2011 6:42 PM (GMT -6)   


You will be in my evening meditations.


Ed C. (Old67)
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   Posted 3/3/2011 7:00 PM (GMT -6)   
Mel, So sorry to hear the bad PSA news. You have been kind of expecting it but we were all hoping otherwise. May be it is good that you can't start next week, it will allow you to get away for a week. I wish you the best. Stay positive, you still can beat this PCa.
Age: 67 at Dx on 12/30/08 PSA 3.8
2 cores out of 12 were positive Gleason (4+4)
Davinci surgery 2/9/09 Gleason 4+4 EPE,
Margins clear, nerve bundles removed
Prostate weighed 57 grams 10-20% involved
all PSA tests since (2, 5, 8, 11, 15, 18, 21 months) undetectable
Latest PSA test (2 years) <.008 ?

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   Posted 3/3/2011 7:09 PM (GMT -6)   


"Sell Off"  ... asap (also free Vit D)


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   Posted 3/3/2011 7:43 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm so sorry that your PSA did not turn out as you had hoped. At least now you know what your next steps are, and which course you are going to take. I think that level between .1 and .2 carries with it a lot of stress. I don't know how David chose his screen name, but I would consider that PSA range "Purgatory". Best of luck to you with your SRT.
Age 47
PSA 10/09=4.60
Biopsy 12/09
Left side benign
Rt side 3of 4 cores positive, 70%
Initial Gleason 3+4
2nd Opinion Gleason 3+3
DaVinci surgery 2/16/10
Catheter removed 2/27/10
Post surgery PSA 5/10 <.05, 8/10 .12, 9/10 .12, 12/3/10 .16, 1/27/11 .15,
02/28/11 .17

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   Posted 3/3/2011 7:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Well, probably no vacation as Cheryl (wife) rescheduled assorted medical stuff for her this week.
But, that's okay. There's plenty of stuff here to keep me busy.

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   Posted 3/3/2011 9:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Mel, if you want to talk by voice, email me and I will give you my phone number. I don't do a lot of phone stuff, but I understand your situation first hand and it might help.

David in SC
Age: 58, 56 dx, PSA: 7/07 5.8, 10/08 16.3
3rd Biopsy: 9/08 7 of 7 Positive, 40-90%, Gleason 4+3
open RP: 11/08, on catheters for 101 days
Path Rpt: Gleason 3+4, pT2c, 42g, 20% cancer, 1 pos marg
Incont & ED: None
Post Surgery PSA: 2/09 .05,5/09 .1, 6/09 .11. 8/09 .16
Post SRT PSA: 1/10 .12, 4/8 .04, 8/6 .06 11/10 Not taking it
Latest: 6 Corr Surgeries to Bladder Neck, SP Catheter since 10/1/9, SRT 39 Sess/72 gy ended 11/09, 21 Catheters, Ileal Conduit Surgery 9/23/10

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   Posted 3/3/2011 10:58 PM (GMT -6)   
I sent you an email

Old Sailor
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   Posted 3/3/2011 10:59 PM (GMT -6)   
Mel, very sorry that your PSA has increased.  I know how you feel, do everything your suppose to do and things continue to go down hill.  I have read several articles that say positive margins may actually improve chances for successful RT because there is a higher probability that cancer is still in the bed area. I started the RT at psa of 0.2 (38 sessions), when I finished, it did not go down so now I'm on HT.  The RT was not very difficult, drink at least 20 oz. of water before you start the session. Press on, you'll be OK.   The Old Sailor 

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   Posted 3/3/2011 11:10 PM (GMT -6)   
Mel, I echo all that's been said. Bummer news, but the way is clear and you know we're cheering you on!

As for going somewhere warm I'd vote for that --- especially somewhere that brewed rum. Heck, I'd settle for anywhere that sold rum.

Sheldon AKA Sleepless
Age 67 in Apil '09 at news of 4 of 12 cores positive T2B and Gleason 3 + 3 and 5% to 25% PSA 1.5
Re-read of slides in June said Gleason 3 + 4 same four cores 5% to 15%
June 29 daVinci prostatectomy, Dr. Eric Estey, at Royal Alexandra Hospital Edmonton one night stay
From "knock out" to wake up in recovery less than two hours.  Actual surgery 70 minutes
Flew home to Winnipeg on July 3 after 5 nights in Ramada Inn  ---  perfect recovery spot!
Catheter out July 9
Final pathology is 3 + 4 Gleason 7, clear margins, clear nodes, T2C, sugeron says report is "excellent"
Oct 1st 09 -- dry at night, during day some stress issues.
Oct 31st padless 24/7 
First post op PSA Sept 09  less than 0.02
PSA on Oct 23, 2009 less than 0.02
PSA on Jan 8, 2010  less than 0.02
PSA on April 9, 2010 less than 0.02 
PSA on July 9, 2010 (one year) less than 0.02

Tony Crispino
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   Posted 3/3/2011 11:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Darn it...

I am sorry for the news Mel. Stay positive. There is still plenty to do...

Advanced Prostate Cancer at age 44 (I am 48 now)
pT3b,N0,Mx (original PSA was 19.8) EPE, PM, SVI. Gleason 4+3=7

Da Vinci Surgery ~ 2/16/2007
Adjuvant Radiation Therapy ~ IMRT Completed 8/07
Adjuvant Hormone Therapy ~ 28 months on Casodex and Lupron.
Undetectable PSA.


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   Posted 3/3/2011 11:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Mel, sorry about the psa rise but hoping for a good result for you
from the next step.
Good luck mate,

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   Posted 3/4/2011 8:28 AM (GMT -6)   
Sorry about the rise in the psa.  Good luck with the your upcoming appt.  Try to enjoy the week off.

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   Posted 3/4/2011 9:16 AM (GMT -6)   
Mel, sorry for the bad news,  Even though you kinda thought it might happen I'm sure it was still disappointing.  Hopefully this next phase will be successful and you'll get this thing slayed.
Tudpock (Jim)
Age 62 (64 now), G 3 + 4 = 7, T1C, PSA 4.2, 2/16 cancerous, 27cc. Brachytherapy 12/9/08. 73 Iodine-125 seeds. Procedure went great, catheter out before I went home, only minor discomfort. Everything continues to function normally as of 12/8/10. PSA: 6 mo 1.4, 1 yr. 1.0, 2 yr. .8. My docs are "delighted"! My journey:

Worried Guy
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   Posted 3/4/2011 9:24 AM (GMT -6)   
Rats! I'm confident you'll get it under control You are one of the best prepared guys around. Good Luck with whatever you choose.


mr bill
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   Posted 3/4/2011 11:25 AM (GMT -6)   
I just started RT 12 sessions ago.  It is not as bad as it sounds. Had a PET scan, Imaging, and Colonoscopy before starting.  Just try and remember it is all for your better health. That may be difficult, but the time will fly by. Us older boomers all know how fast it goes when we get older.
Best wishes,

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   Posted 3/4/2011 11:55 AM (GMT -6)   
Mel sorry for the bad news. You don't need to apologize for venting we have all been there one time or another. This is the place to vent. Your brothers in the journey all understand and are here to support one another.
Good luck
Age 68 weight 185 height 6'
Samples taken 4/19/2010 sent to Bostwick
3 out of 12 samples cancer
1) gleason score 3+3 involving 65%
2) gleason score 3+3 involving 65%
3) gleason score 3+3 involving 10%
PSA 3.5 Mar 19
PSA 2.5 Apr 4
Bone scan clean CT scan clean
Da Vinci 10/12/2010 DR Paul Kahn all nerves spared
Home 10/19/20
Cath out 10/22/2010
Prostate 56 gm. Gleason grade 3+4 = 7
2 MO PSA 0.0

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   Posted 3/4/2011 3:25 PM (GMT -6)   
I don't know how I missed your PSA update. Just goes to show how right you were to start early research on your follow up plan. Given that your pathology reported a focal positive margin you should be reasonably confident that salvage radiation should clear up anything remaining. Here's to it doing just that.
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